How many floor plans should we have for the "Twin Towers" core floor and columns?

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A maximum of 2 and since they are twins, one should do right?

Well,......... we have 4 and I suspect there may be more. If you find another please notify me.

What follows is a brief summary of the structural statements concerning the core of the towers made by these different sites.

The following image of a core floor plan is located at,

Text at the site indicates that the red squares are core columns having easy access.. Think about this.. Some floors and elevator shafts didn't connect, the only access is through the elevator shaft. Let us say that we are trying to place a charge which will either be at a vertical/horizontal intersection or against the inside of a hallway wall. How does one get charges all the way around the columns in the case of a linear shaped charge (LSC)? Start there with evaluating the access to columns inside the core area


Yet another core floor layout diagram. This is one an a leading site, one of the first sites promoting the notion of demolition. This apparently gives the site greater credibility than others.

The following disclaimer (not labeled such) is adjacent to the image on the page. Many people consider this page to be an authority.

Column Arrangement

The exact arrangement of the columns and how they were cross-braced is not apparent from public documents such as FEMA's World Trade Center Building Performance Study. The arrangement of box columns depicted in Figure 2-10 of Chapter 2 (pictured to the right) seems plausible, even though it contradicts other illustrations in the report showing a more random arrangement. It depicts the top floors of a tower and does not indicate the widths of the columns on a typical floor.


The below floor plan can be found at Wikipedia.

Wiki has refused to do a page documenting the core of the towers by usage of raw evidence from images of the demolition. They do offer yet one more, different, core floor plan layout.


The below image is hosted at,

Will the image be removed or replaced?

Curiously, this diagram actually shows the only columns that were actually present, the interior box columns annotated as "MASSIVE BOX COLUMNS" in this image.

From the above site

Typical Floor Plan of the World Trade Center:
A perimeter of closely spaced columns, with an internal lift core.  The floors were supported by a series of light trusses on rubber pads, which spanned between the outer columns and the lift core.

NOTE: The site above also has the below FEMA diagram which conflicts with the above floorplan.

the above floor plan is also found at.<>

The above site also has the same floor plan image that conflicts with the FEMA WTC report diagram which shows core columns in the center of the core.

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