Exactly What Is 9-11 Disinformation Eight Years After 9-11-01?

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The issue of "Directed Energy Weapons" (DEW) in the 9-11 movement is misinformation.

Misinformation is information which does is not accurate and basically useless. Misinformation is frustrating to attempt to use whereupon the psyops burns people out, it makes them targets of ridicule and conditions their unconscious mind with aversion. Effective disinformation over a period of time, stimulating memory repression of the 9-11 issue. In these ways, people who are not apathetic and are willing to act can be discouraged anonymously, generally by a relatively small group of people with specially designed text production and other software to enable maximum manipulation/deception. Or, making it very easy to become 4 or 5 different usernames on a message board forum for example.

DEW as a technology developed to the point absolutely required in order to effect what was seen on 9-11, does not exist in 2008. I say this because I've tracked the development of high power lasers for over 20 years. The military development of directed energy weapons just gained, in the last few years, the required control over the generation of high energy coherent light, to use the weapon to punch holes in tanks or other steel machinery. The latest development was outfitting a Ford F650 pickup with it to test atmospheric limits on the battlefield.

Just because there was a successful test of a laser cannon in the late 1980's, does not mean the same technology was developed enough to decompose 2 1,350 foot steel and concrete towers.

Aside from that, this short list of issues logically prohibit DEW.

The issue of the obvious delays seen in the descending detonations as the delay capacity and appearance of directed energy weapons would be different than high explosives or delay not possible. See the video, "Listen to the demolition waves". You will see nearly 100, high speed, delayed detonations.


"Listen to the demolition waves" 

Link to Video

Premature blasts on the tower faces are not caused by DEW

The different reactions of steel and concrete to directed energy weapons would probably be apparent.

DEW promoters point to parking lots full of burned cars and say, "only directed energy could do that." Wrong, .......... thermite going off in the basement and first floor, constructed and set in the structure adjacent to heavy steel, will superheat and expand the air, and discharge a huge heat wave filled with burning particulate. We have VERY good reason to believe this happened in the seconds before the debris load hit the ground so that the steel columns, weakened would be broken off at the ground because of the molten metal which kept fires alive in the debris above and was seen molten weeks after 9-11. There is a built in major phenomena, the molten metal in huge mass, underground indicating that some massive thermal event took place at the base of the towers. The detonations and descending mass from 1,350 foot with detonations also removes attention from the event at the bottom so eyewitnesses are going to be well distracted above while a little smoke blowing out windows at ground level will hardly register.

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