Of and from psychological, medical, lawful references to defining methods of secret treason in America.
Disclosure of knowledge of methods of concealing treason pursuant to Title 18, part I, chapter 115, §2382
Compiled, written 6/25/12, Christopher A. Brown

Page Description

(1) Left-Page 175 of “Emotions and Memory”, 1964 by David Rapport (bottom line from page 176). Right side- cover of “Human Behavior” 1964 by Bernard Berelson & Gary Steiner,

(2) Page 122 & 123 of “Human Behavior”

(3) Page 278 & 279 of “Human Behavior”

(4) Page 280 & 281 of “Human Behavior”

(5) Page 282 & 283 of “Human Behavior”

(6,7,8) “Inference One” C.A. Brown 8/17/01, 3 pages

(9) Unidentified publication about hypnosis

(10-17) Santa Barbara County U.S. District court civil index, 7 pages.

Explanation of Attachments, sources
Page (1), “Emotions and Memory” left side is photocopy stating the basis for page (6), “Inference One”. In 2003, Dr. Richard Nieves, Director of the American Institute of Hypnosis in Irvine, after confirming “Inference One” verbally, asked me to leave his office when I requested he sign a Declaration confirming “Inference One”.

Page(9) is an unidentified publication located in 2003 that is the only medical reference found regarding hypnosis on children in many years of research. It states hypnosis on children under 5 is too disorienting and should not be done.

Basis of inference historically:
Social fear (1) relating to the possibilities of unconscious hidden control over social behaviors (3, R side) prevents all experts of behavior from social, academic acknowledgment of understanding unconscious potential in our society (4). From that behavior is the enabling of secrecy and treason against the constitution conducted within government for the overthrow of constitutional government. Enabled with the publics greatly diminished means of demonstrating, confirming, verifying etc. the facts of the unconscious methods used in treason. Herein is where State Superior Courts for Santa Barbara County have enabled secrecy by diminishing my means to disclose, expose, warn or educate fellow citizens to how treason is kept secret.

Basis, Inference Two:
Page (2)
See P.122, “Human Behavior”, .2, positive and negative hallucinations & .4 unusual muscular strength, rigidity, resistance to fatigue.

See right P.123, “Human Behavior”, .5 organic effects normally entirely outside of voluntary control & .6 antisocial, repugnant or dangerous acts.

Simplified example of Inference:
IF Hypnosis can cause blisters, cold sores and hallucinations or unusual muscular strength, when combined with a capacity for antisocial, repugnant, dangerous acts THEN court procedures etc. and architectural design and public television can be manipulated in ways enabling treason or preventing its exposure.

Basis, Inference Three:
Page (3)
See P.279, “Human Behavior” Unconscious Motives and Indirect Expression

Page (4), P.280 through P.281 “Human Behavior” D1.1 Acts or impulses that provoke anxiety, damage self esteem, or are otherwise disturbing are often explained away.

Page (5)
See P.282, “Human Behavior” D2, D3

Simplified example of Inference:
IF conscious process can be rendered unconscious by dissociation or repression or explaining them away and conditional signals can be given and recognized unconsciously THEN with manipulation over time action of treason can be repressed from perceptions or effort to expose it recognized then suppressed.

Basis, Inference Four:
(9) Unidentified publication about hypnosis indicating hypnosis is too disorienting on children under five. The fact this is the solitary comment found in years of searching available sources regarding hypnosis on children infers the subject is very controversial because it has too deep of an effect.

(10-17) The civil index of the US District Court 1851 1896.

NOTE: A letter in possession from the Superior Court Clerk Supervisor Susan Gradias 6/4/97 totaling the Insanity actions between 1876 and 1878 shows 72 cases, which are listed amongst those of other years in the copies of the civil index, pages (10-17). Page 11, with Hall, Jacob A. at bottom, (2nd page of civil index) at 6 lines up from the bottom has “Insanity Papers 1875-6? To 1878” written into the entry field.

Attachment “B” of the disclosure is an admission to failure to appear upon a properly served subpoena duces tecum for appearance with the Arrest and Booking Records of the jail of those years, enabling the concealing that there are over 1,000 missing insanity actions of the court records. A major source of basis in psychology for human psychological performance and memory, gone. Inferring P.(4) that the prevention of any official recognition of unconscious control is important enough to violate civil rights of the public in civil court.

Simplified example of Inference:
IF hypnosis on children has such a deep effect that psychology does not make report to the public of it and 72 people went insane in 2 years from 1876 forward, and the clerk was impressed by the proportions enough to make note with the stigmatic statement, “Insanity Papers” while vital evidence was denied with conflict of interest, in violation of state law and constitutional civil rights in 1998, and such continues to degrees shown, THEN with consideration of Inferences One through Three and all disclosures of knowledge of treason made, the methods of making secrecy used in treason can be kept secret and the people doing so may not consciously know what they are doing.

Disclosure of knowledge of Treason to

California Superior Court Judges