Subpoena Denial

This denial was in response to a subpoena duces tecum filed 8/13/98 in case #220298. The subpoena was for the defacto custodian of records custodian of records a sheriff stationed at the county court house. He had the arrest and booking ledgers in his possession shortly after I spoke to the board of supervisors at a board meeting concerning the existence of the records.

Now I realize how naive I was to think that the leaders of our government were so crass in their tyranny. The right to subpoena witnesses and evidence is one of our most sacred rights as Americans. Don't give up your children's futures to lawless irresponsibility and irrational government operations. We still have a democracy and there is still time to use it!

Federal Complaint 99-11189

Motion for Emergency Injunctive Relief

EXHIBIT 9, 8/12/97 Complaint 220298


TIMELINE #220298