There is an attitude about abortion that can cost many lives because the attitude keeps good people from working together to control their democracy.

One abortion, one life, one nuclear bomb, millions of lives. One abortion, one life, 200 million people polluting and a world is poisoned, all life is compromised.


Separates those of different beliefs. Reason says our fundamental needs are the same.


Should be the last choice, like war.

This web site is dedicated to protecting all life by using an understanding of our instinctual uses of unconditional love as a group to protect the children.

Herein is a perspective on the "Right to Life" movement that will show how cognitive dissonance by associating the concept of an agreement to protect life with bombing, beatings, murders assaults arson etc. has removed Americans ability to make an agreement fundamental to ANY group of humans that are based in reason committed to survival and evolution. Essentially what has been done is a distortion by imposing "emotional reasoning". Emotional reasoning is actually listed as a "cognitive distortion" and when it is severe to a certain degree, dissonance is created.

The basis of this is purely reasonable and is based in simple cultural observational process which is at the root of the formation of any tribe, clan or natural group of reason based cooperating human beings. A simple cognitive process of human values congruent with the hierarchy of vales as established by Abraham Maslow who was the director Brandies university Department of Psychology;

The first thing each of us needs is the preservation of a simple condition, our life,

Then, we need air,

Now is where sophisticated human cognitive processing of values is engaged. Logically we are going to need to secure water next, however, each of us knows that if we were forced to sleep out of doors this night with no blanket, we could freeze to death. That realization is our conditional cognitive processing of the hierarchy of values and observing another human engaging in this process and seeing their recognition creates respect and trust between us. Example; Would you trust anybody who could not logically admit such was factual? It is one of the underlying principals of compassion and altruistic commitment as a civilizing force in society.

Since 1985 I have been attempting to organize people, anybody, as a group committed to the simple philosophical concept of using knowledge and reason to protect life and ALL PEOPLE HAVE BEEN AFRAID TO MAKE THIS AGREEMENT BECAUSE THEY ARE AFRAID TO BE ASSOCIATED WITH the right to life movement and its fanaticism.

Hard to believe, but true.

YES, our social fears are that great. They control us if we cannot find another compelling reason to work against them in their unreasonableness.

What follows is a listing of the extreme behaviors engaged in to create the cognitive dissonance. BE AWARE THAT THIS information has been brought to the corporation of media at the same time truths about political corruption, diplomatic manipulations and environmental destruction ARE NOT SHARED with the people.

The National Abortion Federation reports "Incidents of Violence and Disruption Against Abortion Providers" in the U.S. and Canada. Their data for the past 16 years is shown below.


Year Murders,










Assault &








Hate Mail,


Phone Calls,

Bomb Threats...


Made at


Number of







1989 0 11 66 51 12358 201 72
1990 0 14 60 32 1363 34 45
1991 2 10 83 157 3885 41 292
1992 0 32 221 1481 2580 83 2898
1993 2 20 430 650 1236 66 2279
1994 12 15 143 395 217 25 1407
1995 1 16 142 296 54 5 1356
1996 1 9 102 618 65 7 3932
1997 2 16 205 2908 29 25 7518
1998 3 10 127 946 16 2 8402
1999 0 10 326 1685 5 3 8727
2000 1 5 209 1031 0 4 8478
2001 0 5 1 435 0 2 9969
2002 0 1 265 302 0 4 10241
2003 0 3 140 331 0 10 11244
2002 0 2 40 130 0 4 3445



Notice that the KKK is often involved. This is a fraternal order and secret society. The potentials for "Manchurian candidate" are denied as possible by mental health professionals but the history of psychology indicates that hypnosis upon children can create individuals later in life which are capable of somnambulistic behaviors.

Multiple instances of antiabortion violence in Florida: from, http://www.religioustolerance.org/abo_viol.htm

Pensacola, FL: This city was a focal point for antiabortion crime from mid 1984 to mid 1994: 9

1984-JUN: An abortion clinic was bombed

1984-DEC: The same clinic was bombed again

1986-MAR: A second clinic was broken into and vandalized; two female employees were assaulted. John Burt, a former member of the KKK, and his daughter were tried and convicted. John Burt became the local leader of Rescue America.

1993-MAR: Michael Griffin, allegedly a member of Rescue America, killed Dr. David Gunn outside an abortion clinic. Griffin's lawyers claimed that Burt had brainwashed Griffin into committing the killing. (There is a consensus among mental health professionals that this sort of "Manchurian Candidate" programming is impossible). Griffin was convicted and given a life sentence.

1994-JUL: Paul Hill, a former Presbyterian minister and leader in Defensive Action killed a physician and bodyguard outside another abortion clinic; he wounded the wife of the bodyguard. He was sentenced to both life imprisonment on federal charges, and execution on state charges.

1994-AUG: Five KKK groups demonstrated adjacent to an abortion clinic in Melbourne FL. They were opposed to abortions given to whites; they encourage abortions to persons of other races. They named Hill their hero of the month.

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