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None of the information of this site is used with permission. It is however logically used for the proper reasons. Defense of the U.S. Constitution.

Also, any site owner or person who feels that the disinformation pages are in error is welcome to communicate to me their concerns.

Feedback to; Christopher@algoxy.com

This page is to put the authors pages, defining 9-11 disinformation, into perspective. It could be an apology to those that are sincere about 9-11 and the search for truth that happen to believe the various unsupported information of 9-11. These pages defining and identifying disinformation are not about creating divisions in the 9-11 truth seeking community. The reverse, they are about resolving existing divisions and clarifying those that are substantial.

The pages about disinformation are about ending the false divisions and revealing the real ones. The false divisions are related to deceptions that these pages are exposing as disinformation and about what goes on in the minds of those who are disinformed, not about putting the disinformed down for what they were mislead to believe.

In other words a sincere truth seeker may happen to believe that the FEMA, WTC report is accurate in its description of the steel core columns and has relied upon others evaluations of the FEMA information as well. Some may have relied on separate parties for their understanding of the core. Steel reinforced cast concrete is what existed, and for me, via my viewing the 1990 documentary shown on PBS, "The Engineering and Construction of the Twin Towers". For me the huge efffort to build the largest" tube in a tube" structure in history with that concrete being cast meticuously 40 feet at a time is what stood out. Some question; "How can you be so sure?", or cannot stop referring to what I know as absolute and always have, for very good reason; as a "theory". A new respect for what social fears and peer pressure can do, to the larger role we each have, when such an important and decisive capacity in a persons ability to go against the group tendency, is tested.

What should be noted is that the ability to accept the concrete core of the towers does not indicate that the actor is NOT controlled within the stated possibilities of the DISINFO conclusion page if the actor also promotes and illogical theory using very selective criteria. The ability to recognize from the available raw evidence of images of the concrete core, that indeed there is concrete and proof there were no steel core columns, means the individuals ability to reason and their desire to know the truth combined are great enough for them to know reason over another, unconscious knowledge compelled with "fear, to know" or urge to "not know".

Because I am absolutely certain of the concrete core, the argument for the core provides a measure of reasonableness for me to gauge the rational capacity of others. I have seen a good number of people who steadfastly believed in the WTC report steel core columns change their minds based on the quality raw evidence of images that are comprehensively interpreted on the concrete core page. Another powerful factor has been that concrete can fracture instantly to fall whereas steel cannot.

In other words, what we saw is impossible with steel core columns. What often happens in the mind of the viewer ultimately, is that an explanation for what is feasible and realistic, is also also generalized as impossible, because it is so shocking and has elements that are contrary to the information that other people seem to be using, This makes invitation for the misinformation phase which is an endless invasion of impossible notions that marginalize the entire movement and obscure the possible.

The conclusion page deals with explaining illogical behaviors and has a large basis of fact coming from several areas of psychology or anthropology and is not intended to demean any person which may have been psychologically, unconsciously influenced with or without their awareness or permission.


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Feedback to; Christopher@algoxy.com