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Richard Gage

This page is about Architect Richard Gage founder of Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth! and my efforts to gain from him, evidence justifying his support for the structure which is officially described by FEMA as the core of the Twin Towers. My comments on the exchanges are bolded.

This begins with a phone call to Janice Mathew's of 911truth.org in perhaps the middle of September of 2007. I first came into contact with Janice Mathew's in late 2003 at a forum site run by another .org. I explained the FEMA deception about the core, and the real core of concrete. She asked, "What does Richard Gage think of it?"

I answered with the fact that I had been a message board member at ae911truth and had posted a thread about the FEMA deception, with ample evidence and posted another thread about my demolition model, and another thread announcing my video about the Twins.

A few days later I received this email

I of course emailed and objected to the erroneous basis for being banned, but nothing ever came back.

Internet message boards are logically the most likely place to encounter diffusive actions from any organized operation seeking to interfere/intervene with 9-11 activism. The saying, "If you want to control a movement, lead it." seems appropriate to what is found. Accordingly I've used my information gained from the documentary, "The Engineering and Construction of the Twin Tower", which is completely consistent with all structural evidence from 9-11 at the WTC, as well as statements by authorities of structural engineering familiar with the buildings, to test and investigate the 9-11 truth movement. At pilots for 9-11 truth I found a competent definition of disinformation written by "painter", who had banned me at Loose Change in 2006.

I used painters definition of disinformation to show painter that he himself was giving more credit to "disinformation" by his own definition, than he was to my information which fully fit his definition of real information.

Very much to painters credit, as I used copied and pasted segments of his exact definition, occasionally adapted for context, painter understood. It was a profound moment for myself as I saw one mans intellect and sincere quest for truth confront the fact that he had very likely been deceived, and had invested years in the deception, but finally came to terms with it, properly shocked with implications of my information, then exhibited as admirable accountability as any human being could under those conditions by posting an apology. On the pilotsfor911truth.org message board.

Then I met Richard Gage at this event.

City/State: San Luis Obispo Date: Sat, May 3, 2008 Time: 7:00 PM Topic: 9/11: Blueprint for Truth – The Architecture of Destruction Speaker: Richard Gage, AIA Venue: San Luis Obispo City/County Library Community Room Location: 995 Palm St. (Palm & Osos) San Luis Obispo, CA 93401

He agreed to look at the evidence for the concrete core. I noted that he only said he would "look at it"

I emailed him images and descriptions.


Dear Richard Gage,

Great to meet you last Saturday and exchange views. Thanks for receiving these limited emails with attached evidence showing concrete. I'll be as brief as possible with a description. Generally I will just send one but these 2 are of opposite sides of the same feature so I send both.


This is a recently found image from ground zero which shows a section of WTC 1's north core wall. It can be located in the aerial image you use in your presentation which has the tower footprints located on it. The image shows the interior box column on the left and the walls surrounding a stairwell on the right.

What is significant is the APROX. 3x7 foot hallway running the length of the wall inside the wall near the top of it. The plans show either air/steam shafts or an elevator here as far as I can tell. The second attachment shows the opposite side with no elevator. There is and was no elevator there.

The concrete wall that was there detonated. Evidence of that is seen in the shredded debris draped outwardly. Note the horizontal connections from the interior box column on the right and the main elevator guide rail support steel on the left. I didn't annotate the image, opposition in a forum did. Original image


The other I haven't found the original for.

Sincerely, Chris


More physical evidence: This image of the WTC 2 core with all of the exterior structural steel gone has all the characteristics of concrete in the tubular shape that was documented through the 1990 video, 'The Engineering and Construction of the Twin Towers". http://algoxy.com/psych/images/southcorestands.gif

The original, high res can be found here, http://www.amanzafar.com/WTC/index.shtm

This image shows a massive portion of the east WTC 1 concrete core wall toppling into the core area.


My point has always been that if the steel core columns existed, they would be seen in the images I use which only show concrete walls surrounding the core. Here are some references to others that know of the concrete core. At bottom is a recently found a 9-11 site that had made statements identifying a concrete core. Here is an excerpt. I found this by using the description provided by August Domel, Ph.d SE. PE. who recently stated the concrete core was a "design method" in response to an email inquiry.



3.3 Tube Systems One trademark of high rise construction in the late 20th century has been the use of tube systems. From the innovative designs of Fazlur Khan, developing both the bundled and braced tube concepts, tube sys- tems have served as a successful lateral load resisting system comprised of a series of closely spaced exterior columns and deep spandrel beams held rigidly together (CTBUH 1995). The use of such systems became quite popular following their introduction in landmark structures such as the Sears Tower (shown in Figure 5), World Trade Center Tow- ers, and John Hancock Center. The concept is being continually extended in the construction of modern skyscrapers such as the Shanghai World Financial Center, (shown later in Figure 9) scheduled for completion in 2001. The design features the tube-in-tube or double tube system featuring an exterior composite tube of structural steel frame with reinforced concrete and interior tube provided by a reinforced concrete core. Under wind loads, the primary design consideration as Shanghai is often subject to typhoon events, 15 to 20% of the shear force is resisted by the interior tube, justifying the use of the double tube system in reducing wind loading (Hori & Nakashima 1998). Further discussion of this structure’s incorporation of aerodynamic modifications and auxiliary damping devices is provided in subsequent sections.Figure 5. Sears Tower (taken


July 18, 2008 rgage@ae911truth.org <rgage@ae911truth.org>, <rbbesco@msn.com>, <webby@ae911truth.org>, <rbbesco@msn.com>

Dear Richard Gage, I've found a video that shows the core exterior of WTC 2 from inside the tower.


It shows 2 hallways entering the core. The 106th core floor plan only shows one hall in each direction. Clearly the plans do not apply to WTC 2. I have already shown that the 3rd level plans show an elevator where daylight shines through a tiny utility hall running the length of a remaining core base wall segment that can only be concrete. The plans for 2nd and 3rd floor



An image of WTC 1, north core wall showing what can only be concrete with the mentioned hallway running the length of the base wall segment.


Please publish the promised apology. A year ago the San Diego truth group was ready to talk to me. Then they asked "What does Richard Gage think about the concrete core". Now they will not communicate with me. The same is with San Francisco and Los Angeles. None have a feasible explanation for these factors. free fall total pulverization superfine, heated particulate smooth, square cut column ends x the 1,000's heavy steel assemblies heaved hundreds of feet I do have feasible explanation, but before any will hear it, it seems you must provide the apology you've promised on May 3rd 2008 in San Luis Obispo.

Consider the apology that painter from pilotsfor911truth.org created. http://pilotsfor911truth.org/forum//index.php?showtopic=12135 http://pilotsfor911truth.org/forum//index.php?showtopic=12135&st=20

I know this is difficult, but it is necessary if the truth is to be found.

Thank you,


Christopher A. Brown


Below is Gages final response. It is bizarre. He has erroneously, perhaps on purpose, in order to not publish an apology, mis identified the reason for the needed apology as having my name removed from an ae911truth.org" petition signer’s list" when I sought an apology for my banning erroneously based on what I had told Janice Mathews on the phone.

I conducted a site search of ae9-11truth.org for the word "board" and found only 2 uses of the word, "message board" and "board certified", as in professional architect or engineer. It is an obvious evasion, there is no "board" to be on with ae9-11truth.org besides the message board.

None of the 9-11 truth groups will talk with me. Not San Francisco, not Los Angeles and not San Diego. I had spoken with a person from the San Diego group, they asked, "What does Richard Gage think of the concrete core?" I explained that I had been an ae9-11truth.org member and had posted a thread about the FEMA steel core column deception but Gage had never commented or provided an opinion.

The ae9-11truth.org message board was removed shortly after I was banned September 23, 2007.

From: "Richard Gage" <rgage@ae911truth.org>

Date: July 19, 2008 1:55:19 AM EDT (CA)

To: "'Chris Brown'" <argus1@earthlink.net>

Cc: <webby@ae911truth.org>, <rbbesco@msn.com>,

Subject: RE: [1] Promised Apology On ae911truth.org

Hi Chris, Thank you for the technical information below. I will review it as time permits. I do indeed extend to you an apology for misunderstanding the nature of your verbal communication to Janice Mathews at 911Truth.org and hence removing your name from our petition signer’s list. She and I both believed that you were attempting to represent yourself as being on the Board of AE911Truth.org. I now understand from you that you were merely conveying to here that you were using the board (or forum) to post your blogs.

We have now added your name back onto the list. Sorry for the misunderstanding. You are welcome to post this message unaltered and in its entirety publicly as you wish. I will not be posting it on the web site since no public mention of this issue was made on the web site. Thank you for your continuing support of AE911Truth. I wish you the best in your Twin Towers research.

Sincerely, Richard Gage, AIA

Meanwhile, in the interim I found a message board post by searching "concrete core". "marklookingup" has apprarently mailed R.Gage and he provided his "belief" .

Gage Never did produce any image from 9-11 showing the supposed steel core columns.

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