Exactly What is the 9-11 Disinformation Conspiracy Eight Years After 9-11-01?

See also a page of evidence showing "cognitive infiltration"

What happened to America?

17 January 1961

President Eisenhower, "Military Industrial Complex" (.mp3 audio, listen)

How did it happen?

27 April 1961

President John F. Kennedy, "Secrecy"(.mp3 audio, listen)

Both presidents were referring to something real, but not well understood. Understanding Operation paperclip and MKultra, recognizing "cointelpro" are a vital perquisite to perceiving the total picture. The infiltration of the US government, 9-11 and the post 9-11 psychological operation (psyops) result from those aspects as well as a great deal more.

World Timeline of NWO Plan

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A presidentual advisor in 2008 advised that the government infiltrate American political groups and cognitively disrupt, confuse or mislead them. "Cognitive infiltration" matches very well what can be found to be prominant in the movement.


Here is a twist. That link used to be, http://www.salon.com/2007/11/07/sunstein/ which NOW, is not about Sunstein and cognitive infiltration. It starts with, ""The Internet is making us stupid" "Legal sage Cass Sunstein says democracy is the first casualty of political discourse in the digital age.""

Then, there is the known issue that corporations are known to create with, "astroturfing".


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Understand the Tactics of 9-11 Disinformation imposed by the infiltrators of the U.S. government.

Understand the effects or that our society has been infiltrated in a manner we are forbidden to notice continuing for 60 years; this is written from a perspective that has utilized a potent litmus of truth relating to the structural core of towers 1 & 2 that stood at the WTC. The litmus has been tested 1,000's of times.

An analytic conclusion of the post 9-11 disinformation campaign

Logically, the primary target for a disinformation operation is dismissal of useful information with deception and interference compelling psychological rejection by perceivers. Here is a list of the primary types of disinformation and their realtive effects.

List, TYPE A) and TYPE B)

9-11 truth seeking is impacted by a "Psyops" that has these obvious features and function in effecting the feelings and thoughts Americans have about 9-11 information.

Misinformation, Misleading, Misinterpretation, Misrepresentation, Gatekeeping, Distortions, Ridicule and Evasion = Disinformation.

EQUALS an action, as used within the following areas linked below, of;

"containing public information to useless information."

These pages are where tactical theories, structures of a disinformation campaign, conducted by the infiltrating entities upon the citizens of the United States of America. Many entities mentioned here have evaded testing to disprove these conclusions. These situations of disinformation are described so truth seekers can learn to recognize them quickly. Cointelpro was exposed in the 1970's as a real action by intelligence agencies.

Distraction and confusion of gatekeeping combined with movement misleadership & icon gatekeeping in general, can use these tactical aspects of misinformation and gatekeeping easily. In fact, because they do not need to be reasonable. Also, with regard to that, these activities can be carried out post hypnotically, credibly, showing how MKultra might be used 35 years after its exposure in 1971 by the Church commission, ........ that we never learned the specific purposes of. Those arguing with useless information could very well be "moles" taking a strawman position that agents debunk to create the impression in the lurking publics mind that 9-11 truth is a total loser.

Misinformation, distractions and confusion or support for the impossible = useless information


Quasi leaders/gatekeepers = misinformation exercise = useless information

Richard Gage
Judy Wood
Steven Jones

Fake Plans

Loose Change, Alex Jones,
We Are Change
Jim Fetzer

Message board, forums = psyops, ridicule, social fear, = misinformation, useless information.

myspace .com
War On You
Misc. Forums Richard Dawkins

Within the psyops, direct, active gatekeeping is done from authority positions, filtering information by providing a defacto approval or disapproval of that information. Other forms of gatekeeping with chafe, might defer to distractions or confusion with misinformation. If the opposition to the concrete core data is read on forums it will be seen that any evidence they may present is shown to be misinformation, which they do not acknowledge. Later they re-present it hoping a fresh batch of viewers will be confused.

An indirect, active form of disinformation is found after the psyops has imposed social fears through mobbing, by agents who use ridicule as a primary tool, of forum members presenting useful information. Later, agents posing as the dominant social group simply refuses to talk about it, as if automatically, their argument had won by virtue of their agreement generally.

Where do they come from? Consider the size of the black budget. Recall JFK's warning about secrecy.

These pages introduce definitions and aspects of the covert psyop (psychological operation) conducted in America by an infiltrated government. The psychological operation extends back to 1950 or so when MKultra was initiated. Many Americans have known no other America than one infiltrated by dark forces intending to eliminate the Constitution and enslave the people after removing as much wealth as possible.

General DISCLAIMER that puts these pages examining 9-11 disinformation into perspective

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