The Magna Carta


History is completely misrepresented relating to the Magna Carta. It is pure theatre concieved and executed with the fore thought of deception. This was necessary because there was a war that had to disappear because the Victors, not mentioned in the Magna Carta, were quintessential heretics.

History states that Barons angry about the King John's taxes forced him to sign at Runnymede with a knife at his throat. This does nothing to explain the many clauses that grant rights to the people that the Barons had been violating for over a hundred years which a good deal of the U.S. Constitution is based in. History is completely selective towards relatively minor issues between the elite as being the reason to force the King and ignoring the accountability created of the Barons to respect the rights granted to the people and the process of accountability, the origin of "due process" is found in clause 61 and other clauses.

Relating to the enforcement of clause 61, which appears circular, in the day of 1215, there was no doubt who the enforcers were. They looked like what we know as Robinhood, but were called the Free men. They stopped most commerce on the roads through English forests for about 60 years.

The precense of the Archbishop of Canterbury was to be sure that Rome would not be party to any record of heresy. Certainly the Bishop cause the negotiations to be protracted over and over with constant revision (confirming) to accomodate the Free Mens issues in ways that divulged no heresy nor that those granted rights were forcing the treaty. The treaty does not state the Barons forced its creation, history does.

Accordingly the Magna Carta Omits the true nature of what I refer to as the "Lost War". A particuarly difficult task of covering the nature of the war, because the Magna Carta is a peace treaty, was to omit the naming the victors who were forcing agreement of the King and Barons. This was mostly accomplished by misrepresenting that the Barons were outraged to the point where they made war on the King to gain his signature and held a knife to his throat at Runnymede. The Barons was supposedly based on inheritence tax, forfieture etc. that were fairly minor issues that had irritated the otherwise complicit, happy nature of the Barons and the King.

Due to constant complicity from academia, specifically law and history, at never mentioning that the King and Barons haad no reason to grant all those rights to the people and become accountable and had been freely violating them for years along with most of the tyrant of Europe.

The Victors are mentioned, but then left out of written history so no one really knows who they were. this was the job of the Archbishop of Canterbury signing on behalf of Rome. Recently celebrated in "Angels and Demons", covertly by the heros name, one letter different from history. In the Charter, the Victors are mentioned as "Free Men" and were so heretical to have been completely removed from history as to how they possibly forced the King and Barons to treaty.

What happened over perhaps 60 years appeared with imagery like Sherwood Forest or Ivanhoe, but about 500 times more widespread. A significant portion of the population of England moved into the forests to become warriors, guerilla fighters without compare. They were organized by the ancient indigenous spiritual people of the areas, making them "heretics". Successful heretics are the worst kind and must be hidden in history to prevent people from thinking they have a chance or thinking about any methods that might make one.

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