The Declaration of George Michael Skuse

Twice as many arrests for crimes of insanity in two years as insanity actions for 53 years. Each arrest for a crime of insanity must have an insanity action.

Compare the 650 arrests and bookings for crimes of insanity to the statement of the Superior Court Clerk, 327 insanity actions in 53 years.

George Michael Skuse was hypnotically scripted to; contact and befriend me, learn of the missing court case files from me, go to jail, go to the inmate law library, think of me and old records, find the arrest and booking records that provide a checksum on the court case files. All without being conscious that he was post hypnotically controlled EVER.

George Michael Skuse called from jail the evening he found the arrest and booking records. He was excited because he knew the significance of what he had found. Also he had been thinking about something that had run through my mind in the first 90 days after March 22, 1996, when I first realized I had been hypnotically manipulated for 38 years. Mr. Skuse reminded me of the relationship between card deck and the calendar year that relates to the procession of the equinoxes and the circadian rhythm.

Unfortunately my inept handling of legal strategies and not using the Freedom of information act sooner, may have deprived us of the arrest and booking records.

Subpoena denial. (scanned letter)

TIMELINE #220298