GATT usurps US environmental law and the Constitution.

The Gulf Oil Leak and BP

British petroleum under GATT is legally separated from US law, the EPA etc. There is pretense of US authority as senate hearings proceed. The pretense is present because neither US officials or corporate executives want US citizens to know that GATT has the potential it has. Accordingly they pretend to bow to US authority and the senate conducts hearing as if their authority was intact.

The fact is the EPA "told" BP to not use corexit, a dispersant more destructive to the environments than the oil it is supposed to dissolve. When corporate industrial activities impact US populations the EPA has the duty of stopping, and are authorized under US law to ORDER, whatever may protect the public and the environment. The toxic rain issues are real. Corexit will definitely evaporate and it was applied with aerial spray. When they failed to order BP to not spray, we were shown the control of GATT.

The economics of this are obviously going to be misleading. Consider the headline, Take the money now or your chances later." from the Los Angeles Times, August 24, 2010. There are also some other aspects of the legal front on that page that any seeking to be informed of the reality of this refusal to see treason and GATT need to know.

However, what is worse than this is the behavior of youtube/google as true, permanent solutions, albeit, based in conservation rather than new energy production, are blocked from being posted in their video form as responses to gulf oil spill videos. What is objectional to the corporate mentality is that the video provides links to law suits filed that show courts colluding with government in evasion of laws to prevent citizens from obtaining appropriate mental health care.

That same mental health care can be used to psychologically help populations seeking to transition in the acceptance of minor sacrifices to protect air and water, creating a people living sustainably. The corporations don't like it because it is also an ending to major corporate profits. All of our problems on this planet result from behavior. Accordingly, I produced a 10 minute video titled. "Bad Behavior=oil".

Link to Video

Okay, how many gulf oil, BP leaks will it take to toxify the water/vapor cycleof the planet?

We need US law and the EPA keeping corporations from using us in the destruction of our planets atmospher and the principles of the Constitution used in court, in media and in democratic politics for REVERSING the damage that we have done. These behaviors are illegal and youtube stops an approach that sees all behaviors as contributing because the approach is about the unconscious mind controlling behaviors.

Within 4 days of posting "Bad Behavior=oil" as a video response, exactly the purpose I had produced it for due to the great concern over the gulf BP oil leak, I was blocked from posting it. Then I began posting text comments having the youtube url of the video. Within a week I was blocked from posting text comments from my channel, "Culturalmospontaneo". Here are some screen shots showing what that looked like. "Error, try again"

Find the "Bad Behavior=oil" video . . . if you can. No guarantees it is there. This page has screen shots from part of the "post video response" cycle.

youtube upload confirms

Will someone contact Dr. Andy Nyman and let him know about this site? I cannot. I'm blocked from posting text.

Essentially youtube owned by google had done every thing they might do to prevent me from sharing an accurate picture of what oil consumption is going to do to our atmosphere eventually. Their action protects corporate profits while disabling competent public sharing of vital information for democratic control via informed opinion and eventual sustainability.

I had taken video at a mountain party, much like a rave here in Santa Barbara about 1 month before. In examining that tape I found a very astute set of lyrics used by some DJ that was really focused on some deep issues. In the midst of the electronic music came a voice that said, "In these dark and challenging times, we shall be faced with a difficult choice between what is right and what is easy."

Link to Video

Exactly the situation. Corporations have spent the last 50 years working to get us to give up what ever it was we knew about fulfilling our needs or survival, for something easier.

Youtube/google is serving the interest of multinational corporations in keeping the public from unifying so that an agenda can be executed without opposistion.

The video of the mountain party has in its text info, the fact that "Bad Behavior=oil" was blocked and that text comments were blocked. It also has a request that viewers download the video then upload it to their own channel and post it as a "video response".

I uploaded "What is right and what is easy." and checked the search function of youtube to see that the title searched and found the video. The next day the search function would not find it.

After a short time I searched for "Bad Behavior=oil" and "What is right and what is easy." was the second match. The corporation had made my strategic effort to share with the public circular.

No one knows about "Bad Behavior=oil" and there are so many matches for "gulf oil" "BP leak" etc. that it would be lost in the result. As a video response it would be seen. People are conditioned to respond to the senstational. A dead bird and flaming oil platform are far mor recognizable than the thumbnail of "Bad Behavior=oil". Accordingly my strategy was, since "What is right and what is easy." is one of the best rave, moonlight videos on youtube, in most ways, I figired those who knew of the part would search for it because they shared the name, read the info, perhaps do what is right, download the video and upload to their own channel.

The corporation made it so only those that know of "Bad Behavior=oil" will find it AND "What is right and what is easy."

Corporations, British Petroleum and Transoceanic fulfill the clause of GATT, a treaty, usurping US law, and create a massive oil leak to set precedent of US loss of authority over US corporations. This is basically treason. Media, attorneys, non profit organizations of environment seem to be avoiding the issue. Similar to the social structure surrounding 9-11.

Why? We all thought that environmentalists would unconditionally work to protect the environment, or at least that is what they said they were about. Therein is the dilema surrounding us. How can this behavior exist? Is our conscious world not what it presents itself as on any level?

This illicit control over .com internet extends to fan clubs for popular movies. An example is Avatar. Avatar ostensibly stood for a spiritual way of living valuing life over material things. People loved it. Some young people were diagnosed with what was labled "avatar depression". I would assert that a little known instinct was evoked, something related to a spiritual appreciation of symbiosis.

If there is interest in seeing how corporate entertainment colludes with industry to control and divert the creative effort that inspire people to care and become involved, visit this page about

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