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The James Randi Educational Foundation forum, or JREF, was a very interesting experience. I actually found some of the most technically oriented people there that I've found anywhere. However, they were clearly working together against the truth.

I started one thread there that really got their attention. It had over 20,000 posts and 260,000 reads on 260 pages before I was banned for almost completely unrelated reasons for a point ironically made by a mass murder at Virginia Tech in another thread there that I will link to.


In no uncertain terms, I defeated all opposition with evidence and reason, and they knew it, so a member there created the video below as a massive ad hominum attack. Such was all they could do and had a very curious element related to aspects of a point I made by showing they did not know the meaning of the word, "idiot". They of course, had called me an idiot from the very beginning. I let this continue for awhile until many were involved with doing it.

Then I posted stating that the JREF members did not know the meaning of the word "idiot", the word they were using. I challenged them to define it, knowing very well they would not be able to.

Modern dictionaries do not carry a definition of the word that goes to its origin. I suspect this to be true because the infiltration and MKultra uses the "Id" (unconscious mind) to mind control people so its susceptibility to unconscious control is downplayed by academia who publishes most dictionaries and is a part of the system of secrecy that has controlled America from the beginning, exploiting the Id to gain control of the nation.

After they failed to connect the word "idiot" to the Greek word ""Id", they would not even admit that they had not known the true definition and origin of the word. A major failing in their integrity which was curious in itself because they seemed to respect technological aspects or related information that I used which was correct as well. However, a failing consistent with the fact that research of psychology into hypnosis or the mental and physical performance of hypnotic states showing that hypnotized people, "indignantly deny being hypnotized".

At one point, where their curious technical integrity was overwhelmed by their compulsion to secrecy, a major ad hominum was produced in the of a youtube video and uploaded. On message boards this was used in attempts to ridicule my efforts to spread an understanding and the only possible explanation of how 3,000 innocent people were killed in about 20 seconds.

Bonavada of the JREF forum produced this but removed it from his youtube channel.

Christopheras Victory Award

Bonavada of the JREF forum produced this but removed it from his channel. See the video on youtube which show the JREF disregard for law and life related to the Virginia Tech massacre. There are screen shots at the end which show the problem and their timing of banning my username a few hours after the massacre. This was done to prevent me from posting in a thread about mass murder where JREF members were denying that improved mental health care would prevent mass murders.

The thread had over 20,000 posts and 260,000 reads when I was finally banned. Curiously I was banned for absolutely nothing, except for being correct in showing that JREF supported lawless government relating to a public understanding of the unconscious mind as it has been abused to create mass murder. In a thread started by another JREF member who also happens to live in Santa Barbara California, as I do, they asserted that there had been "no mass murders in Santa Barbara", to challenge my assertion that the county of Santa Barbara had violated state subpoena laws and my Constitutional right in order to evade conformance to state laws of record keeping. Specifically over 1,000 insanity actions I allege are absent from the record.

Sezme realized from the evidence I had posted that indeed there had been 2 mass murders. One was David Attias using his car at 65mph in Isla Vista on February 23, 2001 to run down and kill 4 people, the other was Jennifer San Marco on February 1, 2006 who killed 7 in a US post office sorting station including herself.

Arus808 ignoring all research into hypnosis posted in the thread, and the fact psychosis can be created with it, something that has to be inferred from the research because academia will not publish direct confirmation of the fact, posts that he "perps were obviously disturbed individuals."

Then Sezme wished he had not started the thread. I continued to use the thread as a repository for medical and psychological research showing how completely some people can be hypnotized and controlled. I also posted the protracted deprivation of rights and violations of law that the county conducted to evade lawful performance.

Within 3 hours of the Virginia Tech shooting I was automatically banned before I could post in that thread and return it to the top of the thread cue and expose the fact the JREF does indeed support lawless government, at least when it comes to keeping hypnosis related to 9-11 secrecy and psychosis created with hypnosis leading to mass murders, secret.

Feedback to; Christopher@algoxy.com

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