Exactly What Is 9-11 Disinformation Seven Years After 9-11-01?

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Judy Wood

You think that Ms. Wood might have seen the procedure where 2 hydraulic excavators trade turns between dipping for hot steel and getting cooled off by a fire hose.

Or perhaps look at the development of DEW. In 2008 it graduated from a mobile platform for testing. The highest developed DEW weapon was mounted on a Ford F650 pickup. Since the beginning of 2009 it has been mounted in a larger version aboard a C130.

The scale we are looking at with the WTC exceeds many times, the capacity of DEW at this time.

Jim Fetzer

Jim Fetzer interviewed me on Genisis Communications Network (link) and did not properly address the evidence of the concrete core. When it came to the evidence showing that what the truth movement has been told are "core columns" are actually "elevator guide rail support steel, figure "E" of that page shows elevator guide rail support steel with butt plates used to join sections, proving they cannot be core columns; Fetzer had no response. Core columns must have a 100% deep fillet weld connecting their sections. Fetzer has stated that he's debunked the concrete core without providing reasonable alternative explanations for what can only be concrete seen in the core area. He also never produced any independent support for the steel core columns but refers to FEMA based information or that of Silversteins plans.

We do have a good deal of very marginal science being presented as reasonably considered options for what happened at the WTC.

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