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I received a call one day from Fintan Dunne in Ireland. He had heard me on Liberty Calling, a web radio show produced by Dr. Ron Larsen. Dunne asked if I would be willing to give some audio interviews over the phone that would be recorded, then uploaded as .mp3 files to be accompanied by a thread on the forum. I agreed and the interviews were completed

I had noticed there was a good deal of accusation of "cointelpro" by the web site against individuals in the truth movement. When I saw Jimmy Walters face in the group of "9-11 rats" I think it was, I realized that something was very wrong. I have friends that have known him for 30 years. Jimmy Walters is absolutely sincere and committed to the truth, albeit, perhaps, misinformed, but he is not alone by any means. Such is the normally dominant information.

Accordingly I went into the thread with a realization that the entire thing was a setup. I'd already noticed that Dunne was not present and illogically presented a neutral position despite the fact that the opposition had no evidence of steel core columns while they were also impossible for the building and the demo. There was a position siding with an internet stalker, gamolon who I'd originally traded posts with at "Let's Roll 9-11" in 2004, that gamolon initiated relating to an effort to disprove the concrete core by attempting to show there was not enough room in the core for the elevators that were known to be there. The basis for the dimension was the silverstein plans, which are not what was built. Another basic position was that the cores of the towers were identical, as the towers were on the exterior.

The cores were very different even though they were both concrete. WTC 1 had proved difficult to rent because of poor access across the core and to elevators, so WTC 2 had twice as many hallways and entry to elevators directly from the lobby. WTC 1 elevators had to be entered from inside the core only. WTC 2 elevators ringing the core, could be accessed through the plane of the core wall at lobby level only.

The internet stalker and associates attempted to falsify images of WTC 2 lobby to appear as WTC 1 by photoshopping features of the WTC 1 exterior into the windows of WTC 1. Very poor digital alteration. The footbridge in the background has windows proportioned opposite of what they should be, wider rather than narrower.

Below the original photoshopped WTC 2 lobby, made to appear as WTC 1 by the addition of the footbridge in the exterior of the perimeter walls. The footbridge windows can be seen to bleed through the perimeter columns in this version as well. Try, it. Take a screen shot of the footbridge windows through the lobby window crossing over a perimeter column then zoom it with a picture viewer

The below is a second photoshopped image probably produced to try and make the first, which the zoom above is from, appear more credible. Which it appears by judging the foreshortening of the footbridge windows, but notice the different foreshortening or distortions across the windows horizontally. That inconsistency should not be present.


The below was posted by Fintan Dunne board owner and administrator in support of the 2 images above. The upper image does not work at all. The lower is okay but does not show the elevator.

This shows the acute angle the footbridge has to the face of WTC 1 crossing the west highway.

Here is the most acute angle possible from the NW corner of WTC 1.

An accomplice of the photoshopper from Let's in 2004 posted this, which I qouted and answered with a demonstration.

As 2008 was closing, Fintan Dunne declared a "final verdict" with his post after this one and locked the thread.

Without acknowledging that the image of the core base wall shows the silverstein plans as inaccurate, and gamolons basis of dimension comes from the silverstein plan showing the plans can't be used. When the ex NYC mayor took the WTC documents from the city offices, and a party with an interest as large as silverstein supplies the buildings structural documentation, circumstance dictates that the origin of the plans are suspect.

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