Youtube protects long term corporate interests and works to disable efforts to create sustainable society

Below the youtube window are screen shots of some of my attempts to post the video "Bad Behavior = oil", here. youtube fully appears to support the destruction of the atmosphere sheparded by corporate profits over humans altering their behaviors to eventually find something close to sustainability. Powerful alternate media corporations acting in this way is a high level form of cognitive infiltration that is also found gatekeeping all over the internet.

Link to Video

screen shots are taken from my "Cultramospontaneo" you tube channel after posting Bad Behavior=oil as a video response. Some of them may have the video, I don't think so and have checked by looking at some of the videos for" Bad Behavior = oil" but haven't eliminated the possibility.

Such video blocking and text blocking has happened related to 9-11 and is understandable that it would also serve big oil and corporate media collusion.

Below was a video by Dr. Andy Nyman who actually appeared to have a better understanding of the organisms and how they themselves would tell scientists what was toxic and what was not. As you can see, I was blocked from contacting him. Please, someone tell him about this site.

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