9-11-01- With all respect for every person who died and their families, in order to protect the lives of those living, the truth must be known.

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The United States Government has been infiltrated by secret factions that have conspired through a "Pearl Harbor" type event to further corporate goals globally with an immense ruse.

If you are aware of what the infiltrations have done and would like to remove them, join the movement. Revision of the First Amendment will make certain that speech vital to defense of the constitution has public support. The top right link below about disinformation proves this is an immediate need. See also, evidence of "cognitive infiltration"

Strategy for America

Mesothelioma is a rare cancer directly associated with 9-11 dust. The "Mesothelioma & Asbestos Awareness Center" (maacenter.org) has information to protect the living.

Four basic divisions have been identified of general education on the subject of 9-11 and are linked to their own areas here.

The FEMA Structural Deception
The Post 9-11 Psyops, Disinformation & Misinformation
The Twin Towers Design & Construction
The Demolition

(REV. 6/2013 - Author: Christopher A. Brownchristopher@algoxy.com

The obvious goal is to orient the public around useful information for gaining more truth and inform them on exactly how it can be used. Experienced and dedicated truth seekers, see this page first.

Useful Information for 9-11 Truth. U.S.C. Title 18, Misprision of Treason (Resources & Legal Actions)

The site has been revised dividing the issues of 9-11 anew, according to more recent understanding of the dynamic factors confronting Americans seeking to protect and defend the United States Constitution by informing themselves and unifying behind the citizens duty to compel lawful performance by government respecting Constitutional due process.

In the beginning of this site, the complexity of misinformation or distraction generally in the truth movement, subtly complicated by the issue of the FEMA deception, and the true structural concrete core, made need to simply publish the demolition theory with its related structural information. A few people suggested it be revised. This was resisted in 2007 because it seemed the dynamics of the "big lie" aspect, education and sociopolitical dynamics, required more experience. This was found on forums by "testing" the theories of a disinformation psyops I had detected, and info or personalities of the internet in general. This went out on to the ground, telephone etc., in the truth movement with the litmus of truth, or my info from viewing of the 1990 documentary titled, "The Engineering and Construction of the Twin Towers" (now disappeared) providing a robust understanding of the towers actual structure useful for testing the truth movement, which provided an education into the level of gatekeeping, misleadership and or misinformation that exists on the internet or elsewhere with the personalities and organizations, ..... as well as how people need to receive 9-11 information to understand it and use it.

Most truth seekers will find this site is completely different than any other 9-11 information site. It does not base its information solely on that from government sources and uses evidence other sites seem to shun. See the "what is disinfo?" pages for the effect of this.-

Hopefully this site exemplifies complete consistency with all evidence, events and effects, as well as the very real effects of a psychological operation nearly completely, and practically deceiving a nation. The dynamics of that are very relevant, but a completely different subject and engaging that subject is not useful or conducive to find the truth of mass murder on 9-11.

The disinformation of the truth movement can now be called a domestic psyops enabling destabilization of the nation by disabling Americans to reasonably share perceptions of what is evidence, and what is reason, subverting efforts to stop treason, then misinform and divide them to prevent democratic control.

The text in the box below is no longer directly relevant. I've stopped posting on message boards because my demonstration causing vast opposition, collusive amongst themselves, unreasonably continuing, with no evidence for years, conducting "cognitive infiltration"


is adequate to show an internet psyops, cogntitive infiltration relating to post 9-11 efforts of citizens to share and refine information supporting and defending the constitution. Consider signing this petition in support of free speech on the internet, perhaps a return of the old usenet.

To show your support for free speech, having been deprived of the usenet, help the author of this site to return to message boards where he has been banned for demanding evidence be used to determine the true structure of the Twin Towers that stood in NYC and end the deception of America by FEMA. You might sign this petition. which replaces an earlier version, with a title not quite suitable, (original petition.) but then, how would that matter when I'm not posting on message boards? All signatures there will be applied to the later petition. Social fears have prevented the truth movement from using evidence reasonably or signing this petition. Break that pattern! Social fear and comfort has become more important than truth.

NOTE: The author of this site has written a book titled"After The Event"which has been released detailing the potentials for the unconscious mind or secrecy which can be related to the infiltration of the U.S. government.

Truth discussion forum and radio download links mp3 download, details of search for documentary, "The Engineering and Construction of the Twin Towers" 6/20/07, see 17:50 minutes

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