Peace through democratic majority opinion by public control over media.

OPTIMIZATION of the peace movement. By, Christopher A. Brown 3/25/03-updated 8/11/11

The peace movement, to be effective, must be the opposite of "crisis management".

Please remember; throughout your introduction to the concept of using the optimization process; that,

"People think; that you think; like they think"


"Attitude controls perception."

Through this site you will find the most comprehensive Strategy for America in existence regarding our political dilemma and actions average Americans can take to address it. The final steps of that are a Constitutional Article V Convention

A critical action Americans must take is revision of the First Amendment to include the "Greater Meaning Of Free Speech". This completes the constitution and enables citizens to form unity that can be used to support and defend constitutional intent.

Americans have been divided by media into consumer groups, non profit organizations or other social structures that do not work well, or at all, together. This has made the population easier to control and prevail over for profits. There is a reasonable method of transcending the control if we use reason with law, to end the trivialization of the space between us, our electronic communication mediums, connecting us as a human culture.

With this optimization process you are asked to petition national peace organizations to adopt this optimization process to fundamentally re establish our democracy. A robust understanding of the dynamic damage media has done to American society, will be shown as the sole method for the people of America, to begin to create a true American democracies process, gathering the support of major, existing organizations.

Healing the damage requires dissolving the superficial differences and defining the most common ground. The tool for doing this is the "Greater Meaning Of Free Speech" is with natural and stoic law promoting human survival and evolution through recognition of the need to communicate vital knowledge for survival.

Read on, the dynamics of this concept will become evident shortly.

Currently there is no authority for making peace which a citizen can use. From places where it could be from in media, often come only derisive commentary with no mention of realistic, fruitful action, strategy or methods of unification. Voices echoing reliance upon systems of power already proven ineffective, distract with repeated calls to action of minimally or temporary functional options are found through the many proposals of action which resemble what my be construed as "cognitive infiltration" when opportunities to take action meeting mission statements, purposes in goal are offered, but never taken.

Hope is not lost! We can still create focus, analyze and prioritize. We can still assemble and speak freely. The true value of free speech will be found if we focus with unconditional love upon our children's futures. Having the right to assemble and speak we can develop the understanding needed for; forgiveness, tolerance, acceptance, respect, trust, friendship and love, to protect life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

If we are civilized, and allow it, reason will prevail. The purpose of communication will be respected by all reasonable people for the very best it can be, an action protecting life. Attitude controls perception (example). and cognitive distortions have become a way of thinking. An education into the events that have led us to this place in time, with our loss of control over our government, is imperative to our unity.

What follows is the most comprehensive description of advocacy using reason to make peace that can be stated.

“All of our problems come from behavior”.

Behaviors are learned. To comprehend optimization an education into the past of the USA, its origins and conditions must be undertaken. Restoration of the Constitution will require Americans to understand what it is and how it has been usurped as well why and by who, where, when. There is NO avoiding this, it is long but fully understandably so as there has always been an effort to obscure the truth. Some already know part, this site will bring most of it together for them. To be committed to optimization we must comprehend it as it applies to present conditions.

Every advocate for change seeks to influence others to change the behavior of the group in ways that solve problems.

A democracy is controlled by unified opinion. We are disabled from unity. Understanding our disability as a culture we must become aware of the many factors tend to divide us.

There is a process that can unite us if we are ready to admit our governmental system of checks and balances has failed us. Socratic reason serving absolute necessity, in the philosophical sense and the biological; for human animals in their most natural fundamental state; is the first action a group working together for sociocultural recognition must establish between themselves. Establish commonality. This step addresses the beginning totality of optimization and neglect of this will cost us our futures.

For humans the indigenous people worked out a simple formula long ago. The first thing each of us needs in our lives, is; our life itself, then air; from that point on conditions dictate needs. However, practically, universally water is third. If we cannot agree to this we are not as reasonable as we think we are. Wants should never be placed over needs. Simple rules. War goes against life and is the last thing you need or want. This is why communication, reason and law exist. Law protects life with reason. These idealistic factors of functional human society, in order to optimize, must be recognized as absolute. These are every day principles designed to manifest the goals of continuity for the human family.

Predicament of Unlawful Government Power.

If an activity of a governmental organization does not use reasoning of law to protect life, they are not being lawful. The foundation of civilization is law. The loss of this foundation is having dire consequences for freedom, or life, in America. In America non rightful or lawful actions or omissions of actions by officials causes a loss of governmental immunity. This is the basis for our demand for rightful and lawful government.

Reasonably, Congress, should have conducted an investigation into September 11th and it should have called for another election. Congress has not done these things.

Medias informationtion and ignorance of news concerning the democracy, with exploitation of human instinct, has preempted the formation of functional opinion in America with attitude. The behavior of government is becoming detrimental to the long term benefits of humanity and the peoples attitudes about each other disables them from unifying against the detriment. Finding the "Greater Meaning Of Free Speech", is the only method, for a group of humans as divided as we are, to unify

Existing Organizations For Peace.

The perspective presented here regarding the potentials for agreement between a group of humans needs to be held, philosophically, as an absolute for optimization. We agree to only a limited need to recognize materially, fundamental intents we all hold, then use that as criteria to test the compromises to them our system of government has inflicted. We then democratically determine where the laws of this nation must go. Existing organizations for peace, environment, conservation, social justice etc, must recognize the need to focus on this one issue of regaining the space of communication between us, temporarily, to impress the people with the functionality of optimization, then facilitate the initial integration of political parties with the assembled coalition of non profit organizations. This is one way to overcome the dissociative impulse that keeps us forgetting the problems we create or do not address in our living that will eventually cause our extinction or great suffering.

The only barrier to our democratic control of our nation is lack of unified opinion on mass levels.

Information makes opinion. It should be recognized then, by all organizations for; peace, environment, conservation social justice, civil rights; that unified opinion is essential for democratic control no matter who's principles are controlling, resulting in the reasonable conclusion they must all join forces to create a LIMITED POLITICAL PARTY having one purpose. That purpose is to enable all the candidates of all political parties to interact with the people on one channel of the lower 13 television channels, nationally with toll free telephone to poll with. Or, invoke a Constitutional Article V Convention and revise the First Amendment to include the "Greater Meaning Of Free Speech"

These processes, or something like them must begin in order to preserve the constitution.

Augmentation of poll processes might be first tried with internet bulletin boards that use “Poll to Post” software that create an efficient model for a larger group acting through tv and telephone. NOTE: If you know of any software producer who would build this software for our new democracy, free of charge, advise the author. (e-mail)

Currently there appears to be a serious cognitive infiltration of all activism in America so providing even a link to any organization that will work as is effectively needed towards change is not possible. That infiltration's completely disables free speech or, issues like 9-11 would have been solved years ago. The page relating to emergency statutes has a comprehensive education into the sequence of infiltration of the federal government in history.

Eventually in this process, the Official role is optimized to return to it and refine the ability for officials to be public servants.

Reasonably; the advocate understands at this point that corporate entities and the MEDIA (corporate ownership chart) are depriving us of that sacred space between us, disabling us, manipulating us with misinformation that interferes with our perceptions of who we are and what we are doing with our lives. Media cultivates differences by exploiting our fears and desires and does it for corporate profit. This has damaged the fabric of the family and community promoting, at the least, irresponsible consumerism of a very dangerous nature. These are the grounds for a lawsuits of epic proportions or the basis of revising the First Amendment through an Article V convention. To know this is absolutely consistent with the most fundamental American principles, indeed, returning over two thirds of the original meanings from the Declaration of Independence, the 1st Amendment and the 14th Amendment, examine the specific revisions, amendments I know need to be made to our Constitution. The effect of media on the election process; now a matter of money from closed systems (state voter precincts recall election) of corporate exploitation of links to government; is beyond reasonable; making a new political party solely focused on establishing a teledemocracy, a need.

This is an absolute need within the advocacy of reasoning for peace. No matter what direction the people take. If a direction is taken without this system in place, it may not be the peoples, and they will not know this as fact until they are damaged by it. Here is where "crisis management" WILL cost us our futures. Recent global diplomatic developments of Kyoto and the middle east indicate that unreasonable direction can be created arbitrarily having great damage in many ways

Counter act this by organizing to optimize the peace movement.

An example of what Optimized Local and National.


might have looked like (5/10/03) if needed meaning could be given to free speech.

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