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Can We Identify Misinformation And Cease Trying to Use It?

There are some debilitating pieces of misinformation that the truth movement does not have the ability to identify as such and remove from the information they are using. The disability is caused by gatekeeping conducted by quasi authority working in secret conjunction with web based activism on message boards and mailing lists.

This author of this thread has considerable technical background and consults regularly with scientists relating to aspects of 9-11. The author, and scientists can show and know from that evidence that both towers were brought down with demolitions. However, due to the advanced application and secrecy, the events of Towers 1 & 2 were such sophisticated demolitions that the general public cannot conceive of how the demolitions were effected. Accordingly the environment is ripened for rejection by any misinformation that can be used to marginalize 9-11 facts.

There are 2 basic types of misinformation creating their specific problems for 9-11 truth.

TYPE A) Information that causes citizens seeking truth to be ridiculed and rejected and has no basis in science or technology directly applicable to explaining the events of 9-11 at the WTC.

TYPE B) Information that is erroneous which contributes to the inexplicability of the events of 9-11 at the WTC.


1) Nuclear events causing the Twins to go down in 20 seconds:
This misinformation is mostly been rejected by the truth movement but the mere presence of it associated with 9-11 truth enables generalizations and minimizations then rejection of FACTS: No cobalt 60 radiation was found in the steel which is dense and retains radioactive signatures. Delays were observed and nuclear detonations cannot be delayed.

2) Directed Energy Weapons from space based sources:
This misinformation is mostly been rejected by the truth movement but the mere presence of it associated with 9-11 truth causes generalizations then increased rejection of FACTS: Directed energy weapons of lasers do exist but the largest have not been deployed even in aircraft yet, successfully.
"it's clear that flight testing of the mighty raygun hasn't gone as smoothly as hoped."

3) Nano Thermite explosives:
This misinformation is mostly ACCEPTED by the truth movement and the attempted use of it associated with 9-11 truth enables generalizations and minimizations then rejection of FACTS: A recent scientific analysis of WTC dust by Mark Basile finds evidence of thermite and nano sized particles of aluminum. No where in his report does he describe nano thermite as being a military grade explosive.
No researcher into the performance of nano thermite has ever stated pressure and velocity specifications for nano thermite including Neils Harrit who first analyzed nano sized particles found near the WTC. Here are independent papers.

http://algoxy.com/psych/images2/thermite report.pdf

A letter from the Navy regarding "nano thermite"

NOTE: The masses of molten steel underneath the WTC can ONLY be caused by ordinary thermite classed as an incendiary.
Accordingly uses of the nano thermite misinformation is not needed and any use of the nano misinformation serves to enable officials to ridicule 9-11 facts after consultations with experts reveal that nano thermite is not explosive and is not generally developed for any common uses although it may have many.

Nano sized particles found at WTC:
Thermite in place immediately adjacent to detonations of conventional explosives in the basements, activated or un activated, would generate both components of iron oxide and aluminum oxide which would be reduced to extremely small particles by the high pressure gasses. This would extinguish combustion. If molten steel was present, small particulate iron would result as would aluminum which could then oxidize quickly in such small particle size.

Some of Niels Harrit comments on nano thermite.

"It’s very, very possible that different varieties were used, and I personally am certain that conventional explosives were used too, in abundance.

RT: When you say “in abundance,” how much do you mean?

Niels Harrit: Tons! Hundreds of tons! Many, many, many tons!

RT: So we are not just talking about nano-thermite. In fact, we are talking about both nano-thermite and conventional explosives used in large quantities…"

Most of the uses of nano themite misinfo in the 9-11 truth movement omit mention of Harrits information on conventional high explosives. All mentions of nano thermite omit any description of how the containment for "nano thermite" might be done. "nano thermite" is subject to this requirement to achieve destruction of the structural elements of the Twin Towers as is the use of any conventional high explosive. Optimum placement and distribution ARE required to attain total pulverization of materials near detonations

Here is a comment I found in a forum coupling a complete assumption, misinformation, into a fairly good scientific analysis as if the analysis proves the assumption or even implies it when the analysis does not. Why? What drives this?

"Mark Basile discusses his analysis of WTC dust. Independently verifying previous findings he found evidence of nanothermite, a military grade explosive."

Use of this misinformation is very damaging to efforts to gain 9-11 truth and justice because of general marginalization specifically, artificially, throwing science and technology that 9-11 truth might properly use, into question.

4) No planes theory:
This was or is the most damaging misinformation that has hit the truth movement in the post 9-11 psyops. The absurdity of it made the official believer howl with laughter. A field day for ridicule. All it took were a couple of dozen mkultra victims conditionally programmed to react to the fake video and go amok on message board, mail lists etc. with approval and acceptance of the notion. Poor killtown is still at it. Sad because in the few exchanges I had with him he seemed like a nice person.
The "nose out " video loop was purely hypnotic. One of the largest areas of damage was evidence. Suddenly because video of planes hitting and entering the towers was fake, all photographic evidence was fake. The ability of people generally to share evidence openly and reasonably has not been the same since. Other mkultra programees created what appears to be a more reasonable structure of activism based on the nano thermite misinfo. Techno-science icons, appointed misleaders, also (mostly) mkultra, took over mainstream 9-11 truth.
A very effective counter to the no planes theory based in quite simple reasoning exists.

"Why did the perps make people think that WTC 1 was first hit by a plane then blow up WTC 2 first and create a backwards impact/fall sequence?"
As I already had logically determined that there were no remotes for the same reason.


Flight 11 hit the wrong tower. The above link explains how if remotes were involved, the impact/fall sequence would be correct. Meaning the Towers were on timers. The behavior of flight 11 indicates that its pilot did not know that its target hasd already been hit so had to reposition with the radical turn which CAN be completed by one pilot and another person to operate the throttles. 757's are "hydraulic over hydraulic" servo controlled and are extremely difficult to set up for remote flight. It's been done once, and that's it. They were used because people in the world of aviation technology know this making it obvious to that knowledgeable segment that there HAD to be Muslim pilots. From the movements correct perspective, the hijacked planes can only be seen as very important to the ruse and war it enabled.
If the planes were remoted you can be sure the pilot was under complete control and well informed. On the other hand if the hijacker was a mind controlled Muslim working with the infiltrated shadow government, he might not follow orders but would still hit a tower. He would gladly leave his passport with handlers to be placed where it would be found.

Generally, at this time, only 9-11 truth seekers who have been psychologically influenced argue for the no plane theory . There may be others pretending to believe the theory that are there to specifically offset the marginalization to the execution of the misinfo tactic that the "imbalanced" fixated or obsessed MKultra victim, acting unconsciously, logically has.


1) Steel core columns in the core area of the Twin Towers:
The structural design of the Twin Towers is and was secret. NYC department of buildings will only release plans under court order according to recent phone information of 10-20-10.
Independent verification of the concrete core of the Twin towers is readily available through information linked or displayed here,


Full length columns that did exist (24) are located surrounding the concrete core walls.


Actual core of WTC 2 after exterior steel has fallen.


The misinformation was created by FEMA and given to NIST who utilized it an "anecdotal" information. It was enabled by guiliani who took, illegally, the WTC documents from the NYC department of building offices, http://web.archive.org/web/20020224015919/http://www.nyclu.org/g_archive020602.html.
The analysis of collapse was never mathematically proven but was assumed. Actual calculations were performed by Bazant et al not NIST.

00 WTC Collapse - What did & Did Not Cause It - Revised 6-22-07.pdf

Who identifies a concrete core. However the rest of the calculations will not prove out with proper structural analysis of collapse using appropriate plans. Note that an equivilant of TNT to achieve the results is provided.

"it is shown that the observed size range (0.01 mm – 0.1 mm) is fully consistent with this theory and is achievable by collapse driven gravity alone, and that only about 7% of the total gravitational energy converted to kinetic energy of impacts would have sufficed to pulverize all the concrete slabs and core walls (while at least 158 tons of TNT per tower, installed into many small holes drilled into each concrete floor slab and core wall, would have been needed to produce the same degree of pulverization). "

NOTE: Cutting steel with high explosives requires very dense containment at the surface of the steel when explosives are placed adjacent to steel to be cut. Military demolitions teams place clay bags, bags of soil, any mass to reflect the energy back to the dense steel.

Use of this misinformation has prevented the truth movement from providing details showing that demolition is feasible and has led to the subsequent rejection/marginalization of 9-11 facts.

2) Core columns cut by thermite at ground zero:
Almost all of the steel that showed signs of thermite was removed and taken to China and India. Workers at the foundries there became sick from the vapors coming off the steel. This image,


does not show a thermite cut core column. Firstly it cannot be shown that the column is in the core nor that there were any structural columns in the core at all. Making the assertion that it is a "core column cut with thermite" doubly erroneous.

The thermite cutting jig that is often shown used at a diagonal angle does not mean that such a device was used at the WTC on 9-11. The reason the cuts left by thermite used with the jig are not shown is that they would show the above cut IS NOT a thermite cut.
Thermite cuts are smooth and amorphous generally. Much like taking a slab or piece of paraffin and dipping it in molten wax for a period of time then removing it. When contained by the jig the angle will match the angle the jig is set at but still be smooth.
Masses of thermite was held against the perimeter and interior box column faces by layers of drywall or fiberglass reinforced concrete board like "wonder-board". Thermite is liquid when burning.
See, http://algoxy.com/conc/wtc1_spire_location.html for location of interior box columns.

Coupled with the nano thermite misinformation, the "thermite cut core column" misinformation and the "core column" misinformation, 2) dynamically distorts the true event in any technical sense.

Feedback to; Christopher@algoxy.com

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