FEMA deceived NIST about the design and construction of the twin towers. This fact makes mathematical, forensic engineering analysis of collapse impossible. Accordingly the official "cause of death" for 3,000 murders in 20 seconds, on 9-11 is invalid. Due process and equal protection of law requires a valid cause of death. The state authority of law enforcement in New York state has not provided Constitutional due process.

Family members of victims of the Twin Towers events need to file a "Request to Amend Vital Record" with the NYC coroner. Evidence justifying amendment.

The Basic deception
(before Silversteins scanned blueprints

were added to what the public thought they had.)

The following is summary of the differences of what was presented by FEMA, a core area full of 47 steel columns as shown by this diagram from FEMA's original WTC REPORT,
and the below text comparison of the above, to what existed. Essentially the deception described.
The Twin Towers had a steel reinforced, cast rectangular, tubular, concrete core, not steel core columns in the core. The concrete walls were surrounded with 24 of the heaviest of box columns. They were called "interior box columns". Vertical steel seen in the core area of helicopter photos is elevator guide rail support steel not "core column".
Construction photos are being used to misrepresent elevator guide support steel as "core columns".

Above is a picture from the street taken of WTC 2 at about the fifth floor where butt plates are seen to the left and right of the center crane. The butt plates are being used to join the ends of the elevator guide rail support steel as they are extended upwards. Butt plates facilitate shifting the base of the upper section joined, or shimming the piece to tilt it. High speed elevators require near perfect plumb alignment of guide rails and support steel for rails that is very close to tolerance, speeds up installation greatly, so butt plates are a valuable joining method. However, such joints are not strong enough for "core columns".

Core columns must be butt welded with 100% welds deep filet welds as were the interior box columns which surround the core of the twins. This diagram shows a typical fillet weld detail on an "I" beam.

The appearance of butt plates in the above photo discounts the possibility of steel core columns existing as building structure. If the vertical steel near the center with butt plates, were core columns, they would be seen standing in 9-11 images, they are not. Another confirming aspect there were no steel core columns in the core areas of the Twins.
The Sequence, Identity and Order of Deception

This part of the page is an accounting of the dynamics of the FEMA deception in time and on the ground as they are known which was used in the psyops disinformation campaign to completely mislead the truth movement. It is of course unverified here as it is only seen by scrutiny of the truth movement, but verifiable to substantial degree with simple research by anyone who cares to search the internet (Christophera, concrete core, search terms) for some of the perhaps 100,000 message boards posts I've made in the last 8 years and encounter the psyops working to uphold the FEMA deception.

A crude timetable of substantial deceptive action can be constructed identifying when misinformation was inserted or supported in the deception within the evolving psyops. There is an obvious segue of the operation that moves from an up front rescue and emergency/management situation to a cover-up and switch to misinformation. This is the first of two references identifying the concrete core, that are before that switch.

The below is an accurate description of the core of both towers.
Leslie Robertson, Architect Of The World Trade Center Towers, Newsweek article of September 13, 2001

The deception expanded when Steven Jones and Leslie Robertson discussed 9-11 and the towers on the radio, Oct 26th, 2006, KGNU. Robertson did not identify steel core columns. At a critical point, there is an edit and Steven Jones ends up saying "Steel core columns", not Leslie Robertson.

The second is a structural engineer certified in 12 states who was at ground zero 2 weeks after 9-11 and made this report identifying a concrete core.
The below link no longer works. The file was removed sometime in mid 2013.
Download a copy of the file HERE


Sometime after that safety report about ground zero, is where the deception started with Guiliani enabling it by the removal of the WTC documents from the NYC offices. The NY state court allowed this by ignoring the Federal "Freedom of Information Laws" and failing to apply lawful compulsion to Guiliani to gain the return of the public documents to the public offices.

Mockup of NYCLU page which was taken down in 2009.
Guiliani took the WTC documents December 24, 2001, the plans etc. for the government center from the NYC building department.
Original link, cut and paste: http://www.nyclu.org/node/842

In the deception, the next significant misrepresentation was in the product of NIST in 2005.


A disclaimer to all of the NIST analysis indicates many issues potentially compromising information used to determine major structural aspects. This was found while searching for a reference to building plans in the NIST report. None was ever found, this covers for that fact.

The next significant event in the FEMA deception was the "leak" of the "building plans" from Silverstein group, 2002 to Steven Jones, BYU professor.


The scanned blueprints comprising the set of 200+ sheets are the obsolete blueprints by Robertson in 1964+-. Unlike those of any other publicly funded building, the true plans have been withheld from public view since the 9/11 attacks without explanation and were even unavailable for viewing by the team of engineers from the American Society of Civil Engineers, who were assembled to investigate the collapses by FEMA, until they had signed legal documents (unverified) which bound them to secrecy and demanded that they never use the information against the buildings' owners as part of a lawsuit."

The analysis of the scanned blueprints show at this link that they have been digitally altered (see directly below) and do not represent the remnants of the core structure photographed at ground zero. The presence of these altered drawings proves a conspiracy, or psyops to deceive connecting the building lease holder actions to FEMA, supporting the deception.

The Deception Escalates Within the Truth Movement
Sadly, the first 9-11 conspiracy site, .wtc7.net makes those same plans available to the public without any notice of where the plans come from as does architect Richard Gage with ae911truth.org. Nor do either mention that the blueprints are substantially questioned as to their veracity. The same plans are used by disinformation agents on message board forums to try and provide "proof" that the steel core columns were the structure inside the towers core. All references to "fire" and heat weakening "core columns" causing collapse refer to those plans in a basic sense.
Connecting the dots between FEMA, Silverstein, wtc7.net and Richard Gage
A verifiable Connection


So many "loose changes" came together for me by reading that page.

Gage connected to Hoffman connected to Deets Connected to Roberts and more.

Examination of the plans described in the beginning of the 1990 documentary as preliminary drawings made by Robertson to present the Tower concept to Minoru Yamasaki. Yamasaki vetoed Robertson's design because steel has too much flex in the proportions of the Twins.
Closer examination found that the revision tables had been photoshopped into the scanned blueprints. Anomalies, not artifacts because they are sized and positioned.

This is a screen shot from a .TIFF filed of the 104th floor core floor plan, the first torrent down load of the 600mb archived file I downloaded. Note the crisp resolution in the zoom.


I used that info as part of an analysis of the plans in 2007 and made web pages with the results.


I've posted that image on many forums in 9-11 activism. Not debate or discussion because 97% of the time I was opposing absolutely no substance, only ad hominum and, repetitive misinterpretation, evasion, cognitive distortions and nonsense. The same sheet also had what appeared to be an "01" in the date for the day of the month. Something not commonly done in 1967.

I examined the files at 911research.wtc7.net in late 2007 and found the same high resolution .TIFFS that the download had.

Just a few months ago I went back to the wtc7.net site and found that the original .TIFFS had been converted to .PNG's with drastically reduced resolution. So much so that the original resolution I obtained from the screen shot was no longer possible. Indicating "truth seekers" had a desire to reduce the resolution of the scanned blueprints(?)


FEMA connected to NIST, connected to Deets, connected to Silverstein, connected to Jones, connected to Hoffman, connected to Roberts, connected to Gage all promoting a description of a core structure that did not exist and protecting that deception with actions unreasonble to the purposes they profess to have.

The FEMA Deception Effect.
Most sites with information of the Twin Towers and 9-11 show what is referred to as, "cores" in raw photo evidence. What the photos really show are elevator guide rail support steel.

Regarding helicopter photos referred to as pictures of core columns at upper phases:

What you see in the photos of tower construction within the official story are the kangaroo cranes primarily used to move material or interior concrete forms, floor panels, perimeter panels and elevator guide rails, or to position the rebar hanging into the concrete pour. The "Crane platform" is what carried the crane towers and had sockets for them in various locations. This photo shows the butt plates, left and right of the center crane tower which is located in a socket near the center of the crane platform instead of the corners as was more normally photographed.

The crane platform can be seen in that same photo with long sloping diagonals 2-3 floors down. They are seen just inside the interior box columns. The crane platform temporarily fastened to the interior box columns as the support for all the cranes on the platform.

The steel framework of perimeter columns, interior box columns and floors was built up to 7 floors over the top of the concrete core being constructed inside of the steel frame obscuring the core construction from view. The above photo, when the construction is lower, show the same elevator guide rails with butt plates as below. The guide rail supports are smaller steel than the interior box columns surrounding the core and have no interconnecting diagonals. These are being miss identified as "core columns" on most web sites.

Helicopter Photos and the tower construction.

Before another core tier could be formed, the elevator guide rail supports had to be lowered and set in place to a level 2 floors lower than the top of the present concrete pour. They are what is shown in the diagram at the top of this page, the "FEMA core", a deception. The guide rails are vaguely presented as multiple, narrow rectangular tubes that supposedly ran full length for the tower.

Below what is labeled "Heavily trussed crane platform", red arrow, should read, Heavily trussed crane tower".

Another. In this the very large interior box columns are the only ones annotated. Whoever annotated this knew the inner columns were not "core columns" or suspected they may not have existed because the "core columns" are never seen on 9-11.

The effect, with gage, jones, FEMA, NIST, Gene Corely, Loose Change, Avery, woods, deagle, tarply, griffen and many supposed 9-11 "truth web sites", ALL aligned with the core deception is that average truth seekers feel justified with their ignorance of independently verified evidence. Another aspect of the "big lie" in which the perpetrators of mass murder, that infiltrated the US government AND the truth movement, get the masses doing their evasion for them.

This page, with it's specific focus is specially designed to counter the effect. One reason for this site division from the concrete core page, describing the true structure, is because those who were deceived had me spending more time describing how they were deceived rather than understanding the true structure.

Below is a screen shot of a web site that has been removed from the internet. The archived page does not have the message pointing out that the supposed steel core columns are never seen. What this demonstrates is the many 9-11 truth activists have noticed that the steel core columns are absent from all 9-11 images.

The above page was linked from the first "911 scenario" pages but disappeared. Had I not had the foresight to screen shot that statement on the page, I would not be able to show that truth seekers had noticed and made an issue of the missing steel core columns in the core area now. Or that people who know what to expect with "steel core columns" under the conditions recorded on 9-11, did not see what they expected.

It is uncertain how, or if, the below diagram fits into the FEMA deception. Disinformationalists have used it as a point of confusion. Some in the UK still think the WTC tower core was built as shown below. It was not. The diagram shows what is basically a post-stressed concrete design. From the missing documentary, "The Engineering and Construction of the Twin Towers" explained that Minoru Yamasaki had reviewed the design, and found no contractor that could build a 1,300 foot column of that design.

We all know the towers had their stairwells and elevators inside the core. There is no room for that in the core below.

Can contorted confusion like this exist with 2 of the tallest buildings in the world by accident?

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