Before you go off to see who owns what and whos talking about it, take these facts on having to do with;



Semiotics means "the meanings of things". Around 1980 degrees were being given in this obscure field and those dispensing the degrees were very dubious if the knowledge would be applied. Within a few years those with degrees in semiotics were finding jobs in advertising and corporate public relations.


A study was done on childrens mental states while watching television. A alpha wave meter was utilized. The children were told to keep the needle indicating the transition of mental states away from the area of the meter indicating ALPHA and they were told the one that could keep the meter away from that area longest would get an entire chocolate cake. Alpha is an optimum learning state for human beings.

No child was able to keep the meter out of the alpha area longer than 30 seconds.

Knowing this, is it rational to allow corporations to control, absolutely, television programming for profit?

Here is some information on media.

Who owns it?

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What do they own?


Who is talking about media intelligently?

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