Exactly What Is 9-11 Disinformation Eight Years After 9-11-01?

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The issue of "NUKEs" (at the WTC) in the 9-11 movement is misinformation.

Misinformation is information which does is not accurate and basically useless. Misinformation is frustrating to attempt to use whereupon the psyops burns people out, it makes them targets of ridicule and conditions their unconscious mind with aversion. Effective disinformation over a period of time, stimulating memory repression of the 9-11 issue. In these ways, people who are not apathetic and are willing to act can be discouraged anonymously, generally by a relatively small group of people with specially designed text production and other software to enable maximum manipulation/deception. Or, making it very easy to become 4 or 5 different usernames on a message board forum for example.

There is virtually only one factor which would justify inclusion of nuclear reactions being responsible for the demolition's at the WTC. That factor is that the energy from nuclear fusion is adequate to do what was seen on 9-11. Just because it is adequate, does not mean it was used and nothing about the characteristics of nuclear events resembles in any way what was seen at the WTC.

Another less obvious factor is that NUKEs cannot be delayed. See the video, "Listen to the demolition waves". You will see nearly 100, high speed, delayed detonations.


"Listen to the demolition waves" 

Link to Video

Ground zero is void of a specific telltale radioactive residual. Cobalt 60 irradiates steel and iron completely upon exposure and steel was checked for this at the site and afterwards, eliminated as a cause. Dr. Ron Larsen, Ph.D, physics (http://libertycalling.com) consulted with others having specific knowledge of nuclear devices and energy to confirm this.

The resulting dust from the demolition did not have the degree of radioactivity normally associated with a blast of the size required to remove the mass moved.

Blasts occurring ahead of the major pulverization are not of the scale seen above and how many nukes do the nuke people assert were going off?

The uniformity of the event discounts a single or even small numbers of explosive devices. The uniformity evidences optimized containment and distribution of explosives.

As with the "No Plane Theory" (NPT) and the "Directed Energy Weapons" the nuke theory can suffer from the same illogical sequence of "the first Tower hit, hit hardest, burnt worst, falls last" or,

"Why did the perpetrators chose a backwards impact/fall sequence?"

The nuk'ers have only had one response to this and it is weak. They say, "The perpetrators heard a fireman say on the radio, "The fires are almost out, get me a small hose and I'll have them out in minutes" or something like that. Whereupon the nuk'ers state that the perpetrators decided that if the fires went out, then the towers would not have a reason to fall, exposing their ruse badly, so, they decided to use remotes to blow WTC 2 first and suffer the backwards sequence.

It is weak, and I've explained to some of the most obsessed nuk'ers that their explanation for the motive of the perpetrators is WEAK, at best. They of course, .... do not listen, so I invoke the logic that; "IF their explanation is weak within human nature, or reasoning, THEN a much better explanation could be found that made the perpetrators look good as well as provide a logical, proper impact fall sequence.

An example of how much better an explaining scenario could be found by using a proper and logical fall sequence where the North Tower falls first.

The perpetrators overhear the fireman saying the fires are going out and saying that with a hose, they will be out in minutes. The perpetrators then call their engineers who are directed to call all emergency services and order an immediate evacuation of all emergency personnel and public because the towers had suffered massive structural damage and were going to collapse. After waiting for a few hundred evacuations, drop WTC 1, then 2 immediately. The media puts out this headline, "Officials foresee structural failure of WTC 1, command evacuation, hundreds saved, weakened WTC 2 falls at the shock wave of WTC 1 hitting the ground."

Think,........ if you had the control of remotes would you not choose the second scenario instead of one where everything is backwards and you look like a liar?

Meaning, logically, there was no remote control and there were planes. Meaning that the towers detonations were on timers (nukes can be timed, but not delayed. Again, "how many nukes were there?). Planes although some might not be sure of, stil had nothing to do with the towers coming down.

Nuke theory is a distraction pushed by the perpetrators psyops and adopted by the movement in the vacuum created by using the misinformation of the towers structure, the core. If people knew that the towers had a steel reinforced cast concrete core, they would wonder how fire did anything at all and not about if there were planes or not. The main reason the truth movement is filled with quasi leaders that will not discuss the concrete core of the towers.

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