RE: Cover letter for disclosure of knowledge of treason.

Honorable Judge,
Please forgive me for the disturbance I know this disclosure will create. It is vital for all of our futures that I make such disclosure and the intent and importance of the law has me continuing well past the point where it should have been effective.
I apologize for its length of 19 pages in advance. Perhaps the information of the included DVD’s, historical documentaries of Santa Barbara’s missing history, will provide veracity for aspects of this disclosure.
Attached to this cover letter is a simple graphic showing the actual proportions of our conscious and unconscious existences. It represents some absolutes of medical fact.
Please consent to use the internet to view some of the information of this history of disclosure of treason or complete 38 page document of Attachment “A” converted into a single web page with links to exhibits.
There is also an included INDEX & SUMMARY OF INFERENCE of psychological medical reference to substantiate what I am very certain are forms of unconscious control of some kind, in your jurisdiction, acting in support of secrecy used to conceal treason.
Please consider these things with some deliberate patience and inclusion of current events of all types of human behavior, or other very positive things this disclosure can bring forth improving our lives with your thoughtful action.

Sincerely yours,

Christopher A. Brown

Cc: Another judge

2012 Disclosure of Treason to State Judges