9-11-01 With all respect for every person who died and their families, in order to protect the lives of those living, the truth must be known.

Author: Christopher A. Brown, 11/12/09


NOTE: The author of this page has written a book titled "After The Event" being released in May of 2007 which details the potentials for the unconscious mind or creation and maintenance of secrecy which can be related to the infiltration of the U.S. government. See amazon.com.

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Keep in mind, no verified plans have ever been made available for the towers. The reason for this is to keep the concrete core a secret.

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A deception


To see how the entire tower was designed and constructed.


Below is a sequenced analysis of 4 images explaining,



Below, the tip of the spire emerges from the Debris Cloud as a section of the concrete core explodes on the North east side of WTC 1. The perimeter walls and floors have already fallen. Cutting charges in the 2 faces (north and west) of framed box column structural steel framework inner tube wall below the spire failed to initiate as the C4 had been exposed to air too long during a phase of construction and would not detonate leaving the spire and interior box columns mostly on the west side. Winter work on floors did not progress to encapsulate the C4 before freezing temperatures and thawing occurred in 1969. Both faces had much floor and rebar in the elevations below the spire of exposed and non viable "special protective plastic coating", rendered non viable by freezing and exposure before being sealed in concrete.

Below, concrete of core walls exploding through the steel framework or the 10 x 20 foot holes formed by interior box columns surrounding the concrete and floor beams which prevent the uncut framework from falling. This is fractions of a second before the second image from a helicopter .

The vertical projection of particulate in the center is seen in a lower view. from a building east of WTC 1. In its animated sequence from a video still on youtube, the same vertical projection is seen and IS exploding concrete.

Below a large triangle of concrete can be seen falling into the core area, a piece of the east concrete shear wall of the WTC 1 core.

Below is an animation of the same piece viewed from the north east approximately level. Note the detonating concrete debris just before the wall appears toppling into the empty core with the spire on the right or north west corner.


Below, on the South west side of WTC 1, opposite of the above image, a second later after the heavy debris has hit the ground and displaced the lower dust cloud, the spire is seen to be supported by the rectangles formed by floor beams and interior box columns surrounding the core as the inner framed wall of the exterior, floor bearing structure. An alternative page on spire location provides another description.

On the right base of the west face. To the right in the image, downward from the spire is a sloping portion, then yet one more short spire of 2 rectangular frames of interior box columns and floor beams. The sloping area is the broken edge of the concrete shear wall.

The core shown on the FEMA site, nor the other core design released right after 9-11 that the BBC still has in their 9-11 story will NOT leave a spire standing like we see above and no visible multiple, heavy core columns. No part of the FEMA core could have this appearance as it is halfway demolished! On the concrete core page there are altered available images from FEMA to show approximately what the core I saw being built in the documentary was.

The spire that stood for 14 seconds is comprised of one corner of the interior box columns that were fastened to the outside of the concrete core. This connection between interior columns and the concrete made the core the load bearing and the primary "anti torsion" element for the steel framework configured as a tube around the concrete tube comprised of four smaller vertically interrupted tubular elements formed by the interior walls (WTC 1 only).

The below superimposed, before/after image locates the spire at the northwest corner of the core. Both images were taken from the park at Audry Zapp Drive. The red arrow indicates the narrower spaced interior box columns that were the moment frame.

Below is the same basic spire viewed from the East side, across the empty core. The WTC 1 spire is not a core column and the curved shape behind it, silhouetting it is concrete.

Below is a photo of the spire from the North west side looking down the western concrete core wall line. The concrete wall of the core and interior walls interrupted by hallways can just be seen.

This image locates the spire outside the concrete shear wall of the core.

Below is an enlarged image of the image above with arrows indicating the structural elements.

Now, what happens is similar to the top image. In order to have some image representing the event, I use it again below because the appropriate image hasn't been found yet as the explosion of the core described is lower and behind buildings for the most part. What is different in that explosion is that the spire falls and another lower, semi vertical element appears from out of the top of the debris wave, rebar. As seen in the second image down.

That explosion leaves,



It leaves rebar, because, like the cutting charges in the floors for the interior box columns, the rebars C4 coating had been exposed to weather and would not detonate. The below photo has a comb like shape of the remnant of the reinforcing bars of the core, briefly standing. The FEMA report does not account for any structural element this small. The box columns in the spire image at the top are about the same size as the steel columns the core was supposedly made from at approximately 7500 feet.

New horizontal bar had been tied into the rebar before pouring and that was what had removed the concrete from the vertical rebar, LEAVING the large vertical rebar standing as we see it in the below photo. The non viable C4 left the vertical rebar standing

The slope to the top of the rebar was mentioned in the documentary. The engineers specified that the concrete pours not terminate with level opposing joints across the tower to maximize the strength of the tubular concrete tower core as an anti torsion element. Also the high tensile steel rebar was to be welded in series of butt joints in a slope across the walls of the core. Slopes of concrete and welds ran in opposite directions on opposite sides maximizing torsion resistance of the tube. The slope of the tops of the rebar in the photo below show this.

The rebar was very tightly tucked into the concrete side of the spire. Note that the top of the rebar is slightly lower. If the spire image above (3rd image down) is examined closely, very small projections are seen on the right side. After the explosions lower down drop the steel, the rebar is seen.


Additional support for the concrete core


Below right is an image of the top portion of WTC 2 concrete core as it falls and is about to hit WTC 3. A hall doorway edge of the core is the very straight line on the left of the large brownish concrete core wall. To the left is an image taken a fraction of a second earlier showing the core wall enveloped in dust with another portion of perimeter wall trapped under it.

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