Exactly What Is 9-11 Disinformation Eight Years After 9-11-01?

Conspiracy To Decieve the 9-11 Truth Movement Proven by digital alteration of the revision tables of the plans provided by Silverstein & Associates to Steven Jones

Analysis of digital anomalies of the revision tables

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It has been learned that Steven Jones was the first person to receive these "leaked" documents and then provided them to the other entities of the 9-11 truth movement that are using the information of the plans.


Analysis of "leaked" WTC1 Downloaded Files of Scanned Blueprints

Unfortunately the WTC plans leaked appear to be fraudulently presented as "Construction Drawings" or "Architectural plans" actually used for construction of WTC 1. They were obsolete before construction started and were only preliminaries sent to Minoru Yamasaki.

These are not construction drawings. If they were from LERA they would be from scanned from vellums and these are from beat up blue lines judging by the clouding trash on them.

Since I've placed this page here and been exposing this conspiracy to deceive truth seekers, the originals at wtc7.net linked to from the ae911truth website, have been intentionally reduced in resolution.

The below zoomed screen shot was taken from this sheet.


in 2006. Note the resolution.

A recent screen shot of the same sheet zoomed. Within the lower resolution it can still be seen that they are the same cells of the table above screen shot in 2006. It is not possible to get the clarity originally screen shot from the 600mb torrent download of .tiff files from the wtc7.net l source linked above.

Below is a portion of the title block revisions table of A-A-99.TIFF Notice the anomaly in the initial columns of the left side table, 3rd cell from the bottom.

Below is a zoom of that cell. Not much to be said about it except it definitely does not belong there and it is some sort of digital, graphic artifact. Not a hand lettered initial. far too straight for too many pixels

Below is a portion of the title block revisions table of A-A-139.TIFF

Following is a zoom of that cell. Again, it is some sort of digital, graphic artifact. Not a hand lettered initial and far too straight for too many pixels

The title block revisions of the table on A-A-140.TIFF also has the same anomaly with its characteristics.

Sheet A-A-141.TIFF has the same anomaly but twice. The normal pixilation of hand written characters is visible on the right.

Comparison of the initials of the revisions tables of 99 and 139 above show the same initials circled in blue are suspicious and could be the same numbers copied and pasted perhaps after being separated from their accompanying triangular detail numbers and being altered by scaling. blurring or distorting. The date appears as the same quite often in the "REVISIONS" tables.

Leaked WTC1 Plans Altered to Appear as Final Drawings

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