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Recent review of the extent of misinformation within overinformation indicates that the position of rense and other sites is perhaps simply a mistake that they cannot take to the time to understand and correct. Shame on them. The following link is considered information to be very explanatory to the unique events at the WTC on 9-11 and would not be included in disinformation. I will say that seems to have quite a bit of useful and correct information, they just don't take the time to be responsible and accountable to the public interests.

This is an example, a probably true story, if not useful, it is valuable.

The mistakes or neglect to these technical details perhaps can be foregiven as a social tendency? Group behavior, creating consistency for recognition and social power? Only evidence and reason can create conditions to test the situation.

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Exactly What Is 9-11 Activism Eight Years After 9-11-01? How do information sites contribute or detract?

The issue of "Directed Energy Weapons" (DEW) is misinformation. Misinformation is information which is not accurate, basically useless and infiltrators in government positions know it and promote it, logically so.

For the movement, misinformation on an individual level, is frustrating to attempt to use or be involved with the group that thinks it is going to use it. Referrals to these site need to be addressed with critical thinking and examination of relevancy towards your purposes. For success, consider aligning with hundreds of millions of others who really do wish to see the Constitution stand.

The frustration in attempting to consider group uses of misinformation in the psyops, burns people out. It makes them targets of ridicule and conditions their unconscious mind with aversion to the activity. In this ways people who are not apathetic and are willing to act can be discouraged anonymously, generally by a relatively small group of people with specially designed text production and other software to enable maximum manipulation/deception. Or, making it very easy to become 4 or 5 different usernames on a message board forum.

Some questionable information exists at It is important enough to present here in the interest of informing the public as to the reliability of information. This is one effect of the "dumbing down" that stratifies technological and scientific knowledge making it generally unavailable to the truth movement to evaluate information and proposals for its use.

We have 5 sites listed below in addition to that have this image of the interior box column which has been salvage cut with an oxy/acetlyene torch and labeling it "WTC Core Column Cut With Thermite." It is not even a core column. It is an interior box column that was outside the concrete core wall. See the Concrete Core page for details on what the column actually is.

Another one










Misinformation makes it possible to marginalize the entire 9-11 truth seeking movement and can make people "Not want to associate' with the information which then becomes Disinformation.

What labeling a torch cut a "Thermite Cut" does is reinforce the perception that "9-11 truthseekers are ignorant people that don't know enough to be saying anything against the official story.


Below I have a full explanation of that cut and how it was done and why it looks like it does.

I emailed the webmaster per the instructions on the website where it is explained that comments will be added to the bottom of pages. This had not been done and there was no response. The image above is hosted at Will that image stay? Will it go away? This is a check on behavior here.

For the record: The author of this page recognizes that ONLY thermite could be responsible for the huge amounts of molten steel in the basements.

COMMENT on Christopher Bollyn's article.

NOTE: Since the time this page was created I have learned of the "oxygen lance".

The Oxygen Lance consists of a carbon steel pipe, fed with oxygen, that burns, melts, and cuts other substances.

It has a very wide kerf or cut width. The serrations in the left edge of the cut column indicate that one such cutting tool was used in salvage of the column rather than a cutting torch. Same procedure without changing tools.

It is an erroneous article on the site that is discrediting the 9-11 truth movement. Here is the url.

This image,

Shows a steel column with a salvage torch cut not a thermite cut. Thermite cuts are smooth, rounded, non linear events lacking all control. I do not know what kind of expert the article author consulted with, but I am my own expert having been involved with salvage and welding for 35 years.

I will explain exactly how the column was cut with a torch and provide another image showing the method used where it is more easily seen.

The image in the article shows a beam having a special salvage cut done on an angle which facilitates a hinging action. The remnant, not cut, in the upper left hand corner is the hinge point, The angle of the cut allows the beam to be tilted to the left as we see it supporting the weight until the hinge snaps off. This keeps the weight from being solely supported by the grapple of the excavator that is removing the piece. The weight of the column can cause it to slide from the grapple into the area below where retrieval would be difficult if not impossible until much later. The idea is to keep and get the iron away from the hole. the angled cut allows a semi horizontal swing away from the hole by the excavator, a fairly difficult move as the grapple has to turn, the boom has to go down a little and the crowd has to go out while the tracks move in the direction the column is going to lay in while the excavator re grabs the piece to carry it away. The uncut hinge point also keeps the column in place while the salvage worker completes his cuts.

How the worker does the cuts is as follows.
On the back top left of the beam is seen the primary entry point into the hand fabricated tempered steel column. It is a slight dip, 1/2 of a hole about the same basic size as the one seen below. A torched entry hole, second image down, upper column, left side, in another column that was cut square.
With the standing column in the top image the entry hole is cut first in the upper back and an oxygen lance is inserted into the hole until it reaches the inside of the opposite side, the side facing the camera. The worker, on his side, can clamp a straight edge to the column or prop up some pieces of steel to give a horizontal guide for the torch to slide on while pivoting the torch in the hole causing the cutting tip to travel across the inside of the opposite side. In making this cut the masses of slag dribble down the face we see. After that cut is made, the most difficult one, the worker gets along side with another guide rail and completes the side cuts blowing the slag inside. Then the back cut is made.

With a piece of tube, when you cannot access to the face of opposite side, this is the only way to complete this cut.

Thermite leaves an amorphous edge that is rounded in all directions, not following any line whatsoever. In 2002 I actually saw a photo from freshkills landfill of a thermite cut column, but failed to copy it. The image is long gone.

Please remove that article and replace it with this explanation of what it really is. You will be doing a great service to the truth movement. Attributing the cut to thermite is making a laughing stock of it for anyone who actually knows what torch cuts and slag looks like.

I have my own web site on the towers demise that was authored in 2003 and is based upon what I learned about the towers construction from a 1990 documentary called "The Construction Of The Twin Towers." In addition to welding off and on for 35 years, I work as a surveyor for a small engineering company and have worked closely with concrete contractors doing layout for concrete and steel construction. In 1983 I also worked as a driller/surveyor on a small "above ground" blasting job building a roadway and studied for my blasters permit following that.

Also, FEMA is misrepresenting the core of the towers in the WTC report as being comprised of multiple steel core columns. It was not. Both towers had a steel reinforced cast concrete tubular core. The deception is to make the fire, collapse lie seem more plausible. There are absolutely NO images of the 1300 foot columns at an elevation above ground from the demolition photographs. There are however many images of the concrete core, or parts of it during the demolition's. I've made a page about the concrete core that uses those images.

The actual core facilitated the demolition in a very difficult to believe fashion. Difficult because one has to be able to believe that the towers were built to demolish. However, given the visual event, the rate of fall and total pulverization, the built to demolish scenario is the only way it could have been done as we saw it done. Plastic explosives encapsulated in concrete will last for decades. Here is my site url. Please link to it as it is the only feasible, realistic explanation for free fall and pulverization that exists.

Thank you sincerely,

Christopher A. Brown

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