Cognitive Infiltration of Environmental Activism

Once upon a time there was a greenpeace forum where groups that could not be found were called "Flotillas", perhaps 2003-4. It was not an intuitively connected place with itself. I had a very hard time finding my way back to where I had posted occasionally.

More recently, perhaps 2008 I sought a greenpeace chat and found "waveland". So I tried to register as Jules Verne after my name was taken. This was actually a new attempt in 2011.

But when completing the registrations, there was always this, same as 2008.

Now, there is a chance this is something like a browser incompatibility, but there is also no greenpeace forum now. There were perhaps 200,000 people globally trying to connecct through greenpeaces forum. There was a page with little boats for members on a map. By clicking on one there would be a few lines of text introducing the individual seeking a culture actively working to protect the environment.

Accordingly, looking for a greenpeace forum still, or chat perhaps I find, where I post about my experience at another place, in the UK, which automatically generated a banned message apparently after posting in the forum as shown in the image below with the thread title, "Sustainability Solution" . . . I then posted about using an article v convention to protect marine species in various ways to bolster the recognition for their rights by rescinding GATT through an Article V convention.

There was not much more than "well wishing" given to an article v convention except one poster. GATT is what gives large coporations an economic advantage in ocean harvesting. Legally it is only responsive to filings with the WTO that exclusively accepts complaints from governments participating.

The sustainability solution is to get people to control their own behavior for their own best long term interests by working past the unconscious compulsions on a daily basis placing wants over needs by using the unconscious mind which directly very much dictates behaviors.

Then after posting one evening, the next morning when I tried to access the site there was this.

This is the post that cause the suspension. I was responding to Django as seer about the video, Bad Behavior=oil. I have no idea who suspended my account. I think it was for what I wrote in orange.

Django "Great work seer".

My response:

THX! In 2003 I never knew how I would use the 20 + panels. When the gulf BP leak hit, I knew it was time. Bad Behavior=oil only uses about half of the images because the rest of the story would cause cognitive dissonance that can detract from the urgency of the real issue.

utube blocked it because it was truly effective and a correct use of emotional reasoning that is also keyed into the same info that would cause dissonance delivered within the story.

How Bad Behavior=oil delivered that information was links to lawsuits I've filed that prove government wants mentally ill, destructive consumptive people. Prison/police states need that. Those lawsuits, once understood by conservative elements closer to the corporate industrial world, would impact them in a way where they lost complete confidence in the system society. At that point they would begin to listen to alternative views whereupon the confrontation with evidence and reason would set them against the system society and with other people.

Something in that particular panel relating to the uses of remaining petroleum to filter air and water to live upon seems a threshold and very harsh to consider. However, with environmental nonprofits treating their mission statement and purpose like a business, not stopping pollution, only slowing it so it is not very perceptable, where corporate profits can continue, it could actually get that far along before people realized what they were doing.

In Long beach California it was necessary to keep windows shut and replace AC filters regularly because of soot in the air.

Long Beach Alliance for Children with Asthma (LBACA) Reenvisioning the Landscape of Children’s Health At recess, the students at Long Beach’s Hudson Elementary have a clear view of the 710 freeway and plenty of diesel trucks. According to counts done by Long Beach Alliance for Children with Asthma (LBACA), an average of 600 trucks pass within a hundred feet of the school every hour. It’s no coincidence that many Hudson students—and many others throughout Long Beach—suffer from asthma. According to recent studies by scientists at the University of Southern California’s Keck School of Medicine, children living close to freeways have a two-fold increase in risk for asthma. Teens growing up in southern California communities with high rates of pollution from traffic have a five-fold risk of reduced lung function.

People say, "Oh that was only in that area". True, also a cognitive distortion usd to allow dissocation of the seriousness of the event. To not immediately take up a discussion about how to reverse the trend is incredibly irresponsible.

Then this the next day.

I have more tests of forums and places where speech should be protected but congress gave the usenet, which was constitutional, to commerce, which accomodates the economics of the infiltrators and their agenda, to be uploaded later.

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