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Title 18, part I, chapter 115, ¤2382 filed at United States District court, 2/18/10, disclosure and knowledge to judge of misprision of treason.
This page will be developing. Consolidated links for evidence of the federal filing and disclosure to judge above, the FEMA deception and concrete core are at the bottom, with various other evidence or facts.
NEW! Early WTC 1 structural photos.

Useful information for gaining more truth limits cognitive dissonance and maximizes information that encourages citizens to demand Constitutional due process from concerned government in areas that were previously thought to be provided, but because of the FEMA deception and the intentional avoidance of it by an infiltrated truth movement, the public is not aware of the deception. It is a simple deception exposed, NOT an allegation of conspiracy and it compels a due process inquiry by NY state law enforcement and the medical examiner who produces the death certificate, into the deceptions effect upon the determination of "cause of death" resulting from the NIST analysis of collapse.

Fitting into the societal attitudes of western society the infiltration of the truth movement has mislead it by alleging too much conspiracy, or is participating in the psychological mechanisms of the "big lie" effect, instead of spending copius time reinforcing simple but compelling aspects of failures of government to provide due process. For this reason I encourage all 9-11 activists to prevent their activism from being marginalized and alienating individuals who want very much to protect the Constitution, by pursuing duee process relating to the cause of death and the 2,700 erroneous death certificates of NYC.

Internet 9-11 Activism
The battle protecting the U.S. Constitution and the rights and freedoms of America can be most efficiently conducted on message boards. This fact is WHY the usenet was moved into oblivion after the proposal of .com was accepted. The usenet was a global message board where free speech was respected. The net then was hosted on servers located on universtiy properties.
The truth of 9-11 would have been unstopable with the usenet being instantly available to all computers and users as it was in 1994.
For example. The usenet still exists, but it seems a special activity now that must be enabled by the isp one is using. Even then, it seems Apple products cannot be active on the usenet without special software. PC's do not require this.
This page is partly about how corporate and government (infiltrator) collusion has enabled the post 9-11 psyops to succeed by the development of the internet in the way it has. The education derived from the last one hundred years of infiltration of American society is critical to understanding what has happened and how it was enabled. That understanding is vital to accept in order to effectively work towards a Constitutional government. The other aspects shared here present the psychological conditions, or evaluation of them, needed to consider in the process of effective communications with your fellow Americans to act collectively in ways that can truly protect our Constitution.
Here we see a historical manipulation by the Federal courts drastically effecting commerce and enhancing the separation of the usenet from peoples internet access. Recall the Apple vs. Microsoft lawsuit of 1988 and where it went.
Sculley was outraged at how much Windows 2.0 resembled the Macintosh, and he considered this to be a breach of contract. Sculley, along with most of the Apple legal team, believed that the November 1985 agreement gave Microsoft license to use Macintosh displays in Windows 1.x, but not in any subsequent versions. Without warning, Apple filed suit against Microsoft in federal court on March 17, 1988 for violating Apple's copyrights on the "visual displays" of the Macintosh. Judge W. Schwarzer ruled on July 25, 1989, that 179 of the 189 disputed displays were addressed by the existing license, and most of the other ten were not infringements of Apple's copyright. In the case of Apple vs. Microsoft, a few of the displays Apple contested were ideas and could not be protected by copyright. Apple appealed the ruling and made it all the way to the Supreme Court, which refused to hear the case.

IN CONCLUSION, an analysis of the over all effects of the above.

We see the usenet being made somewhat inaccessable to Apple computers while PC type computers that are very vulnerable to virus with the Window operating system, being enabled more easily to enter the usenet.

Politically, Apple users tend to be more democratically aligned whereas since government uses PC's exclusively, many PC users are aligned more conservatively. In my experience when fellow activists who use PC's try to follow my activities, their machines suffer viral destruction. If they are not adept with technology AND prepared, they are out of a computer and all of their data.

After 7 years of internet activism on 9-11, I've developed a perspective on the infiltration of the U.S. government and the covert, domestic desabilization program that his been the infiltrations activity for perhaps 40 years, if modern media is concerned, or nearly a hundred year if the activities of global foundations are considered.



Iserbyt Note: This comment by the AJC in N.Y. reflects clearly what Norman Dodd, the Research Director of the Reece Committee to Investigate the Tax Exempt Foundations was told in 1953 by Rowan Gaither, President of the Ford Foundation: "Mr. Dodd, all of us here at the policy making level of the foundation have at one time or another served in the OSS (Office of Strategic Services, CIA (forerunner) or the European Economic Administration, operating under directives from the White House. We operate under those same directives...The substance under which we operate is that we shall use our grant making power to so alter life in the United States that we can be comfortably merged with the Soviet Union."  (p 46-47), the deliberate dumbing down of america... A Chronological Paper Trail, Iserbyt.

Instead of the developed, natural knowledge base America had in 1900+, a watered down version was created by removing many books from the libraries. I actually saw the tail end of this in 1959 when California counties were reformed. That watered down version of education was coupled with a great corrupter, television, to mislead a generation or 2 of Americans. With MKultra, the domestic destabilzation psyops was then complete and ready for 9-11 to happen.

With those points made, only one other mention of the infiltrators activities need be made. That is development of the basic psychological strategy that is used on the internet. It is a variation and expansion of what was originally developed as the "delphi technique" by think tanks working under the Rand corporation. It basically uses social fears and pressures to control peoples thinking. Very much a collusive and conspiratorial activity, it has now become the basic model for American society by the official class in the social power structure. You won't find 9-11 activism there, at all.


The United States Government has been infiltrated by secret factions that have conspired through a "Pearl Harbor" type event to further corporate goals globally with an immense ruse.

The following is intended to be a resource section for activism. For now a short description of the data and a the url is published. Later tagged urls for message boards will be added. The basic deception is here as well as the independently verified evidecne of the concrete core.


Misrepresenting the core structure of the Twin Towers as in the following image.


Further, the truth movement has been mislead by quasi leaders that present helicopter photos showing elevator guide rail support steel and calling it "core columns"

The butt plates on top of the guide rail support steel, left and right of the center crane in this photo of WTC 2 at around the fifth floor show a method of joining far too weak to be used to join core columns.


It is reasonably expected that if no independently verified evidence of steel core columns, or no credible opposition to this information of the concrete core can be made. The concrete core is a fact and what follows independent verification of the fact must lead towards acceptance.

These images and links to independent verifications of the assertion that the images show a steel reinforced, rectangular, tubular concrete core 80x120'. The ones that show pieces, glimpses of the core, show an empty core when shown, and some concrete surrounding it or another feature of the cast concrete structure surrounding the core area.


End view of WTC 1 West core wall and spire

South view of WTC 1 core wall and spire, interior box columns.

Video of east end of WTC 2 core with thick concrete wall toppling into the empty core (17 sec).
Verifying chopper photo from ALT. perspective.

Video of north WTC 1 core wall and guide rail support steel toppling out of position (14 sec).

3" high tensile steel Rebar of WTC 1's north and west wall, aprox. 50 rebar, silhouetted across the hudson at 400- feet height.

A portion of the top of WTC 2 concrete core surrounded in perimeter columns falling onto WTC 3

WTC 2 core standing at 400+-

Portion of WTC 1 north core wall section w/3x7 hall running length, daylight shines through.

INDEPENDANT STATEMENTS OF AUTHORITY(not credible that this would not be corrected if it was wrong)
Leslie E. Robertson, Newsweek source for structural data.

Domel, ground zero consults and examination of plans w/FEMA engineer weeks after 9-11

Oxford (scanned photocopy from book in British library perhasp, 2004)

Bazant, et. al. June 21, 2007 revision (northwestern university removed this .pdf sometime in 2008. (Online archives do not show it as was published at the university) The following is reconstructed from a url that was perhaps gained after the original .pdf was taken off the server. The .pdf is here.



Attempted disclosure of treason to U.S.Court, southern California Central District. February 1, 2010 pursuant to TITLE 18, PART I , CHAPTER 115, §2382 U.S. Code as of: 01/19/04, Section 2382. Misprision of treason. Refused. Alternatively filed complaint with U.S. Attorneys office.

Scan of complaint form

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