THE cure for Psychological Stress and Addictions Of All Types Compelling Extreme Behaviors

There are of course a number of psychological states this method cannot treat. However, it will be likely that after we think the method will not work to permanently solve a psychological problem, we will most often find we do not understand the problem.

The application of this method successfully is dependent on understanding the actual problem which is going to be treated. The truth of it. This can become a larger challenge than the act of changing behaviors themselves.

The problem is nearly always located in the unconscious but occasionally indirectly visible to the person suffering. It is safe to a say that most people don't want to be psychologically suffering, so they might know why they are suffering or at least think they do. This treatment satisfies the subjects Id, a part of the mind closely associated with the the old animal mind, in ways that are parallel to the deeper universal purposes that human beings have. Those purposes can be generally stated as having the will to survive and to being happy. Underlying this is unconditional love, love for oneself and others, families, children and friends. All people want this even though defining it in functional ways over long periods of times within relationships and under pressures of performance in the material world, is not so easily attained. It turns out, "being happy" requires a short list of dynamics being satisfied.

The treatment takes what a person knows about themselves that is good, and creates behavioral patterns based in that with a psychology that is functional which also shows signs to them of being something that can evolve and grow into greater happiness. For those who are parents, or want to be, protecting their children is a major instinct and is easily used.

Another aspect that genetic sciences have defined is epigenetics.  This is the science of how a human beings genes are turned on and off for the production of cells.  The conditions, basically a mental experience for the largest part for the purposes of this concept, are what controls gene switching for the production of cells.  For drug and alcohol treatment this relates to the damage done to receptors of serotonin and dopamine.

Below we see scanned pages from "HYPNOSIS: FACT AND FICTION" by F.L. Marcuse.  Dermatology, on the right describes how warts can be removed by hypnosis.  This is control over cells by the unconscious mind.  If this can be done, then new receptors of serotonin and dopamine can be created by hypnosis.  This treatment avoids the some what arbitrary and inconsistent potentials of inducting a trance deep enough to gain the needed cooperation of the unconscious mind.

Essentially, because of the facts of epigentics, long term cures for addictions can be created by first educating the person upon the basics, then referring to positive, happy feeling of well being as being created by cells, and to make more cells that create such feelings.

The basic treatment is narco hypnosis using nitrous oxide (No2). No2 has been in use in different ways for over 120 years. It is so safe it is used with children in dental offices quite often. This treatment would require a specific medical examination before being administered. It mimics a very deep hypnotic state called somnambulism which has inherent hyperamnesia. Contrary to existent treatments this treatment uses the hyperamnesia to hide the direction of therapy from the cognitive processes of the treated, meaning that the subject cannot consciusly defeat it. The subject just knows they have different feelings and thoughts about their behaviors or the stresses they thought caused it. Literally overnight, and overnight for very goods reasons, behaviors which were problems begin to quickly fade and new behaviors replace them which are very positive.

The treatment simply works because the unconscious mind is 7 times more powerful and involved with more aspects of our existence than our conscious mind is. Below is a list of many of the applications of treatment and a short description/estimate of the time frame and environments needed. New behavioral patterns must be experienced naturally, so for more deeply engrained problems and addictions, a transition home is needed.

This treatment doesn't dispense with all of the existing methods of treatments for these problems it just extracts up 2000% more from them by using the unconscious mind and its deeply engrained instincts properly, directly. The session where the unconscious mind is accessed with unconscious induction maybe less than 15 minutes in length. The below can be considered as potential treatments near the maximum needed to ensure effectiveness

Drug and alcohol addiction-severe, 8 sessions, 1 every 3 days with a followup every 2 weeks --- mild, 3 sessions, 1 every 3 days in home, follow up every 2 weeks for 2 months.

Domestic violence- 1 to 3 times in 6 months

Phobias-1 to 3 times

Depression-1 to 3 times in 4 months

Self Destructive Tendancies, suicidal tendencies-1-4 times in 9 months

Sex Offender-12 times every 3 days with 4 follow ups every 2 weeks.

PTSD- 1 every 2-3 weeks for 3 months

Anxiety-ADHD- 1 to 3 times in 1 year

Schizophrenia- Due to negative responses with ordinary hypnosis, subjects curling into fetal positions suddenly, or onset of temporay catatonia, this treatment may have new potentials. It must be developed and tested appropriately to know for certain.

Suggestion to respond to post hypnotic trance induction after the first session is always applied at the first session as some people will not need the narcohypnosis after one session because they will naturally, instantly induct an adequately deep state upon themselves with utilization of proper instincts recognizing reasons to do so. Rapport can facilitate very fast treatment. Conversely, deep patterning from childhood can have dynamics which are hard to discover and more difficult to address.

It is anticipated that the people around a person receiving the treatment can provide relevant information for design of subsequent treatments following the first is a required aspect for the above estimates to be consistently correct.

This letter substantiates that this proposal for the above described experimental treatment was presented to the Director of the Santa Barbara County Mental Health Department who most responsibly agreed to provide this letter to confirm the meeting had taken It was by their suggestion that they include the statement that they "will provide me with a response in writing." Dr. Nicholson was the chief medical doctor for the Mental Health Department. Now the chief MD for the county jail.

I never was able to get any kind of answer from Santa Barbara County Mental Health Department. This was not because the director and chief medical doctor did not want to provide me with the states response. This is because their superiors stopped them from giving the stated answer.

I served a FOIA response on County Supervisor Susan Rose at a public comment at a supervisors board meeting. A copy was given to the clerk of the board and a copy was time stamped by the clerk of the board below. All copies of this are now gone from all county offices.

This treatment is the subject of a Federal Lawsuit for "SPECIFIC PERFORMANCE" filed in Central District for Southern California, Los Angeles Court. cv06-2085. Dismissed, it was appealed and has been with the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals Since November of 2006 (06-5600).  UPDATE-due to unconstitutional, illegal revision of local court rules depriving plaintiffs of new judge and magistrate when refiling with new co-plaintiffs, this case was dismissed.  Any one having hard copy printed from the web prior to 2005 of the US district court rules, please contact me!

The above was refiled with the clerk of the board September 17, 2013 as seen below by the new time stamp.

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