BP Settlement Strategy, Lawsuits and GATT

The idea is that IF the media is complicit in not reporting the fact that GATT usurps the Constitution or law made under it, protecting "Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness", then people will not know of the basic economic treason that GATT represents. By settling early and reducing lawsuits, the front of awareness of the jurisdictional dismissals that come from lawsuits filed relating to GATT business between international corporations can be minimalized.

In searching litigants statments I've not found any that are mentioning GATT or aware that their filings in US district courts will be extrajurisdictional if heard. Or, BP can choose to not raise GATT and fight the suit as if GATT did not control. Alternately BP can decide, with the permission of high level government officials who have interest in corporate profits increased under GATT, to seek dismissal on a jurisdictional basis whereupon the court must dismiss if the un constitutional treaty is to be upheld.

It is unlikely that attorneys are not aware of this so are taking peoples money knowing they cannot gain a trial. They are also furthering the publics ignorance of the treasonous aspects of GATT.

The first suit neglects to mention GATT but charges bigtime for DVD and audio of legal proceeding. This was found in searching for the lawsuits recent filing by Papantonio.

No word back yet from my message to floridaoilspillla.com yet either after filling out their contact page some days back. 12/17/10 today.

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