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Conclusions Defining Disinformation Propagation and the Mental Performance It Relies On.

What does the effective disinfo look like?

Effective Disinfo = Support For The Impossible


Ignorance of the obvious.

All of the above are aspects of mental performance or behavior. Our behaviors are controlled by our unconscious mind most often. When our conscious mind controls our behaviors they are often seen as logical or rational. irrational or illogical behaviors can accurately be seen as unconscious.

Logically it can be seen that support for the nukes, scalar beam weapons or other suggested methods of removing 2 1,300 foot towers nearly identically just do not have justification in available facts. Those theories are never the less gaining popularity as time passes and are promoted by various individuals for various reasons. Some promoted innocently others perhaps not.

The disinformation campaign that has raged for years finally gives a possible reason to an old mystery




How could mkultra be involved?

The purposes of the covert CIA program violating US law, the programs purposes as exposed have never been determined.

Children involved by the program would now be of an influential age to work on behalf of the infiltration that conducted 9-11. There are 2 areas directly related to 9-11 where mkultra could play a pivotal role.

1. Creating people that would be unable to utilize information rationally regarding 9-11 and be obsessed with selective opposing information of 9-11 truth showing government involvement.

2. Creating people that could believe the US government were involved but were completely unable to accept that the towers had a concrete core.

There is a third area that could generally protect the secrecy that intelligence agencies operate with which could be helpful to containing secrets in the future. If mkultra had focused on creating people that were only able to believe that mind control could be effected by electronic means (psychotronics) and ignore traditionally provable methods using somnambulism on children protects the secrecy.

Mkultra documents that were discovered indicated that electronic means of effecting some influence on the mind were experimented with. None of the experiments actually indicate that there were successes with psychotronics but today there are entire yahoo groups and bulletin boards where the participants cannot, and will not consider that more natural means of hypnosis absolutely established as existent by anthropology and psychology or archeology can create mind control.

Here is a google search ready for you to examine the variety of mkultra activities which is documented.




It is worthy to note; that the traditional "manchurian candidate" was created with a very deep trance state that has been researched called, "somnambulism". Be aware that the term "somnambulism" technically means sleep walking and is been borrowed by psychology which has neglected to define a specific name. Hypnotists accept the name "Eisdale state" as well as others. The following link has examples.




There is a quality inference that psychologists and hypnotists alike do not seem to want to make in any official, comprehensive way. Fear surrounds the possibility for them. Fear is a reptilian instinct and can only be displaced by understanding. Deeper fear requires deeper understanding to resolve.


Relating potentials for hypnotic performance to results of research, practice and experiments of hypnosis. Christopher A. Brown 8/17/01


The first sentence of page 175 of EMOTIONS and MEMORY, 1964, by David Rappaport,
"The general tendency" of the subject to forget the events of the trance after emerging from it."


(1) of the same paragraph states that, "The hypnotist can successfully suggest that no posthypnotic amnesia develop".
Basis 2 Restated; Suggestion conducive to remembering is successful or generally, suggestion effecting memory has effect against a general tendency.


The first note page 175, EMOTIONS and MEMORY, Note #8 states (first note below main text) that the results of memory described "in general are valid only with subjects who are able to reach the somnambulistic stages of hypnosis."


Logical inference of BASIS 1 with BASIS 2, is that; suggestion to forget will have a greater effect on memory because of the general "tendency to forget". Research confirms with observations of behavior consistent with general hyper amnesia at the top of page 175,


the end of a footnote of page 176 that begins on page 175 stating; "we find hypnotized people indignantly denying they have been hypnotized."



If the tendency is to forget following hypnosis that induces a trance to the level of somnambulism, and suggestion effecting memory is successful, then suggestion to forget will be more effective than suggestion to remember.

Consider this question below and its proper answer as a maxim identified, according to the above, and its potential possibility in our situation.

Q. What is easier to do than forgetting?

A. I don't remember.


The point is to NOT forget the question, then determine IF you can remember what you forgot.

Another critical piece of research into the unconscious mind shows that people who are known to be hypnotized, normally, indignantly deny it. It turns out that hypnosis itself, as a functional and effective methodology for any purpose is more readily rejected by those who are hypnotized than those who are not.


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