Education Ending Corporate Control and Restoring the Constitution.

If you want to know what has happened to America beside the corruption of our minds by TV operating collusively with the erroneously legal deceptions of corporate control government, you will need to make a book mark to this page and use it to return from your various forays into the world of facts leading to our current predicament.

This page with it links have been gathered over the last 8 years and is probably the most comprehensive compilation of factors defining the cause and nature of our actual problem and the solution OUTSIDE of considerations of heresy that have unconscious aspects. There is a MAJOR education from this one page and all of its links. To get it, prepare yourself for some hours of reading and browsing. Thank you for caring enough to understand and accept as much of it as you can. Provided here are good reasons for Americans to compel state powers to organize to enforce the Constitution through an Article V Convention.

All of these factors are perhaps only addressed through an Article V convention that completes the Constitution For The United States, reintegrating meanings eviscerated in 1776 to be included in the Declaration of Independence. An ancient philosophical doctrine called, the "Greater Meaning Of Free Speech".

There is an agenda on the internet forums targeting free speech used to form opinions via, cognitive infiltration. Basically we can find another ancient doctrine referred to as the "Greek Theater" utilized in think tank product from rand corporation during the 1970's, in a process called "The Delphi Technique". All this means free speech must be defended at a fundamental level so I will state that this page is not going to examine heresy because heresy is a "labels label" or a maximized, layered cognitive distortion intended to create cognitive dissonance or to make people in society want to be ignorant of their inner, unconscious nature. The point of the "labels label" is to conceal that the method of keeping the agenda is in itself heresy or, what the "labels label" is, concealing the deep hypocrisy. Hypocrisy in betrayal of human nature by defeat of human nature in efforts of species survival.

Reasonably, those in control of material power, by deceit, manipulation or force, on the deepest level, know that they must relinquish the control to the survival of humanity, in order to survive themselves, but will not do so until their instinctual reactions that lead them in such a direction are understood.

Christopher A. Brown

Historical aspects need consideration, 1215 AD, England

Far in the past was our last escape from the elites signing the Magna Carta, who have now declared war against us, by default through our continued aquiesence. The "lost war" is waged upon us secretly. The Victors, heretics, are not recorded in history by church controlled state, so are not directly identified.

The Magna Carta

After colonization the conflict is continued by the legally defeated elite, retaliation against the commoner, linked to European Economy, Politics and Manufacturing.

More Recently,

646 years later, CIVIL WAR in America. An explanation of what happened legally is here. However, this organization appears to have a religious basis and an ardous complex approach that works with the present governmental/legal system to attempt to restore the republic.

A war never terminated but rather extended civilly towards all the populations of the North American continent.

A book by, Mark Allen Wasmuth

What Happened to the Constitution? And the Restore America Plan

Download the "Constitution" .pdf


At the end of the Civil war a peace treaty was never signed. So military rule as established during the war remained in tact. General Orders #100, known as the Lieber Code set forth the Rules of Engagement for the Civil War. This document put into motion the existence of military rule which is still in place today. The next time you go into a court room make note of the military flag on display. You are indeed under military law. Executive orders can only be issued during a time of military occupation. And we have had over 12,000 of them

President Abraham Lincoln, In the last year of the war, on November 21, 1864, in a letter to his friend Colonel William F. Elkins:

"We may congratulate ourselves that this cruel war is nearing its end. It has cost a vast amount of treasure and blood. The best blood of the flower of American youth has been freely offered upon our country's altar that the nation might live. It has indeed been a trying hour for the Republic; but I see in the near future a crisis approaching that unnerves me and causes me to tremble for the safety of my country. “As a result of the war, corporations have been enthroned and an era of corruption in high places will follow, and the money power of the country will endeavor to prolong its reign by working upon the prejudices of the people until all wealth is aggregated in a few hands and the Republic is destroyed. I feel at this moment more anxiety than ever before, even in the midst of war. God grant that my suspicions may prove groundless."

Since the Civil War, an evolving structure of control and manipulation has been instituted by the defacto government originating with the Northern victors who were connected to English economy and Rome, those defeated in 1215 and signing the peace treaty of the Magna Carta. Cotton from the South was blockaded to French (old heretical enemies of those of the north, 1307) weaving industry (heretical) and heretical society in America was emerging in the culture of slavery.

The civil war becomes secret opposition to humanities heretical nature and the first organizing act is disguised as an economic stop gap action.

February 21, 1871 and the Forty-First Congress is in session. Creating the "Acts of the Forty-First Congress," Section 34, Session III, chapters 61 and 62. In the history of our nation on this date, Congress passed an Act titled: "An Act To Provide A Government for the District of Columbia." The "Act of 1871." What does this mean? Well, it means that Congress, under no constitutional authority to do so, created a separate form of government for the District of Columbia, which is a ten mile square parcel of land.

The 1871 Corporate Constitution

Here is another .pdf which is an account of legal actions and the admissions of a judge. We have two status after 1868. One: American citizen (our natural born status) Two: United States Citizen (the one the gov contracts with).

Download the "curseofcosurety" .pdf

The Northern industrial war machine was made semi permanent, outside the constitution and is our current day de-facto government. Listen to another president, 17 January 1961

President Eisenhower, "Military Industrial Complex" (.mp3 audio, listen)

British Control over the USA

 Are we still a British Colony?

Congress has actually made a way to terminate emergency powers. Unfortunately Presidents keep declaring emergencies suspending the Constitution.

Admiralty law used in courts has stymied Americans attempts to redress grievances against government in civil actions as well as corporations.

Military Courts

The Gold Fringed Flag

The U.S. is still controlled as a British Colony by loyal elements of the defacto government explaining the current alliance with Britain as well as the dominance of Admiralty law in the courts with "Gold Fringed Flags".

Presidential Orders, Emergency Powers. The control of fear

Read what James Trafficant said about the Emergency Powers in 1993.

In conclusion, the loss of Constitutional government through Presidential directives constitutes essentially a separate and secret law for government which occupies its position by defacto status. I requested in writing a list of "Emergency Orders" from my congress person, Lois Capps. I was only able to get a summary of about 1/2 dozen but learned there are near 6,000 of them. Basically, secret laws. See the "Constitution" .pdf above for a detailed understanding of how this unconstitutionality originates with the civil war.

Emergency Powers

A partial solution at points in time?

Termination of Emergencies

 Section 1622

Leaders of the de-facto government conduct treason openly in the environment of ignorance and deceptive media.


Then, an ancient agenda, enabled by unity between church and state, sought power to conduct war paid for by the secretly enslaved masses.

The NWO Timeline in America (a disturbing graphic flowchart in time)

Demolition in False Flag Terrorism to Justify War. (The infiltration takes over)

 The Trade Center

Media Collusion Through Corporate Ownership Empowers Mass Manipulation and Dissociation.

Another view


Now you actually do know, basically, what has happened to America.

If a comprehension of optimization and our current condition is becoming clearer, think about discussing strategy on a bulletin board. Share perceptions, information and organize for democratic control of America.

This will take you back to the main Optimization page.


Or learn more about how local and national actions might operate, optimally. These are alternatives to an Article V convention that are socially based.

To avoid dwelling in overwhelming circumstantial evidence; because I am unsure how readily the reader can accept the conditions we are faced with. Instead I will present something curative to the situation; I will move into a description of the first two and fundamentally available directions to meaningfully manifest change within the current political scenario.

Direction one; (If an Article V convention is not used)

The first meaningful product to the public level of effecting change is the creation of an independent political party or an existing party(ies) is brought into an understanding of the situation whereupon they divert their collective activity to support, temporarily, the beginning of a permanent system optimizing democracy in America. Libertarians, the Greens, the Natural Law and the democratic could be brought together behind the simple logic of optimization nationally for environmental and economic reasons. The party(ies) has (have) temporarily one purpose, which is very reasonable, understandable, acceptable and natural. Working with existing governmental structures and corporations to do the right things.

Democracies function best with the characteristic of informed opinion so the party purpose is to create an electronic media environment adequate to enable informed public opinion to manifest on a mass level. This is a commandeering done to support and defend the constitution by official entities acting with citizens to do so. Not too likely, but there are still officials that will defend the constitution IF they have supporting constituency. The most functional is an emergency, public, commandeer procedure of one of the lower television channels available to most citizens. On that channel a foundation of agreement of national purpose is first initiated then expanded to prioritize democratic action. The time has come for Americans to declare an emergency.

It is expected eventually, that Americans will be capable; after the refinements of the "Poll to Post" method described from a link below is active; of engaging a socratically optimized philosophical basis of fundamental human intent having, the principals of; love. life, air, water, as primary to humans and Americans. This expands the simple, biologically based facts that enable the optimization process that is a refinement needed on a national level for anything close to consensus on basic biological fact. America is far to powerful a nation to exist for any other purposes.

For television. a voice to text converter takes one sentence from any citizen calling a toll free phone number and places it into a 24 hour scrolling text on the television. Viewers pick statements they have interest in and call another toll free line, identify the statement by its number, dial a 1 for yes, approval, or a 2, disapproval, designating their opinion upon the statement. Each registered caller gets one opinion. After a predetermined amount of time a tally of statements is made, the person making the statement garnering the most approval is contacted and invited to expand their reasoning in a venue with more exposure. At this point the channels programming divides between the text scroll poll and some multiple choice type debate between those persons having most approval for their statements with a third toll free line to tally the responses to the debate.

The structure of support to initiate the party and the parties campaign would be established by a poll system on the internet. As yet unwritten software creating a “Poll to Post” bulletin board where opinion must be provided on the topic a user posts on in order to post. Constant poll tally prioritizes topics and issues within topics and settles controversy resulting in unified opinion. Presently, for all those who care deeply about life on earth, this would be a cyber place to escape the manifested conscious collective dysfunction imposed by communication media controlled compulsively for power; solely for the sake of more power.

Direction two; (another way to one)

Utilization of the legal system to create accountability of media. (rough draft example) (perhaps one is best or many that consolidate) that allege; NEGLECT, MALFEASANCE, NONFEASANCE, RECKLESS ENDANGERMENT, CHILD ENDANGERMENT, on the part of all television networks, with damages exceeding the settlement amount exponentially and the amount adequate to fund Direction one. Signed, dated, time tolled petitions from the public appealing to the publics understanding of "public trust" are served as constructive notice/demand to radio and print media, demanding they disseminate in their respective media, facts, concerning the lawsuits, allegations, plaintiffs and supporters of the suit(s) against television. Media has a very vulnerable image. If lawsuits will not work boycotts will.

After our degradation to current status; it is obvious the civil dissent since the Vietnam era was deficient of impact and a complacent public, deceived increasingly by media, surrendered control to economic forces.

Due to the disunity of opinion resulting from the last 30 years described, no other direction attainable from a grass roots level exists than these two for the intervention of the current descent into an event resembling global war and chaos, driven by invisible compulsions (at the very least) of the unconscious of large groups of people. Dissociation or "forgetting" of the serious problems plagues populations seeking to cope in worsened economic conditions. Please resist that, and instead revel in free speech and the ability to create understanding wherever you might upon the difficult issues media evades complicit with an infiltrated government as current behaviors obvious, and not so obvious, evidence a profound invisible group action taking place now.

Wikipedia-misinformation on the Constitution

Infiltration's of groups of American citizens trying to create change and defend the constitution;

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