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This is a page I really did no want to make. However, if I don't, know one will know that We Are Change (WAC) leadership is gatekeeping the truth about the Twin Towers. Keep in mind I know most members are absolutely sincere and have made significant contributions to the truth. So, I apologize for throwing their organization into question. Their leadership is trying to assert I am some kind of disinfo agent, but have zero proof because it simply is not true. The perfect opposite is true and this page is the proof. They probably use the "social fear logic" on people which sounds like this to make members afraid of discussing my info. "If he wasn't he would have some support for this theories and information." Of course none have ever challenged me in public or privately anywhere because I actually have massive evidence supporting my position on the demo and the post 9-11 psyops the quasi leaders represent.

Now, to be fair, those quasi leaders and some members that provide uwavering support for the leaders strategy and info are victims of MKultrra mind control. We never did find out what MKultra was for. See the conclusion in the navbar above for more.

Below is a video that is absolutely profound because it provides huge confirmation of my assertion that the Towers were designed and built to demolish as "precision engineered concrete containers in the shape of architectural elements". But this did not matter to organizers.

Jeremy, an effective and sincere member of We Are Change, conducted an amazing interview with Senator Robert Kerry which completely supports my demolition theory. Just this video alone provides enough reason for every WAC member to question their leadership about WHY they do not question richard gage about his blind belief in FEMA. The event of this video also proves that nearly all members can be completely sincere, while the leadership might not be.

Link to Video

Yes, actions speak louder than words.


The bold italics text below indicate my comments to the text and images of the we are change page.


"1. The buildings were not a hollow tube construction. They had impressively heavy central cores constructed of 47 box columns. To prove this simply google ‘wtc core pictures’".

There they are. (referring to the below image)

The image found on the we are change page, shown below, an image often proffered to show "core columns", had no annotation while the vertical steel actually inside the core is also not identifiable. Such steel that was there was elevator guide rail support steel. Not strong enough to stand without the concrete core. This sample photo I have annotated shoes what is readily identifiable, generally. The crane platform is seen in another, closer photo with a crane tower located differently on the crane platform accomodating the contruction process.

"And there's a close up. They look pretty solid. Not a hollow tube construction. Anyone who says so is incorrect. Large, thick, strong, interconnected steel core. 911 Commission and NIST both claim it didn't exist. There it is"

Above the text causes people to think that the triple forked base columns of the perimeter as "the core". Not so, this is gatekeeping. The close up link shows heavy hand fabricated rectangular tube that comprised the inner framed wall of the steel exterior surrounding the concrete core cast inside that inner framed wall and columns called, "Interior box columns". Being ambigous helps to conceal a deception.
Herein you will find consistency in all technical descriptions of structure.

The "Code of conduct page"


"the goals that We Are Change is striving to achieve. As a nation and world in crisis and a realization that time is not on our side, there will be no tolerance for anything other than an effort to preserve national sovereignty and to seek truth and justice for all through non-violent policies based on open government, public awareness, compassion, kindness and a commitment to Constitutional law."

I submitted a request to the Organizer to use the meetup web site polling feature. No response. WAC uses info from official sources without question, so this is logical.

Below a thread I started about the concrete core and the FEMA deception were lost when the entire forum was removed for a time. This screen shot shows the result of selecting the pull down "Discussions".

Then the We Are Change Los Angeles message board started up again but without free speech as can be seen with the title of the second thread.

I asked for an interview to address the actions of the WAC los angeles but there was no response.

I uploaded the Attorney Generals reciept for the California ballot initiative seeking to provide an opportunity to voters to direct the state lllegislation to apply too congress for an article v convention and a flyer about ballot initiatives in states seeking to compel an article v..

I also made a thread on the forum about it.

It was all removed within an hour.

Then uploaded the same material to the we are change hollywood (WACHO) to find I was removed from their meetup.

What is said by Dan below, the WACHO organizer, is very wrong because if the states choose to ratify the FED has no power whatsoever, not even a voice.

This kind of behavior is not new. I was sending messages in 2007 trying to make We Are Change aware that they were being used to promote misinformation. As we can see above, misinformation is the only kind of information they will use besides useless information.

Then I happened to find that we are change is promoting a talk about secret societies at a secret society.

Members have asked me, "Why does the concrete core matter if we all agree it was a demo?" There is one simple reason. When those supporting the official story who have some technical knowledge ask, "Okay, if you believe it was a demo, explain how all the explosives got placed." gage cannot explain this, so the truth movement members do not even try to answer. There is no answer, it cannot be done. Therein, the opposition to truth appears more reasonable in the eyes of those believing the official story and the truth movement loses ground.

Confusion and uncertainty reign and my support for that is not going to help. If there are no alternative theories competing with the WAC led truth movement, it does not help the movement, it just makes them appear more unified, not more credible.

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