Rough draft of Injury Tort lawsuit demanding media accountability.

Media has a monopoly as was recognized by congress when creating public access television. Media thusly has a public trust that cannot be lawfully violated in any way without creating liability. Media monopolies controlling information to masses of people have an immense public trust. They hold the peoples lives in every respect in a day to day way and cannot exploit the people for the profit of special interests without damaging the people. The peoples minds are controlled by the information they receive. This is logical and irrefutable.

Since before 1980, or there abouts, media has used academic disciplines of psychology and semiotics to manipulate the thoughts, feelings and compulsion of the public for the purposes of controlling consumer patterns. This manipulation is a normal aspect of commerce and free enterprise and is fully legal unless it encourages violations of law or indiscretions of private or public officials, to ends that violate the Constitution or congressional mandate. The performance of media has done all of these things to the public.

It has been decided by the courts that the Federal Environmental Agency cannot be sued for not enforcing laws. Therefore if violations of Federal clean air and water are promoted by the overt or inadvertent actions of corporations of the communications industry, as they do business with other corporations that manufacture or produce or provide services; and if those promotions continue for years; and if they continue despite common knowledge of the violations by the consuming public as they are informed of enterprise and commerce meeting their needs in ways that are in violation of congressional mandate, the communication corporation is has liability for promoting lifestyles that are in violation of congressional mandate.

These allegations are logical and reasonable with consideration of the fact that masses are involved with dynamic corporate control/profit potential and are a motive applied with action over generations of Americans. Vital elements of air and water are seriously compromised in some areas of the nation in a blatant violation of congressional mandate, by the people, to the peoples horror, as media continues to ONLY inform them of lifestyles consistent with promoting corporate profits.

The performance of the defendants of media in this general aspect is dynamically irresponsible, neglecting to reasonably offset known damages with their inherent control as a media monopoly going beyond malfeasance and nonfeasance into reckless endangerment and child endangerment.

Testimony of psychologists will show, that news casts focusing on sensationalism and averting the camera from meaningful events, has a dynamic and multifold impact upon viewers. Failures to provide Americans impartial, factual information useful to their democracy for purposes of making vital decisions, has caused Americans to become misguided and unable to vote effectively. The effects upon children who perceive both the deteriorating environment then confused, manipulated political scenarios controlled only by considerations of profits, have become hopeless for their futures and suffer despair. The mentality fostered by the named defendant corporations has created many deadly situations and has degraded the quality of life for a large percentage of Americans in too many ways to list here. It can be shown that children raised by media controlled information sources are less likely to listen to their increasingly overworked parents and develop contempt for them to pursue media promoted lifestyles. This has become commonplace and results directly from the the malfeasance of portraying consumptive, indulgent, compulsive lifestyles as absolutes while severe exploitations of primordial unconscious instincts provides media control over yet younger and younger successive generations.

The pervasive sex and violence of entertainment media is especially destructive to public behaviors cognizant to law and common sense, especially when a history of public outcry surrounds the constancy of sex and violenc and the historical fact that networks do not cease from it, creates exclusive liability.Within these allegations it is assumed that not only is the EPA immune to suit when not enforcing laws, that the Federal Communications Commission is also immune to suit when failing to enforce standards of programming no matter how much public outcry; so being; this class action suit is the only means by which the public might regain lawful behaviors with consumption consistent with goals of sustainability as established originally and refined with time. Despite its ruling with regard to immunity, the courts, to protect life, must verify the facts for the people so appropriate legislation might follow.

The preference for sensational news that exploits primordial instincts that is often coupled with the bombardment of fear inducing news, alongside the spare or non existent coverage of meaningful political events responsibly empowered by media corporation throughout the nineteen sixties and seventies, media has removed since nineteen eighty,from the view of the public, events corporate interests have found to have a detrimental effect on profit as related by public consumption to environment or social justice issues, is compelling as evidence of malfeasance, nonfeasance, reckless endangerment and child endangerment when the effects are considered over a period of twenty years.

This suit cannot be deemed frivolous with consideration of events in American society as child violence has increased in so many ways. With the aspect of the pervasive influence in the daily lives of children added to the negative impacts of violent video games, television is the only way for kids to be directed away from violent irresponsible behaviors when economic pressures keep two parents working full time to provide a home and a living for the family. There is a definite subconscious push in some children's shows to discredit parental guidance which disempowers parents efforts to correct the damage done by television. Networks and studio writers have worked together with the knowledge of psychology and semiotics to do this so children will demand louder and louder what they want based on exploitation of their animal instincts individually and socially through advertising.

If networks cannot be made responsible for the psychological damages of their programming then parents cannot continue to be held responsible for the actions of their minor children. The threat of poverty keeps parents reliant on television for partially educating and guiding their children. Economic programs instituted by government that have actually pulled parents away from parenting are excellent examples of unwitting government sabotage of the family that empowers media control over children. This coupled with the immorality of favoring the corporate status of media by the Federal Communications Commission failing to enforce standards the public demands, clearly places so much blame on media that it is unreasonable that they not be fully accountable.

This suit demands specific performance of media to not use sex and violence as entertainment exploitation for environmentally irresponsible lifestyles, this class action suit demands a permanent end to the exploitations of these primordial instincts to boost corporate sales through advertising.In addition this suit demands, as the plaintiffs in this suit are informed over many years of monitoring the performance of media and the damage to Americans; or the plaintiffs are fully capable of declaring that an emergency exists and that Americans have dire and vital need for a method to organize their democracy and so demand the lawful commandeer of one of the lower thirteen channels, enabled uniformly throughout the United states of America cable television, for the purposes of forming educated opinion to use in their democracy. Corporate media entities have disabled the democracy of America by failing to fulfill the inhernet public trust of operating communications for millions of Americans and this must be corrected if the United States of America is to continue as a free nation.

Through this and monetary awards, the public will find control effective to inspiring production studios and the networks The concerns of the court in relation to a decision in favor of the public and this class action suit relate to the well being of all Americans when the networks are all over the nation.Reasonably it can be stated that that the purpose of law and communication fundamentally are to protect life and so media reasonably must be made accountable by law if public behaviors are to conform to congressional mandates as they might guided by the Constitution and the declaration of Independence before it.

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