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RE: Disclosure of knowledge of treason, Title 18, part I, chapter 115, §2382 of U.S. code

To the dutiful concerned,
This letter is to disclose to you what are actions concealing treason against the Constitution for the United States of America that I am aware of. I disclose this in compliance with Title 18, part I, chapter 115, §2382 of U.S. code, misprision of treason, in pursuit of satisfaction of the intent of the law to defend the constitution.

This has been going on for 15 years now in the Superior Court of California, County of Santa Barbara. Those acting probably do not know they are doing what I describe or show with reference here. Their thoughts and perceptions will be that they are doing something else other than the cumulative effect of their actions that amount to suppressing the exposure of treason. Perhaps of your concern are judges, and their actions as well as County Departments relating to the matter of unlawfully impairing a citizen who is working to protect lives or defending the constitution by exposing treason against it. The Department of Child Support Services and the Mental Health Department have key roles. The actions of persons in these departments, or those in authority over them are perhaps disguised from themselves by methods explained further in this disclosure or attachments relating to human psychology. (see the included “INDEX & SUMMARY OF INFERENCE”) Disguised barely, as something done to either protect the interests of the church or to quell a perceived anti social person attempting to use the courts for their own agenda or evasion. Or, perhaps they are simply conforming to social mores. For whatever reason, these actions have significantly succeeded in impairing my ability to expose treason.

The beginning was in 1997 with a child support matter before judge William Gordon concerning my inability to pay child support and the revocation of my drivers license. The judge pre decided my case and arranged for DA investigators to follow me after a hearing. My car was impounded for driving with a suspended license. This discrimination was directed towards me because I tried to use my knowledge of a conspiracy using me to attempt a resolution to a 130 year issue between the spiritual elite of the Chumash Indians and the County relating to the unconscious mind or uses of it.

Certainly an utterly fantastic scenario by most standards, but the included DVD's which were broadcast many times on public access TV here showing facts from the history of Santa Barbara, reasonably require recognition. Note the “Chumash Story Circle” video, 7 minutes length, was an event they invited me to videotape one year after “CIRCA” aired on public access TV in 2008. I’ve been told by members of the Barbereno group that I have some “good history there”.
There was a statement used as defense in family law court of 1997 that I had knowledge of people killed inadvertently because of the issues which 4 attached photos corroborated related facts of my exclusive knowledge of religious history vital to the Chumash. Those photos have been missing from the case file of 209449 since at least 2004.

I had no idea of what else I would have done in 1997, and still to this day do not know what I would do differently but perhaps request judicial notice of the common sense relationships of the factor of the graphic included with the cover letter. However judges wouldn't recognize that then from a pro per litigant, and it turns out psychologists and attorneys are far too afraid of the implications to provide facts for the court, so if courts refuse, secrets will prevail. In this case, secret treason.

Treason has been previously disclosed to the U.S. District court, court in 2010(face page attachment "A"& “A1”) central division of Los Angeles February 18, 2010 relating to 9-11 and obstruction of justice used for treason with that issue. The presiding judge there and another promptly worked to conceal the treason. What was filed in “Criminal Miscellaneous” was re filed as civil action without the disclosing parties permission, evading duty. Note the re filed copy, (attachment “A1”) is altered removing the “38 pages” statement. Later, disclosure of this knowledge to the governor in December of 2011, adding that Santa Barbara county was concealing methods of creating secrecy used in treason. It is likely that Santa Barbara and its courts for the most part is unaware of any possible role in concealing the method of secrecy used for treason and instead those acting probably think they are suppressing an anti social or deranged individual attempting to use the court system. See the included “INDEX & SUMMARY OF INFERENCE” for explanation for how these things can happen. If they knew what they were ultimately doing, they would not do it.

Or, if I am a deranged or crazy individual, then the Santa Barbara Superior Court is violating laws and rights in order to persecute a crazy person for 15 years, driving them into poverty and homelessness. There is a reason for that statement and deprival’s shown, unreasonable bias or hidden agenda are dynamically substantiated with information referred to by this disclosure.

The graphic with the cover letter represents an absolute concerning the relationship between the human conscious and unconscious minds or our psychology relating to our hidden existence which is very much an absolute. Making knowledge unconscious can be the ultimate form of secrecy. What is unconscious is better than secret because a person cannot divulge knowledge they do not consciously have access to.

The disclosure of treason to the U.S District court in 2010, related to a deception concerning the structural core of the Twin Towers which completely obstructed justice and deceived the American people disabling them from defense of the constitution by understanding how treason against it was conducted. The disclosure is online. There are a total of 3 pages that show the federal evasion, something expected if an infiltration has occurred at high levels of government.

See EXHIBIT “D” online for corroboration by an engineering professional of my assertion that FEMA misrepresented the structural core of the Twin Towers to NIST obstructing justice by creating death certificates with erroneous cause of death. The civil engineer creating that document, August Domel, Ph.d SE. PE., is certified in 12 states and produced this report for FEMA a month after 9-11. It describes a concrete core, not the steel core FEMA told NIST existed, who also did not have building plans for analysis of collapse. EXHIBIT D originates from this link.

This current disclosure concerns Santa Barbara County or the State Superior Courts role in concealing the methods of secrecy used in treason. They show a "pattern and practice" of consistent, collusive violations of law, and deprival of equal protection of law which I need to defend the constitution. That defense can be conducted by exposing how the human unconscious mind was exploited to both construct the towers with a design that is now secret, and all the surrounding official actions that completed or exploited the treason that is currently critical to the usurping of our constitution.

Attachment "B", is a letter from the Santa Barbara County Sheriffs Department from 1998 showing the first serious deprivation of right by the county disabling me from exposing the potential for treason with the secrecy created by exploiting the unconscious mind that culminated, unimpeded with 9-11. Attachment "C" is a letter from the senior director of the Santa Barbara County Mental Health Department senior director in 1999 providing a de facto approval of a medical procedure I propose(d) which treats the unconscious mind directly. Attachment "D"; shows my effort to use the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) to gain the "answer of the State in writing" from the Mental Health Department that is mentioned in their letter.

By 2004 that FOIA request was absent from the records of the clerk of the board whose stamp appears on the copied letter of attachment "D" which was presented to supervisors at public comment seeking that "answer in writing" of attachment "C". The request was also absent from the records of the supervisor of the hospital district who was specifically presented the FOIA.

Disclosure to the governor in 2011 included the matter of Santa Barbara County concealing the methods of secrecy used in treason as does this disclosure, but directly to a judge of the state court unconsciously involved with the concealment in this case.
Between 1998 and 2002 I spoke 100 times at the supervisors public comment attempting to provide warning of the lethal threat to Santa Barbara county residents from this knowledge of the unconscious mind; in the control of dark, violent and vengeful factions present here and most places; by developing counter treatment and protecting lives. Chumash people warned me, and know of, unconsciously, these factions that would conduct mass murders. The information to the county was all dissociated by officials, justice denied and many died.

The events I warned of materialized substantially February 23, 2001 with the murders of Nicholas Bourdakis, Christopher Divas, Elie Israel, Ruth Levy in Isla Vista on Sabado Tarde in Isla Vista by David Attias. Five years later 6 were killed on February 1, 2006, Ze Fairchild, Maleka Higgins, Nicola Grant, Guadalupe Swartz, and Dexter Shannon at the US post office on Storke road by Jennifer Sanmarco. The Indigenous people here did not kill them, truly dark spiritual forces using forms of hypnosis the Indigenous understand, which they have been trying to warn a religious America about since Salem MASS., are responsible. Appropriate mental health care in use by the Santa Barbara County Department of Mental Health would have, in both cases as well as other homicides, prevented these murders.

Such knowledge to medically treat the mentally ill, here, would be an effective deterrent to such unconscious factions conducting treason using the same methods anywhere.

On September 11, 2001, 2790 people were murdered by concealed, secret methods, and persons using them were protected in their uses, by Santa Barbara counties violations of law and the deprivations of right by the State Superior Court. The connections are intentionally subtle. There is a general suppression of this knowledge in our society. Knowledge vital to stopping treason by the means disclosed here. See “SUMMARY OF INFERENCE” for explanation and evidence.

The infiltration of the US government and treason is fully dependent upon the secrecy upheld by Santa Barbara County. The Constitution for the United States of America is being usurped by infiltrators using unconscious means, at a rate which will see, very likely, millions of deaths because of the collapse of our economy intentionally destroyed by the expense of unconstitutional war conducted under false pretense; enabled by the deceptions of 9-11. All of my efforts to expose this either on the ground or on the internet is met with massive rejection and obfuscation by people, who some, are very likely victims or tools of MKultra which was exposed by the Church Committee in 1975, . Americans never learned why the CIA considered MKultra "vital to national defense" which was the only answer given to congress regarding the purpose of MKutra. I can assure you it was to create a virtual secret army of civilians that would refuse to use facts, reason or anything else in defense of the Constitution or rule of law.

The 9-11 truth movement is lead by citizens influenced by MKultra who will only engage information that is approved by their social circles. Instincts invoked as children control them, their memories and motive. Facts mean nothing. The County and Courts here protect this clandestine operation without knowing it as they conform to social/religious mores, designed long ago, as seen in the included “Inferences,” can and have, enabled secret treason.

This issue also can be seen as completely controlled by unconsciously held social fears that dominate human society without the people of the society fully knowing how or why. Making an understanding the unconscious vital to disclosure of treason on a national level. Constitutional rights that I have been deprived of by the Santa Barbara County Superior Court for the State of California prevent me from substantiating the potentials of the unconscious which have enabled the concealments I write of, now in an advanced form, threaten to end my defense of the constitution altogether.

To provide detail on the role of the Santa Barbara Court in this concealment of the methods of treason I work to disclose, I’ve made a duplicate of this letter as a web page to facilitate ease of the disclosure.

My ADHD (diagnosis of 2000, attachment "E") is quite developed at this time. Even though I may have the various paper records referred to with the part of this disclosure addressing the local courts activity somewhere, I could not hope to find them, organize them or copy them, to present them as quickly as need be.
I foresaw substantially in 1998 the acts of 9-11 in their essence. Knowing that if I was unable to bring credence to the issue of the unconscious mind being used to conduct this treason secretly; that this nation would be immersed in a destructive process, I began scanning documents and integrating them into web pages by 1999. Hopefully you will consent to reviewing these documents in that internet environment. Most records, I would hope, are still with the court records clerks if you need to see originals or copy in official custody.
The purpose of this is to show the pattern and practice of deprival of citizens rights by judges of the court you preside over and make them aware that their constitution is under attack and they are endangered by the attack. Specifically shown herein and online is the deprival of rights of a citizen who has continuously worked to defend the constitution by exposing treason or the methods of secrecy used to conceal it. The gaucheries of the family law court are compiled here.

Attachment "F" is a particularly strange case of another likely unconscious act. Non existent, unpublished court rules being cited by the county counsel as a defendant in my efforts in 1999 to see appropriate mental health care instituted. Care that could have prevented people like David Attias or Jennifer SanMarco from mass murder.

Here are links to scans of a continuance granted after the date of the continued hearing in the same case. An overt and bizarre due process violation.

You might ask, "What good will my knowing this do if things are as you suggest?". The cover graphic shows one year of our mental existence and that our lives are mostly unconscious. Within that is the possibility of a collective unconscious which has shown to me it is very much effected by any cognitive apprehension of its actions and collectively fearful to be exposed for its control which appears not fully in the interest of humanity unless we use it to justify compulsion to evolve, "or else".
Meaning your simple action providing justice, even in smaller ways, seeing that a citizen working to defend the constitution is at least unimpeded by inappropriate official action, to have effect. This disclosure has potential explanation of what factions of humanity, particularly those of infiltrated U.S. authority are doing, creating the threat and strife we find developing around us. Accordingly, logically, things made unconscious in people minds have an effect, or are effected, whether collective or not, by the shared conscious world. Courts are the prime way to make the controversial have substance there.
More appropriately it is in the interest of humanity to develop some conscious awareness of unconscious potentials for control and adequately resist acting in ways that are detrimental to life. That treatment proposed and accepted as worthy enough to “carry” by the Mental Health Director in 1999 is another place where discretionary official action can save lives and defend the constitution

Protecting unconscious control, or the secrecy it can create, is the reason the Newspress was purchased by Wendy McCaw. Specifically to prevent any reporting on my 2006 federal civil lawsuit.

It was a suit seeking to stop deprivations of right by Commissioner Colleen Sterne and work to gain medical treatment for myself and others by compelling conformance of the county to state laws, specifically CHS §1370.4.
The timing of that lawsuit and the Newspress scandal of 2006 reveals the scandals true nature of the scandal kept secret. A copy of the above lawsuit was given to Hildy Medina who the Newspress censored as well as others to stop publicity of the suit. The reasons given for firings, resignations etc. are inadequate for the reactions of the Newspress or by the resignation of James Egar, public defender, who was necessarily a defendant in the 2006 lawsuit. A few days after being served my appellants reply brief in that case, he resigned. I have a web page about this.

That suit found secret revisions of Ninth Circuit local rules that removed a civil war reconstruction era rule providing a new magistrate and judge when dismissed civil rights suits were joined by new pre se litigants upon re filing. We lose our constitution because everyone is too fearful to oppose, expose and question these behaviors. documents this all the way to trickery in pro se instructions of the U.S. Supreme Court when local families try to petition for a writ of certiorari.

The deprivations of my constitutional rights by the commissioner very seriously impeded my efforts to expose treason for 5 years and such was mimicked recently by the judicial refusal to recognize my disability in a recent unlawful detainer described later herein. Mentioned to the governor was the real possibility Sterne was rewarded by the previous governor with a judgeship for that behavior. A page with links to documents substantiating this assertion with links and a scanned affidavit.
A scanned affidavit.

I was asked to create that affidavit by William Wagner, a libertarian with a public access television show in 2009 who had it on his website for a time. He has close friendships with people who know Schwarzenegger.

The unconscious as it very likely exists, individual or collective, knows that overt action exposes it so very likely will not move against anyone impeding it in ways that would be obvious. It depends on social fears that are mostly unconscious. If you follow the law and obey your oath of office, you cannot be faulted in the free and open American society we would hope to be. Your actions will eventually bring overwhelming gratitude from all constitutional citizens because unconscious cooperation in an unlawful overthrow of the United States government is conducting treason against our constitution; and the only government that can lawfully exist for us must be controlled by the constitution. Those cooperation’s work, by default, from omissions of duty mostly, and has, over time, assisted in vital steps towards the overthrow of the lawful United States government.

A major event from history of the proceeding overthrow was when congress failed to convene an Article V convention in 1911. Requisite applications for such was met, rendering the government of the United States of America increasingly unlawful, and all of the serious problems confronting the nation and its economy stem from that.
Santa Barbara County and members of the State Superior court here have been enabling the secrecy by depriving me of rights guaranteed by the Constitution for the United States of America and that of California as well as state laws beginning with attachment "B", impeding me from resisting the overthrow of lawful government in 1998.
Had I received justice in 1998, I would have created enough public awareness of the potential for such control to prevent 9-11 by; again; compelling a retreat from association with unconscious control and a related cessation of activities conducted through such control. By 2001 I would have had 3 years to work publicly with the verification of the arrest and booking records subpoenaed in 1998 which show a mass insanity proving potentials of unconscious control; to provide warning of a dire threat from secrecy created exploiting the unconscious mind. There are also state laws invoked upon the substantiation of “absent court records” that would have acted with parallel effect to my efforts. From hindsight, this exposure would have been an adequate deterrent for perpetrators to not follow through with 9-11.

More recently, another Santa Barbara Superior court judge appointed by the previous governor, Donna Geck, the assigned judge in an unlawful detainer I was forced to cause in order to stop methamphetamine manufacturing at the house where I live, recently, has seriously impeded my efforts to defend the constitution while violating my rights.
I had subpoenaed two other tenants for trial who smelled intense acetone vapors and had declarations from 2 others, one of which also found a fire in the back of the suspected meth manufacturers pickup truck (research shows possible mobile lab, shake-and-bake method). The meth manufacturer was convicted of manufacturing at the same premise in 1993. I owed no rent and the complaint is a prima facie, written retaliatory eviction. Judge Geck refused to recognize my ADHD, consistent with Colleen Sterne, and refused to keep the plaintiff within the limits of the written complaint despite my objections. The Sheriffs Department was called 3 times about the chemicals but would never respond. They of course know the record of the previously convicted meth manufacturer and the failure to appear on subpoena in 1998. Deputies I’ve spoken to about the failure to appear do not approve of what their department was forced to do in 1998, but can say nothing. Social fears.

I asked Governor Brown to communicate to a trusted judge of the Santa Barbara Superior court or attempt to sort out the many issues impeding me from defense of the constitution by disclosing Santa Barbara Counties role in the absent court records that Attachment “B” would have substantiated, which sustained the methods of secrecy used for treason against the United States Constitution. Attachment "G" shows that Judge Geck was assigned by yourself to the case when the plaintiff and I had stipulated in a filed agreement pursuant to CCP§170.3.(C)(2), that another Judge should hear the case. I can find no local rule stating that CCP§170.3.(C)(2) does not apply here in this jurisdiction.
Was this done to expose another Schwarzenegger appointed judge, by their deprival of right and due process against a citizen who defends the constitution by exposure of treason? Or was it done to further impair my capacity to defend the constitution? Or was it a clerks decision on applied policy? Colleen Sterne’s refusal to recognize my disability in family law court had deprived me of a drivers license for 5 years and ended any acceptable credit rating so I cannot rent what I need in housing to continue. Judges with their unlawful abuses of authority are stopping a law abiding citizen from effectively exposing treason in defense of the constitution.

Please consider a specific factor here related to the disclosure of treason to the U.S District court in 2010 and the obstruction of justice in the case of 2,970 murders. Never has my assertion of the FEMA structural deception been competently refuted nor has it been shown that NIST had actual building plans for their analysis. All attempts to refute end up at the same source for structure, FEMA. The certified structural engineer August Domel, Ph.d SE. PE. confirms my assertion of a concrete core, and I've met numerous people who viewed the same documentary that I did in 1990 that recall the steel reinforced concrete tubular core structure.

Consider that this unlawful overthrow is so advanced that the U.S. military is suffering a disturbing phenomena unconsciously. Casualties and suicides in Afghanistan are almost exactly equal in 2012. The medical treatment proposed in attachment “C” was given de facto approval in 1999 and could be saving soldiers lives and sparing them untold torment while making all citizens safer.

My defense of the constitution has other directions than sending disturbing information to judges. Please see the included enclosure titled “DEFENSES” for specifics relating to preparation for Article V, the value of speech and the proposed medical treatment benefiting the public and soldiers.
Those directions are impaired again by false groups of people on the internet that refuse to be accountable to reason and law with regard to their activism.
I propose potent legal and social strategies for constitutional defense and I include them so you can appraise the veracity of my proposed defense of the constitution in ways other than my disclosing the methods, deprivations of right, creating secrecy for treason this disclosure is directly concerned with. These defenses are blocked by the injustices directly or indirectly.

One defense is a tool for a soldier to defend the constitution from a domestic enemy. Merging the soldiers oath, the UCMJ, United States Code and the constitution to provide a method for a soldier to constitutionally defend the constitution against a domestic enemy. Attachment "H", is a copy of the "SOLDIERS APPLICATION FOR ORDER OF INQUIRY INTO CONSTITUTIONALITY OF CIVIL AUTHORITY; STATUS ESTABLISHMENT OF LAWFUL MILITARY AUTHORITY. Unfortunately again, the unconscious social fears a soldier has of his command, which are learned and practiced, is stopping soldiers from defending the constitution in this lawful and peaceful way.
The cognitive infiltration (search with Cass Sunstein) of the internet and activist groups prevents citizens from understanding openly the need for this legal action.
Soldiers love our constitutions concepts empowering our continuity and the true progress for the future it embodies. They do not get to defend the constitution by following orders, instead they often act in violation of it at the deceptive behest of the infiltrating secret treason. This, while standing socially helpless as their nations constitution is under attack from within.

Citizens; within the Article V, however created, by the soldier inquiring to assure constitutional civil government, after finding its not or the citizens; who understand that "Preparatory Amendment" (summary included) to Article V will assure populations are educated upon constitutional intent (See summary concerning the greater meaning of free speech) and fully prepared to act democratically for ratification of amendment assuring amendments are “valid to all Intents and Purposes, as Part of the Constitution”

The abridgment of free speech renders any effort I might expend on the internet pitiful, and elsewhere by either hijacked technology or the effect of covert, cognitive infiltration by MKultra controlled groups upon activism or anything I try to share.
In Santa Barbara I found the “We Are Change” 9-11 group founded by a man whose parents, he admitted, were British Intelligence. The Los Angeles group, had an organizer with the same background, who was well acquainted with the group founder here. Accordingly, any agreement I may form between people upon the concepts of this disclosure, or presentation of them to society, is quickly attacked and nullified by false social groups, wherever. If not with misleading false authority, then diversion with sheer mass of distraction.

Please take action to put an end to the treason. This need not be overt, probably best if not. Conditions need to change and I can act to change them but not disempowered as I’ve been by courts here. Action might be to see one or more legal efforts properly completed or re visited that expose the potentials for unconscious control. Another might be through the wholesome legal action of helping citizens and soldiers to psychologically heal (summary included) (summary included) by upholding CHS §1370.4. Almost any lawful action with regard to this disclosure will defend our constitution from treason and protect our futures.
If any further information or inquiry is needed, please contact me.

Very sincerely yours,

Christopher A. Brown

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