Divided We Fall and Media Does Not Work to Unite Us.

Functional focus and prioritization is the key to optimization. That is what this page is devoted to. It is an effort to analyze the various activities presented by different organizations to effect the peoples control over their government. One activity sseriously deteriorating in our democracy is the electronic voting systems. If you have read about the emergency powers act then you realize that it is altogether possible that there exists an emergency statute that prevents impeachment while in an emergency. I suspect this because it seems some emergencies are manufactured and are so diverse and congress had not mentioned it publicly although two resolutions are before the house now. We should ask our congress people if there is such a statute.

If our division is the problem, let us examine what divides us and what it means.

Our division:

We are divided, at least, by our ethnic origins, our racial origins, our economic class and our religions.

If we are divided in our actions and do not use them first to define THE most productive action to achieving all of our worthy goals, then many of those goals may not be met. Such division seems to have been created by media over perhaps decades. Another aspect is essentially a dynamic infiltration where false social groups form by whatever methods, on the internet or on the ground for the purposes of redirecting the publics natural awareness of the world it occupies. Clearly the republic and the democracy are disabled in the infiltration and the Consitution are is threatened therefore the people must see the states call for a. Article V Convention and protect the law of the land.

Logically our unity is the most worthy goal if democratic control of our nation is desired, although it may not be the most immediate goal. Conditions could define a threat so obvious that we are temporarily united long enough to eliminate the threat. After that we are subject to the same disabling division that may have caused the threat to begin with unless we understand completely the methods of infiltration and secrecy making our government unconstitutional.

There are many activities presented to us that we can act upon outside of appeal to government representatives to fulfill a duty who are influenced by powerful special interests. If you are an activist you partake in some of these activities.

Some of the worthy goals that are proposed by different non profit organizations are:

stopping the war


environmental concern

social justice

Okay, now consider that non profits could act as a privitization of what government agencies actually have responsibility for. This may be a tactic the infiltration has utilized where the non profit acts as an interface, separating people from each other on the round in what is collusively approved of by infiltrated government in order for the government to cease expenditures that impeded the grow of infiltration and corruption of government.

Just how these goals might be soonest and best met as well as permanently secured and organizations tested is the focus of optimization.

In reading of optimization you have probably already come to understand what we share absolutely and realize that our recognition of our shared dependence on those factors unites us to a degree, reasonably on a logical and biological foundation. This page has the purpose of establishing your appreciation of our inherent unity possible with a simple, quick, ongoing recognition of our common needs predicating our organizing once and for all, to secure the space between us, our medium of sharing enabling us as Americans, permanently, to control our democracy with our unified opinion.

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