Responses of elected officials can be optimized


Optimized Official Discretion.

Official Discretion is always “rightful and lawful” . Actions not discretionary do not have governmental immunity.

Since the Patriot act do you ever feel like government technology are trying to control of your life?

Democratically turn the tables! Optimize!

Imagine the Optimized Official.

BEFORE Optimization:Government data bases filled with our personal information and no way to meaningfully email a congressperson or contact them in any way to provide constituent feedback.

AFTER Optimization:All Officials have auto indexing hard drives with all email messages from constituents. They are required to search the email data base for words pertaining to the publics interests and their duties to determine their next service.

Search criteria is defined by democratic process of polling online from the developed “Poll to Post” bulletin board. When their search finds matches between their duties and citizens concerns, they must respond to the citizen and explain how they have lawfully and rightfully dealt with the concern and interests of the constituent.

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