Media, peace and Optimization.

To avoid dwelling in overwhelming circumstantial evidence; because I am unsure how readily everyone can accept the true nature of the causes and move on to do something curative to the situation; I describe the first two and fundamentally only available directions to meaningfully manifest change within the current political scenario from a grass roots beginning.

Direction one;

The first meaningful product to the public level of effecting change is the creation of an independent political party or an existing parties) is brought into an understanding of the situation whereupon they divert their collective activity to support, temporarily, the beginning of a permanent system optimizing democracy in America. In a very real way an Article V Convention will protect the law of the land. The very best is if the Libertarians, the Greens, the Natural Law and the Democratic parties could be brought together behind the simple logic of optimization with the article V convention. It is a reset where congress, ceases the executive power based on the issues the states have with unconstitutional federal controls.

In a democracy, the parties has (have) one purpose which is very reasonable, understandable, acceptable and natural. Democracies function best with the characteristic of informed opinion so the party purpose is to create an electronic media environment adequate to enable informed public opinion to manifest on a mass level. The most functional is an emergency, public, commandeer procedure of one of the lower thirteen television channels. On that channel a foundation of agreement of national purpose is first initiated then expanded to prioritize democratic action. The time has come for Americans to declare an emergency.

It is expected; that Americans will be capable, after the refinements of the "Poll to Post" internet bulletin board method with a description linked to below is active; of engaging a socratically optimized philosophical basis of fundamental human intent having, the principals of; love. life, air, water, as primary to humans and Americans. A voice to text converter takes one sentence from any citizen calling a toll free phone number and places it into a 24 hour scrolling text on the television. Viewers pick statements they have interest in and call another toll free line, identify the statement by its number, dial a 1 for yes, approval, or a 2, disapproval, designating their opinion upon the statement. Each registered caller gets one opinion. After a predetermined amount of time a tally of statements is made, the person making the statement garnering the most approval is contacted and invited to expand their reasoning in a venue with more exposure. At this point the channels programming divides between the text scroll poll and some multiple choice type debate between those persons having most approval for their statements with a third toll free line to tally the responses to the debate.

The structure of support to initiate the party and the parties campaign would be established by a poll system on the internet. As yet unwritten software creating a “Poll to Post” bulletin board where opinion must be provided on the topic a user posts on in order to post. Constant poll tally prioritizes topics and issues within topics and settles controversy resulting in unified opinion. Presently, for all those who care deeply about life on earth, this is a place to escape the manifested conscious collective dysfunction imposed by communication media controlled compulsively for power; solely for the sake of more power.

Direction two;

Utilization of the legal system to create accountability of media. Simultaneous lawsuits (rough draft example) across the nation (perhaps one is best or many that consolidate) that allege; NEGLECT, MALFEASANCE, NONFEASANCE, RECKLESS ENDANGERMENT, CHILD ENDANGERMENT, and perhaps fraud on the part of all television networks, with damages exceeding the settlement amount exponentially and the amount adequate to fund Direction one. Signed, dated, time tolled petitions from the public appealing to the publics understanding of "public trust" are served as constructive notice/demand to radio and print media, demanding they disseminate in their respective media, facts, concerning the lawsuits, allegations, plaintiffs and supporters of the suit(s) against television. Media has a very vulnerable image. In its origins this movement is comprised of people such as yourself who can understand the optimization then using that understanding to involve others and organize through a common bulletin board and mail list. It is a very good idea to exchange phone numbers. We must loose our fears of ourselves to work together.

Others may feel that a more dissident, disruptive, disobedient approach to creating change is needed. That same intent, focused with an understanding of optimization and intellectual use of it first, may later, more justly use disruptive disobedience to gain optimization, that will change our nation and keep changing it.

After our degradation to current status; it is obvious the civil dissent since the Vietnam era was deficient of impact and a complacent public, deceived increasingly by media, surrendered control to economic forces. A partial education is a place to begin.

Due to the disunity of opinion no other direction attainable from a grass roots level exists than the two described above to avert the current descent into an eventuality resembling permanent war and chaos and pollution, driven by compulsions (at the very least) of the unconscious. Current behaviors obvious, and not so obvious, signal our descent from civilization.