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This is not a page I wanted to publish, but when thinking of the thousands of New Yorkers that signed, the many that volunteered, those that donated, I must. The truth is too important. It is so important that any leader must follow up any information that logically might bring more truth, and there was no follow up, even when I outlined the very flaw that the NY state judge used as basis to deny the recent ballot initiative submitted by NYCCAN to the city clerk to give voters/signatories what they were allowed to think was a chance at a real investigation.

--- On Fri, 7/17/09, Chris Brown <argus1@earthlink.net> wrote:

From: Chris Brown <argus1@earthlink.net>
Subject: useful information for gaining more truth
To: Info@NYCCAN.org
Cc: info@hopedance.org
Date: Friday, July 17, 2009, 2:44 PM

Greetings NYCCAN.org,

I have useful information for gaining more truth and am wondering if you are interested and have knowledgeable and accountable people to discuss it with.
Christopher A. Brown

-----Original Message-----
From: info@nyccan.org
Sent: Jul 17, 2009 2:25 PM
To: Chris Brown
Subject: Re: useful information for gaining more truth

Hi Chris,
At this point we are primarily occupied with getting the referendum on the ballot. I would urge you to share your information with other relevant experts/investigators/researchers, or come to us at a later date when the commission is closer to being formed.
Best Regards,
Ted Walter

From: Chris Brown <argus1@earthlink.net>
To: info@nyccan.org
Cc: info@hopedance.org
Subject: Re: useful information for gaining more truth

Okay Ted,
I can bring it in later. About when do you expect that might happen?

Perhaps my information would be very useful for that, it is exactly the kind of thing that implicates a need for a ballot measure at the very least, so now really might be best.

Please, understand that the "other relevant experts/investigators/researchers" are meticulously avoiding addressing this information and the info is very well evidenced with independent verification, unlike the basis of what the "other relevant experts/investigators/researchers" are using. Incredibly so, but absolutely true.

Please, ........... consider that social fears are being used to direct the truth movement, that, .... and misinformation. My information will pass many more rationally based tests for veracity of usefulness than will a great deal of the information circulating in the 9-11 world.

Thank you!
Christopher A. Brown

From: Chris Brown <argus1@earthlink.net>
To: info@nyccan.org
Cc: info@hopedance.org
Subject: Re: useful information for gaining more truth
Date: Jul 17, 2009 2:53 PM


It is gratifying to see that you are doing what you are. Thank you.

It is my goal to see that your goal is as easily accomplished as possible by offering a strategic bit of informal investigation you can do that will optimize you efforts soon after undertaking a serious review of the information I have if that review is confined to reason and evidence rather than blind belief in official information.

You would know this information already except for the fact that there appears to be a covert psychological operation being conducted using the internet and the truth movement has been seriously mislead. I would only ask that a qualified civil, structural engineer reviews my information. Whoever is chosen should be prepared to analyze images from 9-11 and fully support the information they have regarding the structures of the Twin Towers by using images from 9-11, or direct evidence of the towers that actually stood. Such is absolute in its value.

I would ask that if they cannot find agreement with what I know and cannot evidence what they believe with independently verifiable evidence, that another civil engineer or person very objective and also experienced with structural steel and concrete to witness our exchange be brought involved.

The usefulness of this information in gaining the involvement of citizens will be hard to understate and it is a simple impartial review of existing evidence. What you will gain is information justifying an official, limited inquiry that will begin a cascade of support and vital evidence which has remained untouched and unexplained by the deceived truth movement in the last 8 years although it is the only real evidence that exists.

Many very knowledgeable people support this information. Thank you for your time.


Christopher A. Brown

I am not sure when this one was sent, but it was a last effort to get some communication.

Dear Ted Walter, NYCCAN,

I've been informed of the NYC actions with regard to your petition of 70k signatures. Over the years I've developed a fairly good idea of governmental protocols and legality and am very passionate about this much needed truth as I am sure you and many others in NYC are.

From what I can tell, no one has provided a clear and materially substantiated definition of exactly what is wrong with the existing investigation to the first authority of law enforcement there in your State. That I believe would be the State Attorney General in this case. If such was provided, it would show the investigation may be invalid and law enforcement would, by duty, have to re-open and reevaluate the existing investigation. Yes, there are many complaints about the investigation.

Complaints, unfortunately do not invoke duty unless they are well substantiated and evidenced.
And an infiltrated city administration could color such a petition, in court, as an effort to circumvent due process relating to law enforcement by a group of politically motivated complainers. I know for a fact that State courts these days are not what they once were, and, ........ circuit courts are not much better.

FEMA deceived NIST and the public about the core structure of the Twin towers which invalidates the "cause of death" determination because NIST analyzed the wrong structure. NIST never had the plans. Their disclaimer fully covers that and the plans are never mentioned in their report. Here is a link to a screen shot of the critical clauses of the disclaimer.


I feel in this case the evidence that is available showing the tubular concrete core of the Twins, either photographic or other independent verifications, can be identified and qualified by ordinary construction workers that have worked in concrete and steel structures. A few engineers doesn't hurt.

The experts of the truth movement refuse to comment upon the evidence of the concrete core, in which case the SEVENTY THOUSAND Americans who seek an investigation should be given a chance to evaluate the definition, with its substance and evidence, of the specific invalidation that can be shown of the official investigation and the "cause of death" that the head NYC law enforcement has accepted.

Here is my central page to the evidence of the concrete core.


I wish it were more organized but decided sometime ago that such evaluations are not to be done effectively until verification of the structural deception by FEMA is further along. People with experience in construction and engineering can work fine with what is online now if I can answer specific questions for them.

Thank you for your time and commitment to furthering our vital quest for truth.


Christopher A. Brown

PS: If someone tries to get you to talk about demolition and its possible relationship, don't let them change the subject.


Those working against truth will work to invoke cognitive dissonance by trying to promote talk of demolition. A feature of "the big lie" exploited by the perpetrators agents.

The text in red above is EXACTLY what judge Lehner refers to in his order denying the NYCCAN petition. Download the order and see for yourself.


Near the end this excerpt from the judges order indicates that the petition would be reduced to a point where the law sought by signers would not be described,

"the extent of impropriety of the proposal, as correctly set forth by the referee, would result in a substantial evisceration of the petition and, even if legally permissable, would be inappropriate as inconsistent with the law sought by the signatories to the petition."

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