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Nano Thermite

(super thermite?)

Here is the latest evaluation of Nano Thermite. Download, read. May, 2011-Not an explosive.


To turn concrete into fine dust take immense pressures, such as what typically comes with concrete in very close proximity to the center of a blast. Very well contained explosions can create extremely high pressures at slightly further distances from the detonations center, which dramatically increases the quantity of super fine dust. Thermite buring in the prescense of such an explosion will be extinguished and rendered to particles of nanometer dimension.

Nano thermite or super thermite as presented lacks proper performance specifications to suggest use of it at above ground levels for demolition. Such materials are very useful IF they have such specifications because engineered blasting can be accomplished a with a high degree of precision.

However, thermite is liquid when burning. If burning and melting steel having lots of rust, such as basement level column bases, when high explosives detonate in close proximity, nano sized particles of thermite, with iron oxide could easily be formed, and the thermite extinguished in the process. Perhaps and explanation for what was found.

Here are the performance specifications for a very powerful explosive material that has been in use for perhaps up to 70 years with very well documented characteristics.


MilSpec: MIL-C-45010A UK HSE

Serial number: 32-A-68450

RDX content: 91 1% Polyisobutylene plasticiser: 9 1% Moisture: 0.1%

max Velocity of Detonation: 8092 26 m/s

Density: 1.63 g/cm3 Colour: Nominally white TNT equivalence: 118%

Chemical marking for detection:

Marked Shelf life: At least 10 years under good conditions

Internet research on "nano thermite" and "super thermite" found no such performance characteristics identifying a high explosive. Some published patents were found and some research that identified "nano thermite" as a new accelerant for artillery or as a fuze for the same. I also found that it was considered for a new propellant for rifle ammunition.

I did find a recent FOIA directed at pretty much the correct authority, and they have no information whatsoever and as the naval surface warfare center at INDIAN HEAD DIVISION, NAVAL SURFACE WARFARE CENTER indicates.

There are those that would suggest that all military statements are suspect. I cannot go along with the statements because of the extreme danger that US service people face and the nature of the "soldiers oath". If there has been an infiltration. Our military needs our help to purify itself. We can do things politically that the military cannot even attempt.

Making Super Thermite (pdf download) This paper indicates that "super thermite" only exhibits super fast flame propagation while under the influence of an electrostatic field.

Steven Jones certainly found samples of thermite, as documented in the Thermite Report (pdf download) perhaps reduced to very small sizes, not "nano" however.

A study of energetic nano particles, "SolGelPyroLLNL2002", (pdf download) vital pressure and temperature studies are not completed in the 2002 report.

"Nano thermite" if shortened to "thermite" becomes very functional because thermite is the only explanation for the quantity of molten steel seen at ground zero. "nano" is the tip off to those that would deny demolition to begin ridicule because "nano" cannot be shown to exist. Another aspect almost forgotten within the "silver bullet nano" thing. is that not one proponent of such has come up with a feasible placement scheme. Such is absolutely needed no matter what kind of HE is used. The faster it is the more important containment is because there are


some fairly decent audio recordings of the WTC events and whatever is proposed must match the recordings with their auditory character and potential. What is heard differs radically from an uncontained blast of high explosive any kind .

Suddenly there is an immense issue with containment and distribution even with nano thermite, but no one mentions it.

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