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The Lawful and Peaceful revolution of America

Christopher A. Brown, April 24, 2015


Truth In Artistry?


A hip hop collage/compilation regarding secret societys.

Infiltration's of groups of American citizens trying to create change;
Wiki-misinfo of Constitution
Post 9-11 Domestic Psyops
Occupy Wall Street

Back to GATT and the BP leak
Take the money now or your chances later.
youtube gulf oil video response posts
Avatar movie corporate media collusion?
"Greater Meaning Of Free Speech"
Cognitive Infiltration
Cognitive Distortion
Back to Optimization
Soldiers Inquiry

Dynamic damage from corporate media - Psychological manipulation and deceit.

Dissociation and its role in societal dysfunction - Human Memory-Roberta Klatzky

Corporate control and deceit as a way of life -We are all involved

Media, Semiotics and chilren - Alpha state learning

Letter to Chairman of Standing Rock warning of infiltrations

Operation paperclip and MKultra, recognizing "cointelpro" are a vital perquisite to perceiving the total picture. The infiltration of the US government, 9-11 and the post 9-11 psychological operation (psyops) result from those aspects as well as a great deal more.

World Timeline of NWO Plan

Download full size .pdf of this flow chart.