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Steven Jones & Scholars for 9-11 Truth

Steven Jones gets a junk science award for embracing nano thermite. Simple ordinary thermite AND major quantities of ordinary high explosive that are properly installed WITH explanation of how to accomplish that are competent, he does not do that nor will he consider it could be done at construction. Originally, when the words "nano thermite" first arrived on the scene, Jones indicated he felt the entire demolition was somehow done with thermite. More, recently Steven Jones has quickly added at the end of his statements, as well as R. Gage, who does the same, that,"Of course conventional explosives were also used extensively."

However there is more, he was the recipient of the preliminary plans of Leslie E. Robertson that went to Yamasaki for presenting the Twin towers architectural concept. Silverstein Associates had blueprints, scanned them, and altered them by the digital addition of revision tables to the digital scans for the purpose of making them appear as final documents.

Scholars for 9-11 Truth


The Original Forum

Generally there were a small percentage of the members had structural engineering experience so materials recognition skills required to analyze ground zero photos. A heavy tendency to spend inordinate amounts of time trying to make FEMA's core information fit 9-11 images when they all show an empty core area. An electrical engineer and the author of a site now working to debunk the concrete core were arguing of what they termed "det cord". At a glance I determined it was flexible steel electrical conduit unraveled. This is when I realized that scholars cannot do this unless they have construction material recognition experience.

I have submitted my demolition site as well as the concrete core site to Scholars for 9-11 Truth 3 times in total and have not gotten any response what so ever. I have spoken with Steven Jones on the phone and asked that he discuss further with me the issue of the concrete core. There has been no follow up other than the response of Ginny Howard the secretary for ST9-11

Dear Mr. Brown --

We've had a gratifying surge of interest in Scholars for 9/11 Truth. Please accept my apologies for not responding more fully right now, as I am in catch-up mode.

Thanks very much for writing; we're glad to hear from you!

I'll be back in touch with you shortly.

Ginny Howard
Membership Secretary
Scholars for 9/11 Truth

Steven Jones has labeled this an image showing "core columns" in a PDF which can be downloaded. The image is looking across the floor and does not look into the core area. Only interior box columns, which surround the concrete core are seen on the left.


Examine How The Position Of Scholars for 9-11 Truth on the core of the towers is used on the randi.org JREF forum in attempts to dismiss the concrete core.

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Originally Posted by Christophera
Basicaly all of you have no raw evidence whatsoever for the 47, steel core columns.

What a miserable place to argue from.



Chris,I think you are only person on the planet that doesn't believe the Towers had steel core columns.

Even the immensely nutty scholars accept there were 47 steel columns.

Controlled demolition was also suggested by the fact that the collapses were total, with the 110-story Twin Towers collapsing into a pile of rubble only a few stories high. The core of each tower had consisted of 47 massive steel columns, which extended from the basements through the roofs. Even if we ignore all the other problems in the official "pancake" theory of the collapses, those massive steel columns should have still been sticking up a thousand feet in the air. Zelikow’s commission handled this problem with the audacious claim that "[t]he interior core of the buildings was a hollow steel shaft."


Later Ginny Howard left Scholars for 9/11 Truth following a notice to a mailing list.

.Ginny Howard's NOTICE

Steven Jones discussion with Leslie E. Robertson.

When searching google with these terms, "steve jones interviews Leslie Robertson" All of these pages are matches



html http://stj911.org/





And they all link to


Which has this video on it about Chertoff. All of the above pages link to this page with a link that is identified as the Jones/Robertson radio discussion but the page does not have that audio file available on it.

Finally I found the audio file at,



I begin to search for the key moments when Robertson or Jones is talking about the towers structure. I had remembered, and posted on many forums that "Jones is the one that identifies steel core columns, not Leslie Robertson. And, as I re-vist the interview in detail that is what I find.

This is probably the reason that the links of all those pages go to a page that DOES NOT have the audio recording available.


Steven Jones and Leslie Robertson on the radio

On Oct 26th, 2006, KGNU Radio in Denver Colorado hosted a discussion between Steven Jones, then a professor of physics at BYU, and Leslie Robertson, an engineer involved in the original World Trade Center project. Below the times of the original from which specific statements were extracted. then the final times for the same extracted segments are below after being recombined.

Original .mp3 interview
00:04:44;22 EDIT 1 L.E. Robertson-Not built to demolish

00:17:15;10 EDIT 2 S. Jones-47 core columns

00:20:30;19 EDIT 3 L.E. Robertson-how could the explosives be placed- "Of the columns around the,......" - S. Jones, "and the core columns"

00:24:11;23 EDIT 4 S. Jones-collapse, L.E. Robertson, "floor by floor basis"

After editing about 20 minutes out, we get to the structural substance. S. Jones is the one that says "Steel core columns", not Robertson in the excerpts version.

Edited, excerpts version.
00:00:46;04 EDIT 1

00:01:19;05 EDIT 2

00:02:07;26 Jones-47 core columns

00:02:19;11 EDIT 3 L.E. Robertson-Not built to demolish

00:03:52;13 EDIT 4

Of special interest

00:03:12;18 L.E. Robertson-"Of the columns around the,......" (The studio mixer cut the level and there appears to be an edit!)

00:04:27;09 L.E. Robertson, "floor by floor basis"

00:04:46;23 L.E. Robertson-"and the core of the building"



Another curious thing is at the stj911.org site can be found a page identifying a link to the Aman Zafar photos, which is the source of the only image of either towers core without the outer steel floors standing. stj911.org does not display that image. Note that no other 9-11 website uses that image except for the one you are on now. The image of the WTC 2 core came from here.


stj911.org has this page with a link to Aman Zafar.


Tthe link leades to guide.opendns.com, as if there was no such domain.


stj911.org does not want people seeing the only image of a towers core without the exterior steel. Why?

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