AVATAR, the film and test of the design/intent and the fans.

An analysis of the psychology and resolve of the fans of the movie on the "official avatar" message board and their perceptions or associations to the beings of the film, the Navi, and the impresson of life on Pandora, a beautiful fantasy.

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Do We Accept This Meaning/Definition Of Tribal? (testing us?)

I made a thread about this to discover if anybody might know the original meaning of the word "Tribal".


Accountability to the issue and topic of this thread was not robust and 4 people answered the poll saying they knew the meaning and would explain it. But they didn't. So I just explained the meaning of "Tribal".

Tri = 3

bal = all people, throughout, all over etc. ie. global

Tribal as it is commonly understood stand for unity in a basic sense. That unity is going to be based on something. In the case of a group of people it must be an agreement that is accepted by all, forming the base of their unity.

This definition was the product of a bonafied vision quest which I completed in 1985 and the product consisted of the elements of that agreement. The quest was compelled by Indigenous American spiritual leaders by unconscious communication with me.




If you don't have your life, the other 2 won't matter to you, but perhaps to your descendants, so the agreement is easy to make. Or, one would think it is.

How would Neytiri feel about the poll response as a Navi?

View Poll Results: Do You Know The Meaning of the Word "Tribal"?
No, but I want to know. 6 30.00%
No, but I need to know. 5 25.00%
Yes, and I'll explain it. 5 25.00%
Maybe, and I'll try to explain it. 3 15.00%
It does not matter to me or anyone. 0 0%
No, and I don't want to know 1 5.00%

The thread, Do We Think We Know The Meaning of the Word "Tribal"? had 130 views.

It certainly has not created unity around resisting the Terran, RDA equivalents that mislead us into destroying our environment.

I've made a thread about the true unity that brought humanity to a point about 2,000 years ago that utilizes the unconscious mind, but it is pages back in the forum.


(For those who posted in the threads I've posted with positive, informed interest in support the harrowing warning of this post does not apply critically because you are already able to source the motivation to confront truths and take some action. I honor your involvement!)

Is this a situation where we identify better spiritually with another fantasy life form on another planet than we do our own lives and planet?

What are the implications of that? I mean the depression issue that seem to dominate the forums, or at least has a sticky, seems to indicate this could be a test to see if we are psychologically ready to give up our lives under this sun and sky to exist in a box with a nuero/psycho-link feeding us a contrived existence that is like what we see in Avatar.

Imagine, before you go into the box for another session of six months on intravenous feeding you could be given an option for some extra drugs, signing a waiver to our homeland security RDA version, in order to get a more exciting, fulfilling Avatar existence in the link. Whereupon you awaken and find you are missing a few organs, are functionally crippled, with no legal recourse, and can only return to reruns of the old Avatar life you thought you had until you finally expire. The RDA executives can sell off your organs and increase profits.


89. ⤜God Helmet� Inventor, Dr. Michael Persinger Discovers Telepathy Link in Lab Experiments | Skeptiko - Science at the Tipping Point


Wired 7.11: This Is Your Brain on God


LinkNotes: Mind Reading and Thought Identification


The Dream Detective » Brain Science


Research | Mind/Brain Institute | Johns Hopkins University[/url]

Make no mistake, we are being tested. We already failed the LIFE test when we allowed this nation to have 350 times more nuclear weapons than is required to destroy all life on the planet in the 1960's. We already allowed the Environmental Protection Agency to stop enforcing our laws on us to prevent us from destroying our air.

We already allowed them to write a waiver to California to burn MTBE in a massive deception conducted with the oil companies apparently manipulating environmentalists causing all the terrestrial coastal streams to lose their total dissolved oxygen.

This is an image from Mission creek in Santa Barbara California in 2002. The algae has moved out of the water onto the rock face because it suffocates in the water.

Here is Topanga creek 2002, a normal creek where there is no air basin full of cars burning MTBE laden gasoline. (11% of every gallon. Banned in 2003. California governer Gray Davis sued for banning under NAFTA, not accountable to the US Constitution)

We already allowed 3,000 innocent peoples murders to go un-investigated and blindly believed that 2 towers could go to the ground nearly identically in 20 seconds. The analysis of collapse was sabotaged because the mayor of New York City took the buildings plans and the agency charged with officially analyzing collapse DID NOT HAVE PLANS. FEMA misrepresented the core structure of the towers.

We relinquished the United States Constitutional basis in the Declaration of Independence AND the Magna Carta. Then we allowed all of our economic product to be used to attack and kill a million or so people that had almost nothing to do with what happened. A few deeply controlled radicals flew planes, and that is about all that can be realistically shown.

It is possible, in the largest scheme of things, that Avatar is this kind of test of us?

Either we learn to control ourselves, or perhaps we are controlled by a fun fantasy in a contrived, limited life.

It is possible, in the largest scheme of things, that Avatar is this kind of test of us.

Do you accept the meaning of Tribal shared here and the possibility that Avatar is a test of conditioning?



It is possible that Avatar is conditioning people to appreciate fantasy more than reality?

It is not possible that Avatar is conditioning people to appreciate fantasy more than reality?


Then, about a week or more later, there was an announcement that the forum was being sold.

About a week later the forum was offline for a few days then back up with no visible changes. I posted once more and then the next day this appeared when I went to log in.

More to come.

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