Evaluation and Analysis Of Concept Related To The Venus Project and Ubuntu Contributionism
Matthew J. Rickets created the numbered points (my numbering) that relate to the Venus Project and Ubuntu contributionism which was posted on facebook, here.   https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10209077281799218&id=1533606749&ref=m_notif&notif_t=feedback_reaction_generic.
His well thought out listing WITH references to similar or basis concept was something I have been waiting some years for.  Thanks Matthew!

I created this page for all of those that believe in the quality concept of the Venus Project and Ubuntu contributionism so that they may see exactly how to manifest those concepts.  Use unity and patience with law.

Matthew J Ricketts, I certainly like the spirit of all this, and IF you could communicate it to 60% of the nations populace, it would probably work well enough.  However, the PURPOSE of free speech is abridged.

I'm all for the intent of it manifesting, so I'm going to try and refine it.

This is constructive criticism bro, nothing more, nothing less.  I'm making suggestions in an effort to see parts of it implemented that are also a part of my plan.


BTW, discussion here on FB is not going to enable the needed understanding got either of our perspective on solution.

We can use FB, but not for the understanding part because FB is fairly well designed to prevent that.


1)~Change the system. ~

I like it, but being so vague, there is no way to get traction on it.

I have a plan that includes all those who know nothing of the issues you address with your solution.  They join us for other reasons, things we also support, but because the PURPOSE of free speech is abridged, no unity between the groups can be created.

2)~Stop using money.~

In order to do this many groups would have to connected in agreement to replace the commodity or needs money now allows to be met.

3)~Stop recognizing those who make and enforce the rules now as legitimate authority.~

My favorite!

My strategy actually has a very good and lawful method of doing exactly this.  I've found that law enforcement officers actually accept it because it works within the known and recognized ideals of law.

Very important here is to replace abusive dysfunctional authority immediately.  It does not have to happen all at once.

4)~Start with a large scale refusal to leave our homes:~

Sounds good, but if 70% of the people are not doing it, not terribly effective.  Without an alternative of 2) completely figured out, it's not going to work.

5)~No work done...~

Meaning no work for corporations and commerce in general.  A strike.  If 70% of the people participate, this works.

6)~No money spent...~

Back to 2) and a great deal of planning for a considerable time  with a great deal of alternate resource committed.

7)~No stuff bought...~

Again a very large group communicating and ready to share is required within the execution of 2), 4), 5) and 6).

8)~No profits made...~

Again, this is part of the preparation and execution of  2), 4), 5), 6) and 7).

9)~No large groups protesting in the streets to target...~


With the strategy I have assembled only VERY large demonstrations of public unity would happen perhaps just once in order to make a point.

9)~Then, TOGETHER, honoring indigenous peoples and ALL humanity:
Create new systems...
Several are at the ready, NOW...

(The Venus Project & Ubuntu Contributionism, are two well-developed plans)~

I've known of the Venus project for over ten years but never had to analyze it until now. I knew that it could not be implemented


"In a Resource Based Economy all goods and services are available to all people without the need for means of exchange such as money, credits, barter or any other means. For this to be achieved all resources must be declared as the common heritage of all Earth’s inhabitants.

Similarly to all other living creatures’, our behavior is determined largely by the factors in our environment."~~~~~~

The perceptions above leave out the critical determining factor of behavior.  Psychology and the instinctual patterns that determine it.  This is not to say that factors in our environment DO NOT control our behaviors in the long term.  Short term is different/  And who decides the timetable?

If this were not true, laws would not exist to try and limit or contain and control behaviors.


"The path that brought us here as a species is not only filled with lies and deception of unimaginable proportion, but also with continuous manipulation of the human race that goes back thousands of years – all controlled by money."~~~~~~~

Again the human factor of instincts determining psychology then behavior are left out.

The constitution for the united states of America was written to address exactly the behaviors described in the resource based economy of the Venus project and the "lies, deception and manipulation" mentioned in the Ubuntu contributionism.

Both are correct beyond their deficiency.  Neither defines a transitional mechanism for society.   The process described here with the restoration of the PURPOSE of free speech is that transitional mechanism.


An audio explanation that touches on points we should know.


Here is how the above integrates into the notion of the people of the planet CHOOSING to implement the concept described in the Venus project and Ubuntu contributionism.


It has been submitted in a competition held in Sweden for the best plan for global governance.

It enables a global psychology where the imposition of scarcity can be ended with recognition of the environments necessary control over behaviors as well as the institution of contributionalism.

Then, all of the below can be realized IF the worlds people can eventually come to agreement upon doing so.

~Create new standards where no one may end up homeless, hungry, without water, in need of clothing...

So, what day do we "sit in" our homes?

(November 5th? It's popular for some reason)

Maybe with a neighborhood group?
InJoying one another's company and hospitality?
BEing present, HERE, Now, for & with one another?~