The Potential For Globalist Hijacking Of Article V

Everything I find supports this theory.  Examine the video of Mark Levin at the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) meeting in Washington, D.C. on December 4, 2014. Sponsored by the Convention of States (COS) Project.

See what he says at 9:37 - again at 10:14

"Less than 70 of you in the same room.  Two from each state" 

He is really trying to make it confusing so I've paraphrased.

Then at 29:30 to 30:30 he describes many more people involved related to squelching fears of a runaway convention. 

He is basically saying two different things to two different parts of the audience about the same aspect of Article V, the security of it relating to constitutional intent.  Those afraid of Article V are afraid of it because they do not believe that existing government will assure that all amendments have constitutional intent.


It is widespread.  It's like Americans can only consider some authority or certified icon capable of competently defining constitutional intent.  THIS is absurd when the 9th Amendment basically says only the people can define what is not written, AND, that implies that the people can expand the intent of what IS written.

During the height of OWS, I was on their forum and people were trying to say I was working with/for ALEC.  To prove them wrong, I created an online petition to get ALEC accountable to constitutional intent.  Covert agents at OWS working with admin worked together and misrepresented me to sabotage my efforts.

I had done quite a bit of research to try and connect ALEC with COS, which seems a lot more on the level of the people.  I could not connect them.  However, neither ALEC of COS would respond to my inquiries about the concept of preparatory amendment to assure all amendments have constitutional intent. Since then I've made another to both ALEC and COS. 

Both petitions died because of covet cognitive infiltrators sabotaging my efforts.  However, I have learned quite a bit from the effort.

In recent web forums (1/16) I learned of a Council Of Foreign Relations (CFR) member that supported Convention of States.  Randy E. Barnett.  I sent certified mail to him asking about constitutional intent.
The post office failed to see the return receipt delivered to me, so this is the proof of delivery.  Also, it shows a degree of unaccountability in the USPS which is disturbing.

The above provides the addressee and address as well as the serial/tracking number which can be found to be the same as the screen shot below in the address bar from the USPS tracking page.

In an effort to get the return receipt card I paid for, I asked the postal inspector to look into the matter.

"and we MUST provide the level of service you expect and deserve."

I've not been able to discover how that is assured.

I learned something about COS and Michael Farris related to the Sibley lawsuit.

Michael Farris.
“I didn’t know this suit was filed, but it’s without merit and it’s really not helpful to the Article V movement,”

said Michael Farris, co-founder of the Convention of States, a group that believes states should initiate a convention to propose limits on federal power. ----

Without merit!  His statement fit's perfectly into my theory of conspiracy to use Koch generated support in state legislations to hijack a convention. They don't want a convention of states of states on states terms, they want it on their terms with their carefully lobbied delegates of the last 25 years. Sibley will be a historical hero for the constitution if such exists and it prevails.

ALEC uses "front groups" to work covertly on projects influencing legislation.

The Lawful and Peaceful Revolution

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