A World Without Price.

A world where human spiritual values were substantial enough to relinquish the notion that everything must have its exact monetary value.

Not communism or socialism, rather a simple recognition of how inefficient it is to constantly be accounting for the value of things. An activity that in itself has no actual beneficial product.

Or simply put, how often do we notice that dealing with the value of a thing somehow detracts from its value?

A world where humans did what they liked because it was what they were good at or what they found fulfilling that produced something they or another found useful. A world where a need one could not fulfill themselves, was open to filling, simply by asking.

A world where the value of a thing produced to others was a measure of real achievement.

A world where children were encouraged to follow their interests and learn about what they might do to help themselves and others to fulfill their needs, wants and desires.

A world where the only science was the science that protected peoples lives and helped them to fill their needs and find happiness.

A world where understanding of material things and how they could help people was of greater meaning than the material things.

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