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A very obvious misinfo-mill. I don't believe I didn't spell my name right, haste, an honest mistake which may have prevented other agents of infiltration from finding me off google searches. Somting that has been happening for years. It was one of the last forums I posted in before being sure I'd made a significant mark and stopping 9-11 forum activism. I wasn't there long at all.

Hetware below is another that I've seen before gatekeeping at the JREF forums.

When the moderators start with the cognitive muddling (cognitive infiltration) in the social wars right away, it's easy to see a ban coming.

I've run across Raven before doing the same type of gatekeeping. The links in my quoted message already address Ravens links with dynamic, indepedently verified evidence.

Below, note that I had presented facts through the links to my web site. None of those facts are ever discussed at WOY. "Disrupting the flow of information" means the flow of any information meaningful to gaining more truth will be termed spam and banned.

War On You, WOY forum

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