AVATAR, the film

An analysis of the psychology and resolve of the fans of the movie on the "official avatar" message board and the beings of the film, the Navi and the impresson of life on Pandora, a beautiful fantasy.


This page has an in depth analysis of the psychology of Americans that are also film goers.

I went to the official forum and began to show how the quasi Native American theme and the tribal depiction actually worked in real life. I started with a thread that discussed the deeper spiritual meanings of Avatar. The "que" or nuerological connection located on the tip of the Navi hair represented the natural unconscious connections humans have with other living things. Here is the original post in that thread.

NOTE: Italics below represent text that was posted.

Thread title
Deeper Spiritual Meanings-Message for our Future

Avatar is a door opening for us to our future. A real future of the deepest beauty we can know. This movie is a challenge to all who felt the feelings of wonder at apprehending the message of Avatar of connectedness. Native American spiritual people have a saying, "Love without action is cowardice". Did we see love in the faces of the Navi? YES, Did we see cowardice? NO.

The Navi are portrayed as spiritual people. Sure they know fear, all living things do. Survival instincts dictate that we must have a visceral reaction to a threat.

Ewaya is like the "oneness" that ancient earths spiritual people describe. Indigenous Americans still describe it, even after the destruction of their society which had the deepest respect for our unconscious existence.

Think, ................... each of you spend approximately 1/3 of your life sleeping. Do you know what your mind is doing while you sleep? researchers will tell you that during REM state you are dreaming and that the dreams last seconds or minutes. Psychologists will tell you that your unconscious mind is resolving issues in your conscious life. Still, not one of them accounts for the other 5 hours.

Here is research into "sleep paralysis".


Only very occasionally is the floating sensation localized to a particular part of the body as was typical for the experience of pressure.

Recall the "seeds of Ewaya"

Here is another. Notice the researchers are all women.

Ashley Shepherd, Kathryn Saunders and Daphne McCulloch

http://www.springerlink.com/content/g4r4996022664822/]SpringerLink - Journal Article

Here is a video about 'apnea". No, I did not decide to use the avatar I have based on their logo. However, if there is a collective unconscious as was portrayed in Avatar, then my reasons for use of it is probably related to their uses of it. Notice the subjects are women.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sD9xjE5a56U]YouTube - Tri State Sleep Disorder Center - Perfectly You

REM sleep is described here.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rapid_eye_movement_sleep]Rapid eye movement sleep - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

However, our unconscious existence is 24/7 throughout our lives.

What Avatar shows with the neurological connection used to fly with the "ikran" is an unconscious connection between the unconscious minds of the Navi and the "ikran". All of our motor control is coordinated by the unconscious mind.

Have those reading studied any of the history of the phenomena called telepathy? Who has heard of the book titled "The Hundredth Monkey"? Do any know what the story is about, its background?

Why does religious history of humanity show parents directing their children to pray before sleeping?

Here is a review that somewhat addresses the religious implications of Avatar.

http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2009/12/30/avatar-and-religion-jonah_n_407216.html]"Avatar" And Religion: Jonah Goldberg's Take

"Why can't James Cameron make this movie about some epic battle between interplanetary Space Popes?" Cause then it would be "Star Wars". LMFAO!

Here are some very nice words by a Christian woman about Avatar.

http://melissaphillips.wordpress.com/2009/12/21/avatar-the-movie/]Avatar the Movie « Melissa Mon Amie

What do we see controlling her perceptions about the implications of natural spirituality in Avatar and her religion?

Here is a video addressing the religious issues of movies generally.

http://www.bing.com/videos/?FORM=MFEVID&publ=2BE19A43-506C-4905-B386-894988BC18EB&crea=STND_MFEVID_core_HuffPo_CustomVidLink_1x1&q=religion+avatar&docid=1630095082343]religion avatar - Bing Video

Here is broader commentary on the movie, religious and political.

http://www.politicsdaily.com/2009/12/21/politics-and-religion-on-pandora-why-avatar-is-crummy-allegor/]Politics and Religion on Pandora: Why 'Avatar' is Crummy Allegory -- Politics Daily

"Now for the religion. For a lot of the movie, I thought the description of the film as a love note to New Age faith was pretty accurate. The Navi claim a link with all living things on Pandora. They have sacred places where they say they feel the deepest connection. When they kill an animal they speak a ritual "prayer" of thanks for the use of the creatures as food."

"Explaining Eywa is a matter of neurophysics, not theology. So it's not about religion."

NOW, the issue of courage and respect for nature, truth and our future democracy come to you at the same time as Avatar epitomizes the corporate directive that has seriously compromised our world in many ways.

http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=122805666]Supreme Court Rolls Back Campaign Spending Limits On Corporations : NPR

The challenge Avatar presents in this interpretation is whether or not we can separate our needs from our wants. Or, as bad as we want to have corporations to meet our every need, if we want them to do so, we will forget what our needs are and allow the corporations to destroy nature which is a need. It is already happening and no argument against that has merit.

Personally, each reader is challenged to decide if their inner existence, the one that knows love, is willing to sacrifice some of their wants to be sure their needs and the needs of their descendants are met by groups of humans working together with awareness and respect for nature or life that depends on it, or by corporations basically enslaving humans within their ignorance of their needs, or preference of their wants, compromising nature a little more each year impelled by a totally unreasonable fear of the human unconscious existence.

If you choose to respect nature, do you know how to proceed with meaningful actions?


Basically the sensational aspects dominated because the audience is conditioned for that. Meaning that after a few days there was no one posting in the thread. I decided that the group was not able to engage the sophisticated psychological and spiritual aspects, except for a few posters, who also were not willing to keep the post near the top of the thread cue on the first page where it is visible. The decision was to escalate the seriousness of successive threads to see if agents assembled against me with the usual 9-11 type psyops type false social groups and creation of aversion by lots of ugly posting.

NOTE: Italics below represent text that was posted. There were a series of thread. The next was,

Thread title
Do We Think We Know The Meaning of the Word "Tribal"?

I made a poll with these questions to try and make the thread more engaging.

No, but I want to know.

No, but I need to know.

Yes, and I'll explain it.

Maybe, and I'll try to explain it.

It does not matter to me or anyone.

No, and I don't want to know.

After a few days and very minimal responses the thread slipped down and back to the second page. The escalation clearly, as tested, was not going to work with reason and aspects of analysing the Navi and their spiritual, tribal perspective and psychology. I decided that there were some activists amongst the group and there was already a thread about the relationship to 9-11 seen in the movie relating to bringing down the "Home tree", so the next thread was about that relationship and the relationship of films in general BEFORE 9-11 to 9-11.


NOTE: Italics below represent text that was posted.

Thread title
Avatar, Film Parallels & Analogy to 9-11

Near the beginning when talking about getting to the unobtanium Colonel Miles Quaritch and Jake exchange statements invoking facts that could be related to the World Trade Center Twin Towers,


"You've got outer columns, then a secondary ring here, and an inner ring. Then a core structure"


I'm going to need accurate scans of all of these columns.


"We gotta move! He's going to blow the columns"


"Give me H-E's at the base of the west columns"

How many are aware of mention of 9-11 in various films, television and other productions BEFORE 9-11? Here's a list.

http://www.cremationofcare.com/images/911/911_simpsons.JPG Simpsons
http://100megsfree4.com/stimso/coup.jpg Coup
http://www.vyzygoth.com/images/9-11beverlyhillscop.jpg Computer Screen in Beverly Hills Cop II (1987)
http://www.vyzygoth.com/images/9-11timetokill.jpg Dialogue in A Time to Kill (1996)
http://www.vyzygoth.com/9-11faceoff.bmp Film: Face/Off (1997) Time: 00:54:13
http://www.vyzygoth.com/9-11awake.png Film: Awakenings (1990)
http://www.vyzygoth.com/pearl1.gif Film: Pearl Harbour (1999)
http://www.vyzygoth.com/images/9-11grems.jpg Film: Gremlins 2: The New Batch (1990) Time: 01:10:51
http://www.vyzygoth.com/images/9-11overhead.jpg Film: Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991)
Time: 00:36:14
http://www.vyzygoth.com/images/9-11supermario-1.jpg Film: Super Mario Brothers (1993)
http://www.vyzygoth.com/GODZILLA.jpg Film: Godzilla (1998) Time: 00:41:46
http://www.vyzygoth.com/6.jpg Film: The Sixth Day (2000) Time: 00:04:40
http://www.vyzygoth.com/problem.jpg Film: Problem Child 2 (1991) Time: 00:53:20
http://www.vyzygoth.com/seven.jpg Film: Seven (1995) Time: 01:24:14
http://www.vyzygoth.com/BIGLEBO.gif Film: The Big Lebowski (1998) Time: 00:02:59
http://www.vyzygoth.com/patriot.gif Film: The Patriot (2000)
http://www.vyzygoth.com/INDy.gif Film: Independence Day (1996) Time: 00:45:33
http://www.vyzygoth.com/peace.gif Film: The Peacemaker (1997) Time: 01:28:42
http://www.vyzygoth.com/enemy.gif Film: Enemy of the State (1998) Time: 01:28:06
http://www.vyzygoth.com/13.gif Film: The Thirteenth Floor (1999) Time: 00:53:20
http://www.vyzygoth.com/traffic.gif Film: Traffic (2000) Time: 00:02:17
http://www.vyzygoth.com/pelican.gif Film: The Pelican Brief (1993) Time: 00:41:22
http://www.vyzygoth.com/rug.gif Film: Rugrats in Paris (2000) Time: 00:02:22
http://i44.tinypic.com/2nhhxna.jpg Neo's passport expires on 9-11-01

Is this too subtle for us?

What if Avatar has a parallel meaning? If it did would that tend to compel more unity, or would it just scare people more and get their heads deeper in the sand?

If it did just create more denial instead of unity, what would the parallel message be for us if the Navi in Avatar did not care enough to protect the tree of life and allowed the RDA to destroy it in the quest for resource?

Have any considered the spiritual aspects of 9-11 if they exist? Could 9-11 have been a massive /death fear ritual intended to raise fear levels to a point where more complete division could be created and impair any possible unity even more?

The conspiricists postulated that 9-11 was a ruse to justify war in the middle east to get cheap oil. Did we see cheap oil?

It seems that there could be some kind of sub collective unconscious that is putting these messages into high end artistitic productions to warn us. If that is the case, can we accept the information? Can we use it in any way? Or, are we too dependent on corporations and only able to wait until they complete their process and accept the fate they provide?

What might happen if we fail to heed the message that may be there? What happens if we decide to use the message and unify to protect out futures, the future of life?

I have a thread about ancient knowledge that can be use to create unity and perceptions of life that might be very close to what Avatar shows us. If you can understand and accept the information of this thread, and have the courage, then post in that thread so the knowledge is most visible.

Post in this thread to show that love means more to you than fear, even fears that may have never been reasoned.



That thread brought the agents of the 9-11 disinformation psyops with their ugly posting. The forum members didn't realize who they were and what they were doing, meaning the agents were more successful than usual at scaring off any that might discuss this harrowing subject. I could see that my efforts to produce meaningful interaction on the forum were coming to an end.

Basically the film Avatar had created a strange kind of portrayal of what might be seen as a drug induced permanent fantasy for Jake, the male lead role. Much better than a video game. He preferred that to his human life. This was made more understandable because he was confined to a wheelchair whereas as Navi he was hyper mobile, not to mention there was the romantic fantasy of the female, Neytiri.

A notion entered my mind. "What if Avatar is a test to see if modern life in America has been made so meaningless after the removal of all natural face to face connections (only corporate sponsered events remain) that people may be ready to live life in a box experiencing what is a recording communicated with advanced nuerosensors and digital converted transmitters." Somewhat like a super advanced video game. This analysis continues on another page where the forum is sold and I am banned.

AVATAR, the test

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