Cognitive Infiltration

This page documents the experience of posting at the Occupy Wall Street Forum (OWS) between perhaps October 29 until perhaps December 23rd 2011. The forum was an excellent opportunity with massive quantities of people who are absolutely sincere participating, then there were others that were not.

This page is not intended to demean their efforts in any way. We have all been deceived at nearly every corner for decades. As we accept big flashy events with lots of support, we have become accustomed to assume that such large things could not possibly be fake. People from all over the planet were there at the forum because the demonstrations created media attention. The internet does not advertise itself. Unfortunately those creating that publicity did not want it used unconditionally to meet their demands.

Occupy Wall Street is at times up to 80% false based posting. "False based" is the presumption that people posting at a site are supportive of its purposes is false, them saying so or not. Of that false base perhaps 40% is an obvious empty set of exchanges that are repeated very often taking issues from mass media for discussion. Most of that demeans the general political mindset the 80% oppose. The marginalization of OWS using selective media examples by detractors is common here. The other 40% are curiously evasive but seem to acknowledge limited problems in government with other limits on what they will discuss as far as change. Not solution but simply general opinions.

As an Article V advocate I proposed to people there that those who support the Constitution unconditionally reregister with ART5 following their username. It could be that what we were doing, becoming our own group with an agenda unconditionally supporting the U.S. Constitution with activism for an article V convention, was some how considered threatening. I don't think so because the demands of OWS were supported.

In suggesting that all those standing for the Constitution place an ART5 after their username I started the ART5 club! Not a party, not an occupation, a social gathering with a purpose, at the very least. Doing so gave an immediate identity to the group that logically should be acceptable, and it was. Nobody complained and people were starting to join but because the web forum software can stop notifications in all directions and has an entire hidden directory on the server, the page at the image and link below is in that folder, it does not display. .

Then the "Soldiers Inquiry" thread was posted. The inquiry was inspired by Shamar Thomas as well as Michael Rupperts video relating to it, and the deep constitutional need for a clear path through the military justice system for a soldier to defend the constitution as the soldiers oath mandates without loss of life, first as the Constitution requires. This was also inspired by Terence Lakin and the severe deprivation of justice his case saw in military courts.

Within a day, this error came up at login.

The next day, this error message came up upon clicking on a notification of a post in the thread.

Below, logged in as ChristopherABrownART5, I can see ChristopherABrownART5 posts.

Below, logged with my original usernname, no ART5 I cannot see the posts of ChristopherABrownART5, The infiltration of the government cannot allow my information to become commonly known so block it and me.

You may see the performance shown in the next 2 images in the thread linked below if you post there. The server responses have not been studied because there were only 4 people posting and 3 have been communicating, but not confirming what was initially noticed. If I make this an active link the OWS admin will find this page sooner. Cut and paste.

it never did appear in the forum, not once. I sent the link around to other ART5 members and a few posted never seeing my posts and never seeing the thread come up in the forum. OWS forum administrators were poised to remove that thread if it was posted, or there is automated software on the server set to remove any post with certain words and those words are the ones needed to convey what the "Soldiers Inquiry" does.

Below we have what another ART5 member sees in a screen shot of their thread about the post I made linked above that is hidden.

The above screen shot is taken 17 hours after the thread was posted, or after the 3 posts seen below, made within an hour or so after the thread was started. I was sent the link to the thread and posted immediately. The next day, when we realized our discussion had been stopped, I asked for a screen shot. My posts did not bring the thread up in the forum cue, and the posters screen shot above shows they cannot see my posts as I do below.

The administration of the web forum and the forum design lend itself to censorship, at the least and it is rampant. Why the word "lend" one might ask. The +- aspects voting response of each post that can be used by a group working together means any post that group doesn't want the viewing public to see, they will not see. This can act as a reason for posts disappearing when forum administration is actually removing them. My obsolete OS X 10.4 w/firefox probably causes the ?'s. Below I test a foreigner who is posting a bit frivolously, randomly without thinking. Sometimes people respond to this well.

Custom Design Limiting Citizen Interaction

Generally the OWS message board has features almost opposite of the standard forum. No members list, no history of PM,s on the profile. No link to those who were contacted. The history of communications with other members that are private are contained in a place that relates to the communication between members rather than either or both members. Members cannot back track and contact. Contacts are lost. Occupy has exclusive possession of whatever was exchanged between members if the members do not have the links. A member can only access past communications with other members if they happen to have a link to that member and PM's between them.

OWS forum must be web 2.0 compliant which makes an invisible level of interaction between your computer and the site server that is supposedly used for networking. I would say, anti networking and custom, surreptitious censorship in this case. My mac OS X is very sensitive to the web and any page that is web 2.0 compliant is automatically 4x slower to load.

The best part of the OWS experience has been contacting a few very intelligent and committed people who will support and defend our constitution who can also read and understand it as it was intended to be understood by the people, made this experience at OWS productive. There were and are some awesome people at OWS, but in the illicit control of the techno environment of the forum and the cognitive infiltration, not much is going to happen now.

With the kind of posting we see below, this could be a robot generating random text.

I also learned by the often repeated encouragement, that some people can easily find the logic in Article 5 as a focus that provides solutions for many problems, and support it unconditionally,

but that they are made very fearful by forum administrators removing, blocking and preventing citizens from taking action they can show and agree upon that will meet the Occupy demands. Real demands for a Real 99%. When the Article 5 supporters see that kind of censorship it completely creeps them out because the observed deception and manipulation going on leaves the charted zones.

They were there to be a part of something and join with others to protect the common need. They feel as though the majority of the people support the demand as much as they do, and alienation from the core of communication power that OWS represents, is a cognitive shock of confronting conspiracy. Suddenly those who logically decide to work with a method that should gain immediate support from all Americans no matter where they are coming from, something that can create unity recognized by law, are targeted for censorship from an organization that implies it stands for rights, free speech etc.

Cognitive dissonance and fear creating confusion and chaos with zero accountability from about 60% of the posters is average. Threads clearly baiting and distractionary abound but is that activity curtailed? Nooooooo.

People need to notice this and surmount the difficulty. This is a job for critical thinkers who are prepared to defend the constitution and readily see it under attack with an open mind to understanding more about the attacks. The history of the attempted usurpation, resisted by numerous states over time, is something we need to be aware of.

Below, as I work to get information to the citizens which has been removed beginning about 100 years ago, with the dumbing down, the site software calls me a name because I've exceeded the amount of text the site is set to allow. Hey, this is an involved subject:)

But there are sincere and dedicated Americans there that appreciate the Article V message.

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