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From the Dawkins web site.

"The mission of the Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science is to support scientific education, critical thinking and evidence-based understanding of the natural world in the quest to overcome religious fundamentalism, superstition, intolerance and suffering."

I begin by stating I am in the Richard Dawkins forum in defense of the US Constitution.

Below is a typical evasion of an infiltrator. They say it is not rebar. If not, then what is it? No answer. Do I give up on finding help to get justice, no. I post the rebar photo so they cannot evade as easily. Then the mod removes them

They start pretending confusion as to what image I refer to. I posted them again. The mod removes them again.

The typical confusory type posting that actually can pretend to un learn what some one has spent days getting clear is countered by a sincere truthseeker below.

After 7 years of this I'm ready to declare victory. Which is reported which the mod assures will be attended to.

My favorite jibe of opponents is the "protecting the secret methods of mass murder" definition of my oppositions action line. It really inflames them. Nothing else one can do in this situation.

The above is solid critical thinking of the type detectives undertake, but at dawkins forum it is rhetoric.

Below a bit of critical thinking evokes a common set of cognitive distortions applied because the opposition has no evidence. Elements of "minimization, generalization, labeling and entitlement" are there. Acting as if they are entitled to something more than what is provided to substantiate claims which is adequate for the purpose.

Accountability is the sign of the capacity for reason.

Below another mod thinks my observation of the lack of accountability and reason is an insult then takes advantage of the absense of the image the mods have been removing that I'm referring to.

An American truthseeker working for justice. Shes wrong, we needed the moderators to be fair. Not a want, a need.

An effort to make alliance if nothing else from the dawkins experience.

Below the mod is correct, I am taunting the traitor and criminal protecting the methods of mass murder. Try saying that with a lisp:)

Below, apparently the repeated exposure to truth is a real problem, so censorship.

The topic was locked and no one could post.

Below the attitude is clear in the cavalier choices of a poll. Basically a tool of disinformation

Within a month or so the Richard dawkins message board was gone, then replaced. This page has some comments on the forum activity before it was replaced.

An excerpt from that page. "People just wanted to exchange contact details so they could hook up elsewhere on the net - they were stopped from doing so."

All social networking sites, as well as forums, keeps people basically insulated from one another and can instantly separate them permanently if they have not specifically exchanged contact info.

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