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David Icke has been with the spiritual, eclectic counter culture for some time. Authoring and speaking, DVDing, commercially the entire time. Generally espousing love as the higher intent and purpose for humanity. This is a good thing, as long as it is sincere with effort to be meaningful.

I've spent a good deal of time on the message board with his name on it and abandoned it once in 2005 for 9-11 discussion, or it banned me, not sure, maybe both, then returned there after the breakfornews.com cointelpro experience that was so revealing regarding internet information/exposure sites and forums as the basis for misinformation, psyops and cointelpro.

The Icke forum stands for a warm happy experience more than anything. Accordingly the US Constitution, logic, rights, freedoms, reason and evidence, are simply not worth supporting when harsh analysis of behaviors as sociopathic in justified terms describing it are used.

A poster who had followed me from the "Let's Roll 9-11" board, with absolutely unrelenting denial of what was proven quite well even then, with just the Aman Zafar image of the WTC 2 core at 1/2 height, had been exposed altering images with photoshop and the administration of breakfornews.com had done the same thing in an attempt to support the ruse, but it is too obvious in many ways.

Since that exposure actually first occurred on the icke 9-11 forum and relates to the perspective of the icke forum, the exposure will occur here also.

Below is a post from a moderator basically promoting that a generalization "inside job" be used rather than a detailed analysis based in evidence with reason. It is not credible that the moderator is not cognizant of the truth movement acting with erroneous information or basically promoting that members not worry about "how" the demolition was done and just dry, "inside job". I had posted many times that "concrete can be easily fractured by a small amount of properly placed high explosives while steel cannot". Basically explaining free fall with use of the concrete core information.

The moderator implies that the concrete core has been debunked. The only way to do that is to show images of the steel core columns in the core area on 9-11 or produce some other independently verified evidence for them. There is none, so the moderator never saw it.

Below is when I first returned after the "coup de gra" of the "final verdict" attempt at breakfornews.com. I was opposing the "no planes" theory based on structural aspects of plane impact that naturally are effected by the concrete core. The moderator is insisting that the boundaries of plane impact discussion must remain with the steel core columns the NPT'ers assert existed.

This private message is when I informed the moderators of the arrival of the 2 posters from breakfornews.com that had followed me to the icke forum.

This message followed my efforts to defend independently verified evidence showing a tubular cast concrete core in the center of Towers 1 & 2. My challenges to unjustified belief and use of the FEMA core of steel core columns is termed "disruptive spamming".

Quite basically my experience shows me that up to 70% of the active posters on any board are actually agents of some form. The moderator seem unable to recognize that I'm not "pushing a theory" relating to the concrete core, such is a term the perpetrators would try to employ to stereotype a person who is actually promoting useful information for exposing them.

The mod quotes a post of mine at the bottom without saying whose it is and implies that they perhaps made the post or they somehow support the logic.

Below the moderator clearly ignores that I'm receiving lots of abuse far worse than I' m giving out, then shows that a "warm happy" social environment is what is wanted. The truth is not mentioned.

Below the moderator wants me to stop posting images of evidence and use links to the images instead. The mod does not acknowledge that the only reason I'm reposting the images is because my opposition is not reasonably using the information of them. If I cannot get the opposition to do it I must show the lurkers as clearly and as easily as possible, that the evidence is real and consistent within itself and all other real evidence. Logically, if ones opposition is not sincere with facts and evidence, then only the objective observer/lurker is there to appreciate them.

The comment from stannrod below is included to show the kind of abuse that is normal from the stalking opposition.

Below the internet 9-11 stalker assigned to the concrete core information is complaining about my challenges to erroneous structural information and the moderator, who is informed of the photoshopping or falsification of evidence prefers the stalkers position to one that is evidenced and useful. Typically disinformation agents when faced with irrefutable evidence, will accuse those evidencing their position of exactly what the agent is doing. Notice how the moderator AND refer to the concrete core as a "theory".

The moderator asserts that my stating that the stalker is unaccountable is an "insult" and applies an infraction used to justify banning.

The harsh analysis of behaviors as in adequate and justified terms was that he stalkers and others who refuse to use evidence reasonably were "supporting that the means of mass murder remain secret". The stalker distorts the statement and complains. which is accepted without question.

Below the moderator is implying that specific information is not needed because so many in the truth movement have accepted the generalization "inside job".

What I had been doing was asking the "no planers" "Why did the perpetrators create a backwards impact/fall sequence if they had remote control and were able to compensate at the last moment to make a more perfect use."

Here the moderator has taken over my thread and, without saying so, deleted perhaps 3 posts trying to control the discussion.

Below I present a common sense position that accommodates the disike for me that my opposition displays. I do this to outline a functional strategy for gaining more truth which demonstrates that I act with the unconditional intent of gaining more truth. bryan takes advantage of it demonstrating that evidence and reason simply will not be used.

Then the moderator closes the thread as can be seen at the bottom left.

After a few days of the mod deleting posting, there was no point in continuing. I've not been back except on a few occasions.

Then a poster with a very typical username that adheres to social divisions the psyops perceives typifying them as someone that my same subcultures might identify with, suggests a petition be started to ban me. A false group of members might possibly sway an entire group, or at least provide and environment where moderators action might be seen as justified. There is no free speech on .com.

I follow with a very logical perspective on the perpetrators and motivations they must have if they are to evade detection and accountability.

Then stannrodd follows with his typical abuse.

The one tool that is ever-present is the truth. In this case the truth of what the actions of my opposition indicates are their motives are. Since the means of mass murder is basically unknown, it is secret. My opposition intends to keep it secret because the concrete core is critical to making it happen. I accuse them of "Working to keep the methods of mass murder secret". Not "Mass murder".

I was later banned for logically interpreting the intentions of my opposition and stating it.

It is fairly clear that the evidence against steel core columns is becoming an issue

The thread providing the perspective on "useful information" gained quite a few views. It is a very logical perspective on criteria on what information the perpetrators would want us to use and would implement within the misinformation/distraction discussion environment a false membership that are coordinated can make.

Below we see the efforts of distraction with posting of sensational topics that are keyed into mainstream media or misinformation. These type of subjects dominate 2nd to WTC 7 and pentagon issues. Quite useless info at this time, later probably, some of the data will be useful.

Feedback to; Christopher@algoxy.com

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